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Mithai, Chocolates, Dry Fruits & Farsan
Pedas   Kaju Katri, Kesar Katri
0.5 Kg Malai Pedas INR1591.40/$19.02
1 Kg Malai Pedas INR3082.00/$36.84
0.5 Kg Kesar Pedas INR1612.80/$19.28
1 Kg Kesar Pedas INR3124.00/$37.34
0.5 Kg Kaju Katri INR1705.40/$20.39
1 Kg Kaju Katri INR3210.00/$38.37
0.5 Kg Kesar Katri INR1933.80/$23.12
1 Kg Kesar Katri INR3566.00/$42.63
Moti Choor Ladoo   Barfi
0.5 Kg Moti Choor Ladoo INR1612.80/$19.28
1 Kg Moti Choor Ladoo INR3124.00/$37.34
0.5 Kg Malai Barfi INR1634.20/$19.53
1 Kg Malai Barfi INR3168.00/$37.87
Dry Fruit Roll/Anjeer Roll   Mixed Mithai
0.5 Kg Dry Fruit Roll INR1933.80/$23.12
1 Kg Dry Fruit Roll INR3566.00/$42.63
0.5 Kg Anjeer Roll INR1933.80/$23.12
1 Kg Anjeer Roll INR3566.00/$42.63
0.5 Kg Mixed Mithai INR1933.80/$23.12
1 Kg Mixed Mithai INR3566.00/$42.63
1 Kg Mixed Mithai (Sugar-Free) INR3720.00/$44.47
Dry Fruit Bites   Chocolates
0.5 Kg Dry Fruit Bites INR1933.80/$23.12
1 Kg Dry Fruit Bites INR3566.00/$42.63
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (16 Pcs) INR1816.10/$21.71
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (2 Packs of 16 Pcs Each) INR3632.00/$43.41
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (24 Pcs) INR2206.65/$26.38
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (2 Packs of 24 Pcs Each) INR4412.00/$52.74
Mixed Dry Fruits  
Mixed Dry Fruits (1 Kg) INR2661.40/$31.81
Mixed Dry Fruits (2 Packs of 1 Kg Each) INR4706.00/$56.25

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