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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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Vijay Jathar
I studied in Zenith High School (HSC in 1990). I live in Baroda. Vijay Jathar <vijayjathar@yahoo.com> (January 30, 2009)

Vaibhav M. Shah
I was in Alembic Vidyalaya (12th in 1995) and did B.E. Electronic from BVM, Vallabh Vidyanagar. I am now in Bangalore, working for Infosys. Vaibhav M. Shah <vaibhav2011@hotmail.com> <vaibhav.m.shah@gmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Vaibhavi Bhatt (now Vaibhavi Vyas)
Hello Barodians. This is a very good website and through it I can find my old friends and relatives. I am Vaibhavi Bhatt but now I m Vaibhavi Vyas. I used to live at Manjalpur. I was in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur). Now I am in USA with my husband Hiren Vyas. He is working as a Software Developer in Elemica Co. I am in PA. I miss my parents and my lovely city Baroda. I have done M.Com from MSU. I miss my college days and friends also. I miss all the fun times we had together. Vaibhavi Vyas <vaibhavihiren@yahoo.com>
(March 8, 2002)

Vaibhavi Desai-Sinha
I left Baroda in 2001. I lived in Panigate. I attended Shreyas School till 1991 and Sardar Vidyalaya till 1993. I did my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from MSU Techo (1993-99). I was lecturer in MSU for one year (2000-2001) in Techo. I am now in U.S. and doing my Masters in Computer Science. I miss my school, my friends and my college too much. We can't enjoy in USA like in India. So, old friends please write to me. Vaibhavi Desai-Sinha <vaibhavisinha@hotmail.com> (May 31, 2003)

Vaibhavi Vyas (earlier Vaibhavbi Bhatt)
Hello Barodians. This is a very good website and through it I can find my old friends and relatives. I am Vaibhavi Bhatt but now I m Vaibhavi Vyas. I used to live at Manjalpur. I was in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur). Now I am in USA with my husband Hiren Vyas. He is working as a Software Developer in Elemica Co. I am in PA. I miss my parents and my lovely city Baroda. I have done M.Com from MSU. I miss my college days and friends also. I miss all the fun times we had together. Vaibhavi Vyas <vaibhavihiren@yahoo.com>
(March 8, 2002)

Vaishali and Ajay Kalaskar
We are in USA, studying MS in Computer Science in Texas. Vaishali and Ajay Kalaskar <ajayk_rs@yahoo.com>

Vaishali Karode
I was studying in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and then Basil High School. I did my postgraduation from MSU. I am currently in USA. I miss Baroda very much. Vaishali Karode <vaishash@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Vaishali Kharva
I was studying in Maharani Kanya Vidyalaya. I left school in 1998. I used to go to the Madhvani Class in 11th grade. I came to USA in 1999. I am studying Nursing here. I live in North Carolina. I really miss all my friends from school. I am looking for Nidhi Nayak, Siddhi Nayak (Karelibaug), Boskey Mehta, Dulari Kansara, Javanika Thakker and Aditi Kandoi. Vaishali Kharva <vaisu1981@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Vaishali Patel
This is special message to all my Friends who studied in Alembic Vidyalaya. I passed SSC in 1987-88 from Alembic Vidyalaya. I used to live in Alembic colony. I passed Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1991-92 from MSU Polytechnic. I am now in Virginia, USA. I have been here in USA for four years. I would love to get in touch with my school and college friends. Vaishali Patel <vaishu01@hotmail.com> <Vaishu01@aol.com> (November 3, 2003)

Vaishali Shah
I was in MSU Botany Department (1987-89). I am looking for Rita Saini. Vaishali Shah <vashah@hotmail.com> (January 23, 2004)

Van Patel
I left India in 1984. Currently I am in New Jersey. I don't think anybody knows me by now but I still miss all my friends in Baroda and also I miss Baroda city. I have my own business Computer Software Consulting; we do H1B visa. If anybody wants to contact me, email me. (August 21, 2001)

Vandana Bhatt
Currently I am in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working with an Australian based company. I did my schooling from Jeevan Sadhana in 1984 and did graduation in commerce from MSU in 1987. Vandana Bhatt <vandyratup@yahoo.com> (June 24, 2003)

Vandana Mehta (Majmudar)
I am Vandana Mehta from Baroda. I did schooling from Experimental School. I miss my college days of Home Science and MSW. Looking to rebuild the contacts from old times. I am now in New Jersey, USA. I recently visited Baroda and all the memories came flooding back. Baroda ROCKS! Vandana Mehta (Majmudar) <vandana_majmduar@hotmail.com> (November 3, 2003)

Varsha Chitnis
This is for all Sabari Vidyalaya students who passed SSC in 1992. I have lost contact with you and I miss you all. I would love to hear from you. Varsha Chitnis <varshachitnis16@yahoo.co.in> (June 24, 2003)

Varun Patel
I studied in Jeevan Sadhana and did B.Sc. (Electronics) from M.B. Patel Science College, Anand. I am now studying Radiology in New Jersey, USA. Varun Patel <varunhotforu@yahoo.com> (May 1, 2006)

Vasant Mistry
I am in Tanzania. I studied in Bright English Medium School and appeared for SSC in March 1983. Our teachers were Mrs. Mohana Murthy, Mrs. Bindra, Mr. B.J. Shah, Mr. Parmar (Drawing). I am looking for my classmates: Alkesh Shah, Raju Bhanushali, Devesh Bhavsar, Nazima Siddiqui, Kamal Jahan, Akhtar Jahan, Ramesh Rao, Srivalli, Hina Patel, Shaila Mistry, Shailendra, Bhavesh, Avinash, Nishu Arora, Jyotsna, Dipak Wadhwani, Sanjeev Shah, Nilesh, Ramesh Rao (Revdi), Bhushan and Anuradha Rao. If you all remember we were three close friends Nishant Amin, Raju Sharma (Manipuri-Chinese) and myself. I am in contact with Nishant who is in States (nishantamin@hotmail.com). I recently received a surprise mail from Raju Sharma; he is in Manipur (rajush65@yahoo.co.in). I am very seriously looking for the rest of you. Kindly contact me; we have many issues to talk about and discuss something about a get -together in near future. Vasant Mistry <info@makondenet.com> (March 15, 2003)

Vatsal (Val) Munshi
My name is Vatsal Munshi. I was born and raised in Baroda. I went to Sayaji High School and completed B.E. Mechanical Engineering from MS University, Faculty of Technology, in 1965. I would like to get in touch with colleagues who graduated at the same time from the University. I came to United States in 1967 with three other persons from Baroda for further studies. All of us are still in USA. I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my family. My wife also did her Home Science from MSU and graduated in 1971. Vatsal (Val) Munshi <val.munshi@fingerhut.com> <vatsal@aol.com>

Vatsal Patel
I was in Vidya Kunj High School from 1973 to 1978. I would love to hear from all who were with me or know me. Let us build our past great times again! I am looking forward to hear from you. Vatsal Patel <vatsal_patel@ntlworld.com> (May 31, 2003)

Vatsal Shah
I am in CA, USA, and I am a computer salesman. In India I am doing chemicals business (Ronak Enterprise). Vatsal Shah <vatsalshah@hotmail.com>

Veena Mainthia (now Veena Nanavati)
Hello. I am Veena Nanavati (previously Veena Mainthia). I passed from Experimental School in 1970 and graduated from MSU (B.Arch) in 1976. I came to New Jersey in 1980. My husband Kumar Nanavati also studied in Experimental School and did B.E.(Mechanical) from MSU. We have a large group of Barodians in New Jersey and we meet quite often. I would love to hear from people who I went to school with. Veena Nanavati <vnanavati@rcn.com>

Veena Nanavati (earlier Veena Mainthia)
Hello. I am Veena Nanavati (previously Veena Mainthia). I passed from Experimental School in 1970 and graduated from MSU (B.Arch) in 1976. I came to New Jersey in 1980. My husband Kumar Nanavati also studied in Experimental School and did B.E.(Mechanical) from MSU. We have a large group of Barodians in New Jersey and we meet quite often. I would love to hear from people who I went to school with. Veena Nanavati <vnanavati@rcn.com>

Velpuri Naga Manohar
I was in Baroda between 1988 and 1992. I passed 10th from Navyug English Medium School in 1992 and thereafter I left Baroda. I am searching for my friends Viren Patel, Chetan Joshi, Jaswinder Singh Bhatia, Aashu Joshi and many more. Now I am working as a scientist in Hyderabad. Velpuri Naga Manohar <manoharvn@yahoo.co.in> (April 27, 2005)

Venu Patel
I am now living in Toronto, Canada. I did schooling from IPCL School and Vidya Vihar and am doing further studies at University of Toronto in Computer Programming. My husband Chandu Patel was in IPCL School, then did diploma at MSU in 1990. He has represented Baroda, IPCL School and MSU in swimming at the national level various times. We have a beautiful daughter named Aditi. We both miss all our friends, so please do write to us. Venu and Chandu Patel <cpatel@home.com> (September 4, 2001)

Vibhor Kalra
I completed B.Com. from MSU and now I am in Ottawa, Canada, and have just finished my studies in Interactive Multimedia. I miss the fun we used to have during Navratri, or at Masi ki laari at Fatehgunj, and going to Vasad to have Kathiawadi food on any occasion. Vibhor Kalra <vibhorkalra@yahoo.com> (April 27, 2005)

Vidhan Shah
22B Almeric Road, London SW11 1HL, United Kingdom. Fax: +44 (0) 207 924 7376. Home: +44 (0) 207 924 7576. Vidhan Shah <vidhan@currantbun.com> <vidhan@yours.com>

Vidisha Patel
If any of my friends from Bright English Medium School can remember me then please get in touch. I stayed in India (Baroda) till 1991 I think (not sure) but I miss Baroda very much. I have been to India after that but I could not find my friends. Vidisha Patel <pvidisha@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Vidisha Patel
I studied in Baroda till Standard 5 and then moved to UK and I can't remember all my friends but few from my class were Janki, Rupal, Keyur, Rajnikant, Dimple from Bright English Medium School and my Maths teacher I think her name was Saroj Madam but not sure so anyone of you who knows me then get in touch. Vidisha Patel <v1disha@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Vidya Pillai
Hi to all surfing this site. I did my schooling from Auxilium Convent (passed out 1996-97) and from Don Bosco (1998-99). I graduated from MSU (Commerce). I am presently in Dubai. Seeking and looking forward for friends from my India. Vidya Pillai <pillaividya_s@rediffmail.com> (June 10, 2002)

Currently I live in Ahmedabad but after leaving Baroda I feel Baroda is really a very beautiful city. I was in MSU in the engineering faculty for six months and then LD Engineering College here. Vijay <ecvalve@wilnetonline.net> (October 30, 2001)

Vijay Alamchandani
I was in Shreyas Samarpan till 10th. Then I took Commerce line and now I am in Barcelona, Spain. In Baroda I stayed near Mandvi. This is a magnificent site. I love it as it refreshes woh bite hue din. We had a very very good group in our school times – Akshay Shah, Jayesh Shah, Aayudh Patel, Siddharth Patel, Virender, Rajiv Yadav, Jacky, Kishor Warde, Sanjeev, Jaya, Hema, Sejal Choksi, Priti, Sonali Pradhan, Harshvardhan Rathod. Vijay Alamchandani <vickesh20@hotmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Vijay B. Dayalani
I am residing in St. Maarten. I have a house in Dandia Bazaar. I studied in Shreyas School and then in MSU (Botany). I remember friends and miss them and would love to be in contact with them. I hope they read this. Vijay B. Dayalani <phantom@megatropic.com>

Vijay Chandiramani
I left Baroda in 1995. I studied at IPCL School and Vidya Vihar. I miss all my friends. Vijay Chandiramani <vijanney@yahoo.fr> (April 6, 2002)

Vijay D. Chandiramani
I am in West Africa (Conakry) since 9 years. I am missing Baroda and all Barodians. I would like to contact all my friends who were with me in IPCL School and Vidya Vihar School in 1984-95. Vijay D. Chandiramani <ROCKY_CYCLONE@HOTMAIL.COM> (January 23, 2004)

Vijay Dandiwala
I studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Opp Polo Ground, 1968-75) then did B.Com., LL.B., D.L.P., D.T.P. and D.P.A. I am Assistant General Manager (Corporate HRD) at Gujarat Borosil, Govali, Jhagadia, near Bharuch.. I stay in Ankleshwar. Vijay Dandiwala <vijay369@sancharnet.in> (November 3, 2003)

Vijay Kumudchandra Desai
I am in Vermont, USA (moved from India via Canada). I am with IBM (E-Business Analyst, Microelectronics Division, 1000 River Street, Essex Jct., VT- 05452, USA). I miss Baroda and Techo like anything. There are no words to explain that feeling. I have done BE and ME from MSU Techo. Vijay Kumudchandra Desai <desaiv@us.ibm.com> (June 24, 2003)

Vijay Macwan
I am a consultant physician at Anand. I studied in Baroda Medical College from 1984 to 1995. I have sweet memories of my days in Baroda. Dr. Vijay Macwan <vjmacwan_ad1@sancharnet.in> (November 3, 2003)

Vijay Shah
I am in New Jersey, USA. I left Baroda in 1997. The first week in USA was frustrating as I did not get a job and enough support. But now I am in business and job. My wife Jay and two daughters are getting adjusted and have developed a liking for New Jersey. My daughter recently got President George Bush Education Award. I did my schooling in Sayaji High School and B.Sc. from MSU. Vijay Shah <jayvijay@optonline.net> (June 7, 2002)

Vijay Menon
I was pleasantly surprised to come across this fantastic website. I have lived all my life in Baroda - yes, I agree with most of the people on the site - there's no place like Baroda! I passed out from Rosary High School in 1976 and did Chemical Engineering from MSU Techo in 1982. I have represented Rosary and MSU in cricket. I am trying to reach out to the great bunch of guys who were in Techo with me - Bharat Desai (somewhere in Boston), Sunil Desai, Rajesh Desai, Dushyant ‘Dan’ Patel (somewhere in NJ), Shailu Amin, Jitu ‘JJ’ Patel, Rajan Desai and many many more! C'mon guys, get in touch! Vijay Menon <vishadenav@hotmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Vijay Sutaria
I live in Calgary, AB, Canada. I graduated from MS University of Baroda in 1981. I would be delighted to get in touch with my classmates and schoolmates. Vijay Sutaria <tsut@canada.com>

Vijay Thaker
I am born and brought up in Baroda. Born in 1945, lived in Kadawa Sheri, Ahemdavadi Pole, near Jubilee Bag. Love to hear from those who were either my classmate, neighbour or just a friend. I have been living in Canada for past 30 years. Phone: (780)  427 - 4233. Fax: (780) 422 - 4266. E-Mail: <Vijay.Thaker@gov.ab.ca> <Vijay.Thaker@fss.gov.ab.ca>

Vijay Yadav
I did Textile Engineering from MSU in 1993 and am pursuing Ph.D. at IIT Delhi. Vijay Yadav <vijayydv@hotmail.com> (November 4, 2003)

Vikas Ajwani (Vicky)
I am in America. I was in Gujarat Refinery English Medium School and I left Baroda in January 2000. I was in 10th Std. I want to find my friends through this site. Vikas Ajwani <vikasajwani@yahoo.com>

Vikas Bhansali
Hi. I am presently at the university of Memphis, TN, USA, for my Ph.D. in Biochemistry. I have done my B.Sc. (1992-95) in chemistry and M.Sc. (1995-97) in Biochemistry from MSU. Vikas Bhansali <vbhansal@memphis.edu>

Vikas Bhatt
I lived in Baroda at Vishwamitri for 25 years and came to USA in1993. Studied at Sayaji High School and MSU (Commerce, 1987). Now in Chicago. I Still miss Baroda. Vikas Bhatt <Visu311@aol.com> (June 24, 2003)

Vikas Gupta
Hi there. I was born and raised in Baroda! I went to Navrachana Higher Secondary School (a great school!). I passed out in 1998. I got all my friends from Baroda. It's just a lovely city to be in! Right now, I am in London doing my undergraduation in Electronics Engineering. I just miss Baroda a lot! I had loads of fun, when I was in Navrachana and I still remember those days. It was just a great feeling, being there. I miss you Navrachana and my friends! Well, for those who want to get in touch, then please do so. Vikas Gupta <vik2105@yahoo.com>

Vikas Nayak
Currently in Ahmedabad, working as an EDP Manager in a private company. Studied in Baroda High School (Bagikhana), was the top bunker in my time and took beatings from all the teachers. Wow how I miss them and love them. I love Baroda but due to lack of good service opportunities had to relocate. If I get a good response from Baroda I will be the first guy to catch the train back. Vikas Nayak <MEDUSAN_0000@ICENET.NET>

Vikas Patel
Hi! I grew up in Baroda. I am in Troy, Michigan, USA, working for General Motors. I was at Baroda High School (Baghikhana), graduated in 1986 (12th grade), and did my Mechanical Engineering at MSU. I am looking for friends from Baroda High School who may know me, particularly Samir Vaijnapurkar, Niketu Shah, Viral Parmar, Hetal Patel, Rinal Patel/Shah, Ami Parikh, Kamini/Minal Patel, Swetal Shah, etc. Vikas Patel <lnusponp.wzwwwy@gmeds.com>

Vikas Patel
Hi to all Barodians. I lived in Bajwada and subsequently in Karelibaug, Baroda. I did all my schooling in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and graduated from BHS in 1986. I graduated from MSU Techo in 1991 with Mechanical Engineering. I had aliases such as Hitler and Swami. If any of you still remember me, I will be more than happy to get in touch with you. Vikas Patel <vikas.patel@gm.com>

Viki Shah
I was in Bright School (12th in 1995). I have been a regular visitor of baroda.com. I cannot help but wonder what is it that is connecting us all. Is it the 'Dalal ni Petish', or is it the 'Mahalaxmi nu Sev Usal', is it the colourful, sparkling nine nights of Garba or is it that famous fun fare of Convent? Is it that famous ice cream of Dairy Den or is it the University ni Pau Bhaji? One thing is for sure, it's not the school or college that is binding us, it is the feeling of being a BARODIAN that is keeping us together. Thank you baroda.com, for a trip down memory lane. I am now in USA. Viki Shah <Viki.Shah@stryker.com> (January 28, 2007)

Vikram Dhruva
I am from Ohio, USA. I like to be a Barodian. I am here since 2 months. I never forget my beautiful Baroda. And when I saw your site I loved it. And I remembered my old days of my school (Experimental School). I think this is the great site for all Barodians. I love it. Ph: 330-376-4751. Vikram Dhruva <dhruva@uakron.edu> <vikram_dhruva@yahoo.com>

Vimal Kamadia
I was in IPCL School No. 2 (10th in 1990). I was just browsing this site and found many familiar names. Hope some old pal find me the way I found some. I completed B.Tech (Dairy) from Anand and am doing Masters in USA (Mississippi State University). I am missing Baroda as deserts miss the rains. Kehte hai na ... 'laakh lubhaye mahal paraye, apna ghar phir apna ghar hai'... I miss you Baroda.... I miss you. Vimal Kamadia <vimalkamadia@hotmail.com> (January 13, 2003)

Vimal N. Bhagat
I am 23 and raised in USA. I grew up in Baroda and used to attend GEB School. I miss my hometown and my beautiful wife who lives in Baroda. Vimal N. Bhagat <vimalbhagat@hotmail.com>

Vimal Patel
I passed out in 1997 from Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalaya, then did Chemical Engineering from GCET, VV Nagar. Now I am in Connecticut, USA. I did Masters in Biotechnology at University of Connecticut and am now working in a biotech company. Vimal Patel <vpatel@sibtech.com> (November 6, 2003)

Vinay G. Soneji
Hello to all friends. I studied in Jeevan Sadhana, then did B.Sc and M.Sc. in Geology and later did M.Sc. (Applied, Petroleum Geology). I suppose there are many friends of mine whose contact has been lost since then. I would like to convey my regards to all those who remember me and would like to keep in touch with them. I am now in Sultanate of Oman (Petroleum Geologist, Data & Consultancy Services, Schlumberger). Vinay G. Soneji <svinay@muscat.oilfield.slb.com> (April 6, 2002)

Vinay Likhite (Dr.)
I lived in Baroda from 1935 to 1948. I attended Rosary High School and passed the Bombay Matric Examination in 1948. My family and I moved to the USA in 1950. My father was hired in 1930 by Maharaja Sayajirao III to work in his Department of Agriculture. After Maharaja Sayajirao's death in 1939, my father continued to work for Maharaja Pratapsinghrao till Independence. My father left Baroda for the USA in 1949, and the family followed a year later. The Model Farm near Alembic Chemicals, and the Agricultural Museum near it, are my father's creations, as also the Experimental Farm in Jagudhan, near Mehsana. We used to reside in the 'Nimb Niwas' near Rosary School and lived in Alkapuri at 32 Deepak before leaving for the USA. Dr. Vinay Likhite <caresctr@northnet.org>

Vinay Sastry
Looking for all BHS (Alkapuri) batch of 1996. I am currently in Brisbane, Australia, finishing my Masters. Vinay Sastry <vsastry@gmx.net> (May 31, 2003)

Vineet Nargolwala
Congratulations on a successful site! I think it's a great way for all Barodians to keep in touch. I spent 4 glorious years in Techo (1990-94). Since then, I completed my MS from the University of Texas and have been working/living in Dallas for the last 5 years. But there are days nostalgia sweeps over me and I swear that I can hear the hot summer winds that whistle down the Fatehgunj strip! Would be great to hear from old pals or new ones looking to wax nostalgic about Techo/Baroda. Vineet Nargolwala <vnargol@hotmail.com>

Vinita Manjure (nee Sabnis)
Hi friends. I am currently in UK working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and the Baroda Medical College till 1993. This is a great site to get in touch with school and college chums. Vinita Manjure (nee Sabnis) <sanjivmanjure@doctors.net.uk>

Vipin Dattani
I studied in Vidyakunj from 1966 to 1974. I am married to Jasuwanti Gandhi who also went to the same school. I have settled in London, UK, since 1978. My wife and I would love to get in touch with old school friends. Vipin Dattani <dattani@homechoice.co.uk>
(March 8, 2002)

Vipin Shah
I am presently working as a Senior Engineer for E. I. DuPont, Memphis, TN 38115, USA. Address:  5740 Foxbend, Mmephis, TN 38115, USA. Tel:(901) 795-1430, Fax:(901) 363-4174. Work: 2571 Fite Road, Memphis, TN 38127, USA. Tel:(901)353-7779, Fax:(901) 353-7433. E-Mail: <vsshah@bellsouth.com> and <vipin.s.shah-p-e@usa.dupont.com>

Vipin V. Joshi
I have completed PGDCA, CIC, B.Ed. and BA and I am working in Info Tech Kids (Western Computer Education, Akota) as Administrator-cum-Faculty. I am in field of computers since 1991. I would like to make friends who have sound knowledge of computers or Indian culture. I want a real friend from Baroda. Vipin V. Joshi <hetal_vipin@hotmail.com>

Viplav Parikh
I am the great Viplav Parikh. I was a Barodian. I had my SSC (1977) and HSC(1979) from Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya, Ajwa Road. I have my B.E. (Mech) from MSU in 1984 and MS (Mech) from NJIT, New Jersey (1993). At present I live in Connecticut, USA. I used to work for IBM and Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines. Right now I own and operate two stores. Thinking to pursue back to my career. Contact me at: 55, Rutledge Road, Wethersfield, CT 06109, USA. Ph # (860) 571 8903. Viplav Parikh <Viplavp@hotmail.com> <Viplavp@hotvoice.com>

Vipul A. Bhavsar
I am from Nani Chhipwad, Baroda. At present I am in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, working with Britania Products (U) Ltd. Vipul A. Bhavsar <ramakant@dawda.co.ug>

Vipul Desai
I studied in Fertilizernagar School for all 16 years and passed out in 1988. I am basically an Electrical Engineer from MSU (1992) and MCSE. I am now working in Baroda with Linde Process Technologies as Sr. System Engineer. It will be exciting to get in touch with my dear friends who studied with me during these years. Vipul Desai <vipul_bindi@yahoo.com>

Vipul Gondaliya
I was in Jyoti Ltd. from December 1996 to February 2000. I wish we can continue communication with all my ex-colleagues of Jyoti on a common website. It was a wonderful thought and it was really very nice to see messages coming posted by all, living in different parts of the world. I hope that we will stay in touch forever! I miss you all very very much. Vipul Gondaliya <vipulgondaliya@yahoo.com> (April 27, 2005)

Vipul Gore
I studied in Vidya Kunj (1973-85, Lal Bungalow, then Vishwamitri). I did B.E. Electronics at MSU Techo (1985-89) and MS at USC in Los Angeles, California, USA. I am now in Fremont, California, working as a CTO at InfoObjects. Any ex-Vidyakunj students of 1985 (12th Science) batch, please contact me. Keep in touch. (August 21, 2001)

Vipul Gosai
I studied in Jeevan Sadhana School (English). I did college from Vallabh Vidyanagar (Mechanical Engineering) in 1986. Now I am in Muscat, Oman, with my family (wife Nita, daughter Khushboo and son Arpan). I am looking for my old friends. Vipul Gosai <vipulgosai25@yahoo.com> (June 24, 2003)

Vipul J. Patel
I passed my 12th from Shreyas High School (English Medium) in 1989 and my M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) from V.P. Science College at Vallabh Vidyanagar in 1994. I am staying in Niles, a Chicago suburb: 8827, N. Washington St. Unit-D, Niles, IL 60714, USA. If anyone knows me they can send me an email. I am looking eagerly for my past friends and for some new friends also. Tamaro Khovai gayelo Vipul. Vipul J. Patel <Viprup114@cs.com>

Vipul Pandya
I used to live in Ladwada Gendigate Road. Now I am in Toronto, Canada, since the last 8 years. If anybody knows me or wants to be my friend please contact me. Vipul Pandya <pandyavip@hotmail.com>

Vipul Patel
I graduated from Pratap High School in 1986 and moved to USA in 1994. I hope my fellow schoolmates and other friends contact me because I miss all the fun times we had together. I used to be known as 'Teni' or 'Gutti'. I used to live at Chhani Jakat Naka. I am looking for friends like Virendra, Vijay, Dharmendra, Pinal and Rupal. Vipul Patel <vipul.patel@netzero.net> (November 6, 2003)

Vipul Patel
Hi. I am in Sacramento, California, USA. I am one of the Web Developers over here. I studied in Bangalore University (1991 Batch) for Bachelor's and 1987 Batch for Diploma in Computer Science. Hi Chikoo, Manish Patel. I am from Nirman Society, R.C. Dutt Road, Vadodara. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. Vipul Patel <vipulraman@yahoo.com>

Vipul Patel
Hi friends. This is Vipul from Mississaauga, Ontario, Canada. I did schooling from Utkarsh and Mechanical Engineering from MSU. My previous residence was at Sardarnagar, Baroda and I moved to USA in October 1995. I am in Canada since October 1998, working with M&I. I will like to hear from my friends and from Barodians who want to be friends because across the miles I still want to be close with my Baroda and Barodians. Vipul Patel <vpatelca@hotmail.com>

Vipul Thacker
I passed 12th in 1982 from Baroda High School (Bagikhana). Was with Kiran, Nilesh, Bhavesh, Parvindar, Ajay, Panchal. The girls in our batch were Monalisa, Snehal Patel, Smita Raje, Shubra Sen, etc. I lived in Arunodaya Society and my local friends were Samir Patel (Sambhai), Rakesh Bhanubhai Patel, Rasesh Desai, Bobby, Pako Patel (Rosary), etc. I went to VV Nagar to do BBA and had a smashing time. Now in London with al lot of ex-Barodians, both BHS and other schools. Would love to hear from anyone above or others who I have missed out. Vipul Thacker <vthacker@supanet.com>

Viral Chokshi
I did B.E. (Electronics, 1979) from MSU Techo and came to USA. I am in NC since 1984. Viral Chokshi <Viral.Chokshi@mindready.com> (April 2, 2005)

Viral Desai (Gopu)
Hi. I've lived in Baroda for 24 years and studied in Baroda High School (Bagikhana). Currently I'm living in Botswana (Southern Africa) and working in a group of companies as Timber Roof Truss Plant Manager and Chief Estimator. Viral Desai (Gopu) <viral8@it.bw>

Viral H. Thakkar
Hi guys! I did my schooling at Don Bosco High School and came to Australia for my university. Well, I miss u guys very much. A big Hi to all my friends, mainly Shailee, Neeti, Girshma, Himesh, Sanjeev, Babu; I miss u guys. Please come here. And to all u Barodians: A big Hi from me. (August 21, 2001)

Viral Kamdar
I finished B.E. (Computer Science) from MSU Techo in 1999. I'm from Porbandar and stayed abroad for 4 years. I miss the city as well as my college. Presently I am working in Integra Micro Systems, Bangalore, as a software engineer. Viral Kamdar <viral_kamdar007@rediffmail.com>

Viral Kothari
This is for Hemal Patel, Jigar Patel, Chintan Shah, Ronak Shah, Rahul Shah, Gunjan (1997 SSC, Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya) and Tejas, Nehal, Pankaj, Vedang, Suresh, Shibu (2001 Diploma P.C.T., MSU Polytechnic). Hi to all of you. How are you? Right now I am in Jamnagar. I miss you all. Please keep in touch. Viral Kothari <vibike2002@yahoo.co.in> (November 4, 2003)

Viral Lad
I completed 12th from GSFC School and graduated from BVM, Vallabh Vidyanagar, in Mechanical Engineering. I am now in Canada. Viral Lad <ladviral@hotmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Viral Patel
I am in Sydney, Australia. I was in Bright Day School (1994-2002). Viral Patel <viralpatel123@yahoo.co.uk> (April 27, 2005)

Viral Soni
I am in Canada since December 2003. I was in Shreyas High School and did B.Com (Auditing) from MSU. I request all my friends to keep in touch and also all the Barodians in Canada. Viral Soni <viralsoni@yahoo.com> <soniviral@hotmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Virang Patel
I used to live in Manjalpur, right opposite Lal Baug. I studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur) and graduated from D.D.I.T. (B.E. Chemical) in 1998. I am now in Chicago, USA, doing my master's in Computer Science and working as an Internet developer. It's a pleasure to be on this site. I would like to make new friends. With love and luck to all u "Barodians". Please contact me. Ph: (312) 949-1792 (R), (708) 488-9900 (O). Virang Patel <virang_patel@hotmail.com>

Virendra Jaiswal (Viru)
I was in Shreyas High School and did M.Sc. (Maths) from MSU. I am now in Las Vegas, USA, doing M.S. in Applied Mathematics. Virendra Jaiswal <jaiswalvirendra@hotmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Virendra Jaiswal
I lived in Manjalpur, studied at Shreyas and did B.Sc. from MSU. I am now in Las Vegas, USA. Virendra Jaiswal <jaiswalvirendra@yahoo.com> (November 29, 2005)

Viru Rumi Hakim
I now live and work in England, and would like to hear from all those who remember me. Viru Rumi Hakim <Virumi@aol.com> (May 31, 2003)

Vishal & Svati Shah
My name is Vishal Shah. I did my schooling from Baroda High School Jr., 1989 SSC batch. I finished engineering from Government College of Engineering, Pune. I worked at Wipro Information Technologies in Bangalore for about 2 years and then AT&T's World Headquarters in New Jersey, USA. Now I have my own setup. I run a worldwide business today from New Jersey and am looking for friends – natives of Baroda or around – interested to visit USA or help us develop. We will provide infrastructure and training free. We are already operational in USA, Canada, UK. Ph: (732) 213 7710 or toll free 1-866-688-9770. Vishal T. Shah <vishalshah@bww.com> <vtshah@rocketmail.com> (November 3, 2003)

Vishal Joshi
I spent quite a good time in Baroda for nearly 15 years. Now I am in Qatar. Anyone who knows me can contact me. Vishal Joshi <vishaljoshi12@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Vishal K. Zinjuvadia
Hi. I am currently pursuing my MS in Computer Engineering at University of Kansas, USA. Thanks http://www.baroda.com for providing the platform. Keep up the good work. Vishal K. Zinjuvadia <zvishal@ittc.ukans.edu>

Vishal Mehta
I did schooling from Baroda High School (ONGC) and B.E. Computer Engineering from DDIT, Nadiad in 1999. I am in USA (New Jersey) since January 2000. I would like to tell all my friends and relatives that I miss all of them very much! Vishal Mehta <vsmehta50@hotmail.com>

Vishal Patel
I have done B.E. (Electrical) from B.V.M. Engineering College and now studying M.Sc. (Information Technology) in Liverpool, UK. And this message is for all my friends in India and abroad who want to catch me. So now CATCH ME IF U CAN! Vishal Patel <CMPNPATE@livjm.ac.uk> (June 24, 2003)

Vishal Patel
Hi. I was in Utkarsh Vidyalaya up to 10th, then did 11th and 12th in Vidyut Board Vidyalaya and completed B.E. Mechanical from MSU. I am now doing Masters in Computer Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA. I would like to be in touch with all those who know me. Vishal Patel <vopatel@yahoo.com>

Vishal R. Dalmia
I did my schooling at Baroda High School Jr. 2 (Alkapuri), B.E. (Civil) from B.V.M Engineering College (1992-96), PGDBA from ICFAI (Ahmedabad, 1997-99) and DBF from ICFAI. Currently I am associated with the Banking Business Unit of Infosys Technologies Ltd. at Bangalore. I am in touch with a few of our guys like Hardik, Bhavin, Mukund, Dipen, Abhay, Rohit, Nishith, Sangeet, Kunal, Mehul, Nirmalya, Rahul, Vishal Sheth, Yajuvendra, Apurva, but still a long list is
missing. If u are the missing one then do mail me. Vishal R. Dalmia <Vishal_Dalmia@infy.com> <vdalmia@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Vishal Shah
A Commerce graduate of MSU of April 2000. Presently in Australia doing Master of Professional Accounting. I would like any Barodians to contact me.
(August 21, 2001)

Vishal Varia
I did my schooling from Utkarsh Vidyalaya and GEB School and B.E. Mechanical from MSU Techo (1997-2001). I am now doing MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Colorado at Denver, USA. I really miss Baroda. Vishal Varia <vishalvaria@yahoo.com> (April 27, 2005)

Vishal Vithlani
I lived in Alkapuri and Nizampura. I studied in Baroda High School (Alkapuri) till 1990 and then in Basil for HSC. I arrived in Britain in 1992 for further education. Now I am based in London and this message is for all those who shared many nostalgic memories together back in Baroda. I am looking for Parind, Anuja, Shilpa, Nishit, Dhaval and Sangeet. Vishal Vithlani <vithlani@hotmail.com> (April 15, 2004)

Vishnu Bhatt
I did Masters in Political Science at MSU and was professor of Political Science at Mahuva, Saurashtra. I am in USA since 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia. Other family members are living in Baroda, on Harni Road. I miss Baroda a lot. Vishnu Bhatt <vpbhatt@worldnet.att.net> <vpbhatt@att.net> (March 8, 2002)

Vishnu Patel
I am a graduate from MS University (Geology, 1985). At present I am in USA since 1990. Originally I am from Padra. I am looking for my friends from India. Vishnu Patel <vpatel@aol.com>

Vishnu Ramachandran
MSU Techo (1978, Mechanical). Now I am settled in USA, doing web based business. Vishnu Ramachandran <vishnubaroda@hotmail.com> (March 21, 2003)

Viththal J. Parikh
Hello guys. I am a Barodian residing at Wanakbori TPS (Thermal Power Station) and working in GEB (Gujarat Electricity Board). I am an ex-student of MS University. I am searching for friends like Rajesh Patel and Dr. Devendra C. Patel (a topper of the last batch of old SSC). I am also looking for GEB contacts (Dhaval Shah, Harshad C. Patel and Daxaben H. Patel) who are Barodians and are now in the USA. Guys, remember once a Barodian is a Barodian for ever. Viththal J. Parikh <parikh99@satyam.net.in>

Vivek Brahmbhatt
I studied in Utkarsh School and finished diploma from MSU. I am now studying Bachelor of IT in Australia. Vivek Brahmbhatt <vivekbaroda@yahoo.com.au> (March 15, 2003)

Vivek Desai
Hi all! I am a produce of the Civil Engineering department in Techo (batch of '99). I am a grad student right now in Michigan State University, USA. Baroda has always been a beautiful city, and will be. I have several memories of my Civil friends (who are either studying or working, guess had real fun time in Techo, all the best to my juniors), my school (Tejas Vidyalaya) friends who have been there for long and will be there and of course my girl. Contact me if you know me or would like to know me. Vivek Desai <desai_vv@hotmail.com> <desaiviv@egr.msu.edu>

Vivek Deshpande
First of all congrats for coming up with such an idea, to link people from Baroda. Baroda is the most beautiful city in the whole world. I did my schooling from Baroda High School (ONGC) and thereafter (1990) joined MSU Techo. I completed B.E. (Mechanical) in 1994 and joined IPCL at Nagothane in Maharashtra. I really miss the nice time I had with Shashank, Kunal, Yogesh Deuchakke, Mukherjee, Amol Sahastrabuddhe, Rajesh Surani, Sanjay Kandpal, Neelratna, Sameer Dighe, Aksay Kakade, Gunesh Brahme, Ojha, Majha, Vikas Kapadia, Swati Kansara, Sudhanshu Bhagoda, Ashes Desai, Paras Desai, Gaurav Aurora, Vijay Raj, Bansal, Hero Hardikar, Guru Krishnan, Baloni, Dhaval Shah, Mehul Modi, Yogesh Rairikar, Jignesh Shah, Rishi Sharma, Paddu Sharma, Anant Mathur, Chaturvedi, Rahat Bhatia, D. Pandit, Vinay Raj and the evergreen Paushtik Ravi Kaushik. In case any of you is not able to recollect then just think of our classes conducted by our respected professors V.M. Panchal, S.B. Keluskar, B.M. Bharuchi, Dutta (Material Science in first year), Mandot, G.D. Bhatt, and M.O. Parikh. Vivek Deshpande <vivekdeshpande1@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Vivek K. Jikar
I passed SSC from Vidya Vihar High School, Subhanpura, in 1994, HSC from Alembic Vidyalaya in 1996, and B.E. Chemical in 2000 from MSU Techo. I am now pursuing MS in Engineering Management at University of Missouri, Rolla, USA. I have been in USA since January 2004. Vivek K. Jikar <vivek_jikar@rediffmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Vivek Naik
I am doing Electronics Engineering at Pune. I am really missing Baroda and its people a lot. I studied at Vidya Vihar School and IPCL School. Vivek Naik <vivek_vadodara@yahoo.co.in> (April 27, 2005)

Vivek Parikh
It's been one year now since I have landed in Sydney, Australia, far away from my dear Vadodara for the first time. I was in Baroda High (Alkapuri), did B.Com from MSU and finished C.A. (Inter). Vivek Parikh <vivek.parikh@rediffmail.com> (November 28, 2005)

Vivek V. Likhite
I attended Rosary High School. I left Baroda in 1950 with my mother and two brothers. I am now in Evanston, IL, USA. My father had immigrated to the USA a year earlier. He was an administrator with the agricultural institute in Baroda. My parents were good friends with the Maharaja and Maharani. In Baroda we lived in Alkapuri, 32 Deepak. I am married to an American from Missouri. Her name is Diane. She and I recently retired from teaching. She was a math teacher at a local community middle school. I am semi-retired. I continue to teach during the summer months at Northwestern University in their Center for Talent Development Program. This is an accelerated program for children who are gifted. I teach Human Biology. I retired from Evanston Township High School where I taught medical programmes which I created and they have named a scholarship in my name. My wife has a Master's degree and I have 2 Master's degrees with enough credits for a Ph.D. I do not have a Ph.D. We have 2 sons: Craig is the Director of Creative Services for an advertisement agency (McCann-Erickson) in Detroit, Michigan; Michael, our youngest, is an elementary school teacher. He teaches 4th grade here in Evanston. Craig will be married this September; her name is April and she was the cross-country coach at Northwestern University. (July 23, 2001) Vivek V. Likhite <Vdcm@aol.com>

Vivek Vilas Phanse
I left Baroda on 8th December, 2000 to start my professional career in software industry. Right now I am placed at Chennai. From here I don't know where I would go, but one thing is sure, that I am coming to Baroda to settle. I don't think I can ever compare Baroda and the Barodians with any place or people. I did B.Com from MSU and schooling from IPCL School. Right now I am a Java Trainee. Missing Baroda and Barodians. Vivek Vilas Phanse <vivekphanse@rediffmail.com>

Volter Patel
This is Volter (MEHUL P). I was in Rosary School (1976-91), MSU (B.Sc Physics, 1991-94) and Bhavnagar University (MCA, 1994-97). I came to USA in November 1998 and staying with my parents in Lowell, MA, but missing my classmates. We had created yahoogroup RASAM_8991@yahoogroups.com and now there are many of our classmates are members: Nirav Tamboli, Manish Hingu, Manish Pandya, Chirag Patel, Rashesh Parikh, Hiren David, Vishal Modi, Viral Patel, Vaibhav Sant, Nilesh Patel, Prashant Soni, Kalpana Patel. So, please join the group as after all school is school. Volter Patel <volter_p@yahoo.com>
(April 6, 2002)

Vrajesh Bhavsar
My name is Vrajesh Bhavsar. I want to share my friendship to all within India and abroad. Please contact me. Vrajesh Bhavsar <vrajk@hotmail.com>

Vrajesh Kumar
My name is Vrajesh Bhavsar, worked in a Big Public Sector as a Computer  Operator. I want to share my friendship to all, within and abroad India. My Hobbies are cricket, Chess, On line games, internet, chat, swimming, fast driving etc... etc... Interested guys and gals are requested to contact me. Vrajesh Kumar <vrajk@hotmail.com>

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