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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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Yaju Jadeja
I finished 9th in Alembic Vidyalaya.(1998) and lived in Nizampura (Natraj Society). I moved to Canada 4 years ago. If you even have a vague idea of who I am, please write to me. This site is excellent. Even reading people's entries brings back memories. Days spent in Baroda were the best days of my life. No satisfaction would pay this back. Early morning Saturday school will never be forgotten. I'm 19 now, currently living in British Columbia, Victoria, working towards my Electronics Engineering degree. Yaju Jadeja <yaju@linuxmail.org> (June 7, 2002)

Yaju Vaghela
I finished 12th in 1997 from Alembic Vidyalaya and Diploma in Electrical Engineering from MS University. Now I am in Sydney, Australia, studying Computer Science. I miss my Baroda and all my friends very much. There is no more beautiful place in the world than Baroda. I am really missing Fatehgunj and all the fun which I had shared with my friends. Yaju Vaghela <yaju27@hotmail.com> (November 20, 2001)

Yash Bhatt
I studied in Baroda High School (Grade III in 2000). I'm in Canada, studying in Westwood School Grade IV. All my friends from my class Parind, Somiya, Viraj, Natansh, Shrey, Jhanvi, Neha, Kshama, please write to me. Regards to all my classmates. I love Baroda High School. (August 21, 2001)

Yash Desai
I did 11th and 12th at Basil High School and B.Com. from MSU. I did my MBA and Master's Diploma in Software Engineering at Mercury College, Australia. I work as a Network Support Engineer and have been residing in Sydney since 4 years. I have a wife (Keral) and daughter (Ria). Yash Desai <yash.desai@worldxchange.com.au> (October 30, 2001)

Yashesh Parikh
I am doing Bachelors in Computer Science at NJIT, USA. I used to live in Baroda, the best city of all. I want to tell all my friend in Baroda "Hi" and I miss them a lot. Ph: 732-586-4557. Yashesh Parikh <Ydeewana@yahoo.com>

Yatrik Patel
I am Yatrik. Studied in Faculty of Tech and Eng. and graduated with computer science. Everyone must be familiar with my face if they have visited shetty's canteen or might have seen me at Polytechnic gate. I was living in M V Hall for 5 years . I welcome all of you to mail me. Regards, Yatrik. <ytrk@yahoo.com>

Yogen Patel
I am looking for ex-GSFC colleagues (Prabhakar Ghag, H.N. Shah, Natubahi Shah, R.N. Desai, B.T. Bhavsar, Parmar and Panchal), ex-Suhrid Geigy colleagues (V.N. Hande, Chaudhari, Soni, Manubhai Shah, Andani, Dalwi, Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Swayampati); ex-Sarabhai Projects colleagues ( D.N. Shah, V.N. Bhate, Ramesh Poul, Arch. Deshpande, Dhanguria, V.N. Shimpi, M.L. Soni, K.K. Desai, V.N. Chitre), residents of Wadi (Jitendra Amin, Moti Patel, B.A. Patel, Indira, Ramesh Parikh, Minaxi Shukla, Vasanti Patel, Dhiru Vyas, Jamnadas, Himayu), and MSU Night Diploma (Mechanical, 1967) graduates (list is too long). Anyone who knows me please email me. Yogen Patel <yogen_1@msn.com> (April 27, 2005)

Yogendra Buch
Baroda is my birth place! I left the city after about a year of my birth so it had been only in my mind! However, one of my older sisters and her family are now living there (on Gotri Road) so a couple of years ago I visited the city, only may be the third time in my adult life, and was really impressed to see where I was born! Yogendra Buch <y_buch@hotmail.com> (March 21, 2003)

Yogesh Desai
I have been in UK since 1980. I am in Bank of India as a currency trader in the London branch. I was in MSU (Commerce, 1974-79). Most of my friends used to call me Dayal as we have a cycle shop in Sayajigunj near Alankar Cinema. The shop is still there, run by my cousin Janak. My friends include Gaurav Parikh, Dipak Patel, Kirti Nandani, Srinivasan, Manoj Desai and Yogesh Shah. If they read this message than I would like to hear from them. Yogesh Desai <yogeshdesai_5@hotmail.com> (November 28, 2005)

Yogesh Divekar
Hi Dear Barodians: "Jane Kaha gaye Vo Din ". That's the only phrase comes in to my mind right now. I was born and brought up in the "sanskari nagri", went to one of the very good schools of Baroda, 'Jeevan Sadhana', where I learnt the basic lesson in my life "never ever let yourself down". I went to Faculty of Technology and pursued my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. And I feel myself lucky enough that I got a chance to work Baroda itself, in Bayer ABS Ltd.. I lived in Baroda for 25 years and I am now in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I miss every bit, every gali, pole, society of Baroda. I miss Karelibaug, Nyayamandir, traffic on Mandvi, ice cream of dairy den, girls of Alkapuri and Fatehgunj, and all those gardens. I think the best time of life was staying in Baroda. I miss u all: Keyur, Mehul, Kamlesh, Aalok, Chetan, Jani, Pinky, Sachin, Anand, Amol, Hema and Purohit family. Yogesh Divekar <toyogeshdiv@yahoo.com>

Yogesh Kharady
Yogesh P. Kharady. M.E. (Microprocessor Systems & Applications) - 1991, MSU Baroda. M.E. (Electrical Power Engg) - 1985, MSU Baroda. B.E. (Electrical) - 1980, MSU Baroda. Worked as Lecturer and Reader in Dept. of Elect. Engg for 14 Yrs. In Faculty of Tech & Engg, MSU Baroda. Working now as Senior Test Software Engineer in a Fiber Optic Company in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Contact: (408) 730 0419 (home), (408) 428 4955 (Work), (408) 838 3443 (Cell). Yogesh Kharady <YKharady@lightwavemicro.com>

Yogesh M. Patel
Hi there Everybody: I am Yogesh M. Patel, in Dubai UAE with my family for the past six years. I was very happy to see our beloved city on the net. I am working for a company which offers customer oriented services in the whole Gulf region for a variety of products from paper shredders to complex CNC machines and Intranet services, installation and maintenance. I am the Assistant Manager of Technical Team. My wife's  name is Ankita and my daughter is Siddhi. Would like to hear from the Barodians from India and abroad and talk over the net. My E-Mail addresses are: <yogesh67@emirates.net.ae>, <yogesh@graphicint.com>, <yogeshdxb@hotmail.com>. Regards, Yogesh.

Yogesh Motisariya
I did HSC from Ambe Vidyalaya, Sama-Savli Road. I am looking for Bhavin Patel, Hardik Patel, Priyank Patel and Dhaval Patel. Yogesh Motisariya <himson_374@yahoo.com> (January 28, 2007)

Yogesh Patel
I was born and raised in Baroda. I am missing the best days of my life. I am now living in New Jersey, USA. I was in Shree Pratap High School from 1965 to 1976, then in MSU Faculty of Science (Chemistry, 1976-82). Yogesh Patel <kinjal_1999@yahoo.com>
(June 7, 2002)

Yogesh Patel
I was in Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya (10th in 1992), MSU Polytechnic (1995) and B.E. Chemical (MSU Techo, 1999). Yogesh Patel <why_are_patel@yahoo.com> (April 27, 2005)

Yogesh Patel
I studied in Pratap High School (1995 batch). I am in contact with Partik Patel (Balu), but not with others like Pavan Shah, Sameer Shah, Pratik, Pranav. I did B.E. Civil from MSU Techo in 2000. I was with Mitul Patel, Jignesh Patel, Kiran Rohit, Chirag Renkar, Aprita, Bhairavi, Jignesh Purohit, Darpan Shah and many more. I am now in UK, working as a Civil Engineer, since one year. I miss India very very much. I will come to India for my marriage in December. Yogesh Patel <yogeshpatel77@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Yogesh Shah
Hi Barodians. I graduated (B.Com '71, M.Com '73 and Banking '74) from MSU. I was in Rotract from 1971 to 1976. I worked in Bank Of Baroda from 1973 to 1982. I was in Canada from 1982 to 1996 and then moved to New Jersey, USA, working in an international company in New York as Accounting & Operation Manager. I miss whole Baroda and all my Barodians. We used to gather near Kothi Police Chowki with Jayanti Patel, Axay Kothari, Sailesh Nagarseth, Bhupendra Patel, etc., etc. Yogesh Shah <Savli7@aol.com>

Yogesh Tuteja
Hello! I completed my HSC from Don Bosco, Baroda, in 1987, B.Sc. (Physics Honours) from MSU in 1990 and B.E. (Electronics) in 1993 from the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, MSU. I am in London, UK (Profession: Software Engineer). This message is for people whom I know, and who know me, but haven't been in touch with me. I will be delighted to regain contact with them! Yogesh Tuteja <yogesh_tuteja@yahoo.com>

Yogi Patel
Currently I live in Chicago, USA. I am working in a telecommunications company (Lucent Technologies) as a software engineer. I was born and grew up in Baroda. I studied at Baroda High School (Alkapuri). Yogi Patel <yogip@lucent.com> <yogip99@hotmail.com>

Yogita Lomte (earlier Shilpa Marathe)
I am Mrs. Yogita Lomte, formerly Miss Shilpa Marathe. My primary education was at Sayaji Vidyavihar, 11th and & 12th from IPCL school (English medium), B.Com. M.Com. from MSU. Presently I am in Nashik. Hey friends...!!! I am missing u all... Bijal, Wari, Kinnary, Rekha, Jigi, Sindhu & etc. & u all....!!! Yogita Lomte/Shilpa Marathe <Shilpaviraj@hotmail.com>

Yugant Sethi
I did my schooling from Kendra Vidyalaya, Harni, and college from MSU Techo (Mechanical) in 1996. I am in Bangalore now. Anyone interested can contact me. Yugant Sethi <yugant_sethi@hotmail.com> (October 30, 2001)

Yusuf Pithapurwala (now Ali)
I completed B.E. in Chemical Engineering in 1976 from MSU and since then I have lived in the USA and along the way completed Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida. My professional life has been in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years and currently I am a vice-president of product development at a skincare company in Ohio. It's difficult to forget those enjoyable years in Baroda even after 25 years. If anybody recognises my name and would like to communicate with me, please do so. Yusuf Pithapurwala (now Ali) <yusufpali@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

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