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Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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Hemantkumar Naik
I studied in Alembic Vidyalaya (1958-67) and MSU Techo (B.E. Civil 1973). I stayed in USA for some years and am now back in home country India. I am retired and living in Subhanpura. I worked in Gujarat Housing Board as Deputy Engineer. (25-03-2017) ... More >>
Brijendra Singh Bhadoria
I studied in MGM School and MSU. I am currently self-employed in Vadodara. (18-03-2017) ... More >>
Jagruti Desai
I studied in New Sunrise School (1987-88), New Era Girls High School (1988-91), Maharani Girls High School (1991-93) and MSU (M.Sc in 1999). I was living on Waghodia Road and in Karelibaug. I settled in Europe and presently I am in Paris, France. I miss you all my friends, whether school friends or college friends, specially Nirupa Patel, Poornima Prajapati, Krupa Chudgar, Rima Suthar. You can reach me at jagruthijoshi@gmail.com (18-03-2017) ... More >>
Mohammed Hunaid Kasimi
I studied in Zenith High School (1999-2009) and Parivar Vidyalaya. I did B.E. Civil from MSU Techo in 2015. I am currently working in Vadodara. (18-03-2017) ... More >>
Jay Patel
I am working in Houston, Texas. I completed B.E. Civil Engineering from MSU Techo in 1992. I would like to connect with all my friends who were studying with me but somehow lost touch with them. (24-02-2017) ... More >>
Trunalkumar Ajmeri
I passed 12th in 2011 from Ambe Vidyalaya, Sama Savli Road. (07-02-2017) ... More >>
Atul Vyas
I did my schooling in Surendranagar from 1980 to 1990 and M.Com from Surendranagar in 1993. I am a writer and wrote about 26 books of fiction in Gujarati. I write for Gujarati serials and also pop songs for a Gujarati album. I am currently settled in Vadodara. (18-01-2017) ... More >>
Girdhari Gandhi
I did B.E. Mechanical from MSU Techo in 1970 and I am currently retired and living in USA. I am looking for Rekha Patel from Khadia Pole, Vadodara; she studied BA around 1970, got married to Dr. Pankaj Patel, and settled around Chicago. Please let her know that Sheela (Sanju) Deodhar is also trying to find her. Rekha's dad worked in the Railways. (18-01-2017) ... More >>
Rajagopal Rangachari
After my schooling in Delhi I came to Baroda to do my graduation in Textile Technology from Faculty of Technology, MS University of Baroda. After working in corporate sector for about 30 years I am now running a chemical company manufacturing Polyester Resins along with 3 other friends in Ahmedabad. Would love to connect with old batch mates of Faculty of Technology and Hostel mates of MSU Boys hostel campus. (12-12-2016) ... More >>
Devendra Patel
I completed my schooling from Vidya Kunj in 1983, and Dip Mechanical in 1985. Now I am in Calgary, Canada. I miss Baroda very much and am particularly looking to contact my old school friends: Sandeep Shah, Toral Patel, Jyoti Patel, Chayya Patel, Hemant Amin, Femina Kapadia, Jyoti Kapadia, Asit Shah, Nilesh Patel, Meena Patel , Arti and Jyoti Kadam, Kavita Narang, Sachin Vaidya, Keyur, Samir Vithlani, and the list goes on and on. (12-12-2016) ... More >>
Arvind Jaiswal
I studied in J.M. Junior High School (1952-59), MSU Techo (B.E. Electrical 1964), University of Michigan, USA, MS 1972, and Harvard University, USA, MBA 1983. I enjoyed my time in Baroda. Do not get time to get back but memories are forever !! I am currently self-employed in USA. (17-11-2016) ... More >>
Bharat Domadiya
I am self-employed in Vadodara. (24-09-2016) ... More >>
Mustafaraza Ansari
I studied in Prerana Primary & Secondary School, Bajwa (2008) and did Mechanical Engineering from Ahmedabad in 2015. I enjoyed 23 years whole childhood and student life in Vadodara. Most visited place Gorwa, IPCL Stadium, Vadodara Railway Station, Kirti Stambh, Polo Ground, Badamdi Baug, Mandvi, Nyay Mandir, Panigate, etc. Now my struggling journey begins. I am working in Qatar. It's good but truth is that it's a bit difficult. You know, alone... but with my Dreams. Don't worry ... I am Gujarati .. I can struggle, do hard work, honest, polite, wise, don't forget -- Sanskari for my bright future. (24-09-2016) ... More >>
Kiran Patel
I am in Nuclear Power Corporation as Scientific officer. I will be very happy if any one my school and college friends contact me. I am missing very much my classmates. (24-09-2016) ... More >>
Bhavin Soni
I studied in MSU (B.Com 2005, M.Com 2006, PGIRPM 2011) and did and did MBA (HRM) from IGNOU in 2010. I am currently employed in Vadodara. (24-08-2016) ... More >>
Jagdish Gandhi
I was in New Era High School (1967-76) and did B.Com from MSU in 1982. (12-07-2016) ... More >>
Ronak Shah
I studied in Jeevan Sadhana High School (1999) and did B.Com from MSU in 2003. I am curently working in Vadodara. (07-07-2016) ... More >>
Prashant Chitnis
Presently I work with Ion Exchange (India) Ltd as Sr. Vice President (Technology) at their Vashi New Mumbai Office and live in Thane. I have studied in JM Junior High School Vadodara and passed out SSC (11th) in year 1973. If you are from my batch or know me please get in touch. I would be extremely happy. I also played Kho Kho at Bhutadi Zapa ground in Madhyasta Ramat Kendra (MRK). Those who know me get in touch, I will be extremely happy. I studied in MS University , Civil Engineering Dept, Faculty Of Technology from 1974-79. Though I am in touch with most of my colleagues, you may contact me if you know me and we are not in touch. I am in touch with most of my IIT colleagues. Old Friends are like treasures and I would love to find you. (05-07-2016) ... More >>
Rajendrakumar Shastri
I studied in Shreyas School (1976-78), Sarvodaya High School (Becharaji, 1968-76) and MSU Techo (B.E. Chemical, 1983). I then worked with Transpek Industries, Nirma Ltd., etc., and left Baroda in 2008. I am currently working in Qatar, and I visit Baroda twice a year on a regular basis. (25-06-2016) ... More >>
Hasnain Bhaisaheb
I studied in Zenith High School (1992-2004) and did M.Sc (Applied Chemistry) from MSU Techo in 2009. I miss my school and college friends too much. I am now employed and working in intellectual property rights department in one of the best companies. (23-06-2016) ... More >>
Divyesh Mehta
I studied in New Era High School (1975-83), Jeevan Bharti High School (1983-84) and MS University of Baroda (M.Com 1990). I am a Chartered Accountant and practising in Vadodara. I am popularly known as Munna and stay in Bajwada Chakaniya Pole. Those who know me can contact me on my mail id. (11-06-2016) ... More >>
Priyank Patel
I studied in M.G. Vidyalaya (1990-99), New Era School (1999-2002) and MSU (B.Com 2005). I am currently working in Vadodara. (23-05-2016) ... More >>
Hemendra Shah
I studied in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School (1984-87) and did B.Com from MSU in 1991. I am currently self-employed in Vadodara. I would like to be in touch with to all those friends who studied in my School / College. (05-05-2016) ... More >>
Chandresh Sawant
Jayshree Model High School, B.Sc from MSU, currently self-employed in Vadodara. (02-05-2016) ... More >>
Harshad Bhatt
I studied in New Era High School (Makarpura, 1958-62), Baroda Medical College (MBBS 1968), Glasgow University (UK, FRCS, 1977) and New York University (USA, 1984, FACS). I am now an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in New York. I invite all my friends from Baroda to mail me. (02-05-2016) ... More >>
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