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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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Tapan Shah
Hi. I am 18 years old. Well, I study in the USA but I visit Baroda once every year. And I find Baroda a great place to stay in. Isn't it? So I was just wondering if I could make some email pals through this site. So I guess this way I can keep in touch with fellow Barodians and maybe meet them if I get a chance to. Tapan Shah <kooltap@yahoo.com>

Tapan Sheth
I had been residing in Baroda for 4 years. Presently I am in London, UK, working as a developer in a software company. I enjoyed my life over there like anything. This listing is for my friends who have lost contact with me since long. Tapan Sheth <webmaster_tapan@yahoo.com> <tapan_sheth@yahoo.com> (March 15, 2003)

Tapasya Jariwala (earlier Tapasya Mehta)
My name is Tapasya Jariwala. Formerly my last name was Mehta so don't get confused. Convent of Jesus & Mary was my school and presently I am residing in New Jersey. I am working in the school system and continued ED.D in Education at Columbia University, New York. Tapasya Jariwala <TapasyaJariwala @Juno.com> (November 3, 2003)

Tapasya Mehta (now Tapasya Jariwala)
My name is Tapasya Jariwala. Formerly my last name was Mehta so don't get confused. Convent of Jesus & Mary was my school and presently I am residing in New Jersey. I am working in the school system and continued ED.D in Education at Columbia University, New York. Tapasya Jariwala <TapasyaJariwala @Juno.com> (November 3, 2003)

Taher Adenwala
I studied school at Rosary and graduated from MSU. I am now working in USA. Taher Adenwala <coooltaher@yahoo.co.in> (April 29, 2006)

Tanvi Thakkar
I was in Bright English Medium School and later did B.Com from MSU (1992). Tanvi Thakkar <tanvi_shah@yahoo.com> (March 21, 2003)

Tapan Master
I am in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, doing masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Cleveland State University. I did B.E. (Electronics) from Surat. Basically, I am from Baroda and studied in Shreyas School. My parents stay in Manjalpur, Baroda. I miss my wonderful city Baroda and people of Baroda. So the main reason that I am writing this is to get in touch with all my old friends and also all other Barodians. Tapan Master <tapan_master@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Tapan N. Shah
I was in Bhavan’s and then Bright School (1996). I am now in Alabama, USA, studying Chemical Engg. Baroda is the ‘land of beautiful culture’ and I still cherish those good old days of garba at Arki, room zoom ki pani puri, Ellora park ki chaat.. Jagdish ki bhakarwadi, mahakali ka usal. I miss my friends and would love to talk with any Barodian. Tapan N. Shah <shahtapan3@hotmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Hi Barodians!!! This is Tehnaz. I went to Convent School and graduated in 1970. I would love to know where all my friends are: Minakshi, Daksha (Bokhi), Ashwin, Harish & sisters! I would love to hear from them. E-mail me or call 408-617-0277. Tehnaz <tehnaz99@yahoo.com>

Tejas H. Desai
Hello everybody visiting this wonderful website of baroda-online.com. My house is at Ellora Park. Currently I am at University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, USA, doing my master's programme in computer science. I completed my B.E. Mechanical from MSU, Baroda. My school and college friends can contact me. Tejas H. Desai <thdesai@usa.net>

Tejas N. Varia
I am currently in UK doing MBA at the Leeds University Business School. I miss you all, friends, colleagues, relatives, everyone. I also miss the hotels, larris, fast food centres and ice-cream parlours and also the paan and soda at Chakli Circle. I miss you all. Do keep in touch if any of your remember me. Last but not least, thanks to baroda-online.com for this wonderful section for keeping us all so close and giving a chance to stay in touch with Barodians even we are miles apart. Thanks to the wonderful team and all the best in the future. Tejas N. Varia <tejasvaria@yahoo.com> (October 30, 2001)

Tejas Patel
I did B.E. (Chemical, MSU) and am now doing M. Tech at IIT Kanpur. I love my Baroda a lot. I have been in Baroda since my birth, and I still remember it a lot. Tejas Patel <tejas@iitk.ac.in> (March 8, 2002)

Tejal Kumar Patel
I am majoring in computer engineering technology in capitol college in washington dc. I studied in kandari and anyone who wanna be mah friend contact me at tejas@goplay.com or tejas234@aol.com. See ya.

Tejal Patel
I studied in Baroda High School (Bagikhana). I am looking for my classmates Mona Bhagwat, Rachna, Jay, Milind and Mayuri, Palak from Convent of Jesus and Mary. I am in Canada doing my masters. Keep in touch folks! Keep up the good work of maintaining this site. Tejal Patel <pat_hns@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Tejal Patel
I am from Alembic Vidyalaya and passed B.Sc Maths in 1990 from MSU. I am in St. Louis, Montana, USA. I love Baroda and still miss it. Tejal Patel <pateltj2003@yahoo.com>
(June 24, 2003)

Tejal Patel
I am working for Cisco Systems Inc. in San Jose, California, USA, as Network Design Engineer. I am very happy with my job. My good wishes to all my friends in Baroda and specially Arkee friends from Ellora Park (Aric, Jatin, Bharat, Ajit, Dharmesh, Manoj, Manish, Maunish, Hetal, Payal Shah, Namrata, etc). I am missing all the fun that we used to have in Baroda, specially during Navratri at Arkee. Tejal Patel <tepatel@cisco.com> <tejal1973@hotmail.com>

Tejal Shah
Hi! Barodians! I was in Utkarsh School up to 1993 and I have spent 17 years in Baroda. I am doing my Masters in Computer Science and working for a start-up company. I miss Baroda and all my friends a lot. Tejal Shah <shahtejal@yahoo.com>

Tejas Agrawal
I did Chemical Engineering from MSU Techo (the best ever college I have seen) in 2001. I used to stay in R.T. Hall and it was I think my best experience of my life. I can't forget my four years in Baroda at R.T. and MSU. Woh Fatehgunj ki shaam, woh MSU ki canteen ka lunch, woh kalluram ki chay! Well I really miss woh bichhade hue din aur log. Right now I'm in USA and doing masters and about to complete. Well I can't stop writing about Baroda and what MSU gave me. I am really thankful to MSU. MSU jindabad. Tejas Agrawal <tejas_agrawal@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Tejas Arun Kokje
I was in MGM School and Rosary and did B.E in Information Technology from SVIT Vasad (1999-2003). I am now studying Computer Science at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Tejas Arun Kokje <kokje@usc.edu> (April 27, 2005)

Tejas Choksi
Hi, I am studying (Bachelor's in Engineering) in Miami, Florida, USA. I did my schooling in Navrachana School and then in Tejas Vidyalaya. I miss Baroda a lot. So anyone interested can contact me. Tejas Choksi <tchokshi@yahoo.com>

Tejas Patel
I am presently studying in D.Y. Patil's College of Engineering in Pune, Maharashtra. Tejas Patel <tejas_patel77@usa.net>

Tejas Patel
Hi! I'm Tejas Patel. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's Public school, graduated in April 1990. Baroda Medical College, graduated in March 1996. Expected completion of residency in June 2000 in Internal Medicine at Christ Hospital and Medical Center, Oak Lawn, Chicago, IL, USA. Tejas Patel <tejas72@hotmail.com>

Tejas Purohit
Hello friends... I did my undergraduate studies from MSU and did my Master's from MSU's Faculty of Commerce. Now I am a Computer Professional (software development, multimedia presentation, personal computer training, etc.). I also miss all my school guys from Basil. Please feel free to contact me: 11, Nagar Chambers, Near Pragati Bank, Nizampura, Baroda. Tejas Purohit <call_tejas@hotmail.com> <call_tejas@chequemail.com>

Tejas Shah
I lived in Baroda for 26 years and now live in Toronto, Canada. I was in Alembic School and did B.Com (1994-97) and M.Com (1997-98) from MSU. I was living in Ellora Park. Tejas Shah <SHAH204@rogers.com> (April 27, 2005)

Tejas Shah
I was studying in MSU (Science). I am missing all my friends who are not in touch with me at present. Tejas Shah <tejas2723@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Tejas T. Patel
Hi everybody. I am a native of Baroda and presently studying in Australia. I will like to be in contact with Barodians. If you will like to have any sort of help from me about studies in Sydney, please let me know. Tejas T. Patel <tejaaa@indiatimes.com>

Tejas Varia
Hi to all my friends of BHS (Alkapuri) and Bhavan's from Tejas Varia. Hello everyone. This site is great and is giving me an opportunity to remember my old friends and re-develop lost contacts. So if any of you remember me, do mail me and keep in touch. Also please watch out for my creations at http://www.ethioplastics.com. Tejas Varia <tejasvaria@ethioplastics.com>

Tejash Shah
Currently I am studying in UK, doing my Masters in Business Administration, and of course I am missing Baroda very much, specially my friends, relatives and all others whom I know. Anyone from GSFC School and specially living in Nizampura please get in touch with me. Tejash Shah <tejash_shah30@hotmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Thati Jagadisharwarlu
I am from Hyderabad and did MSW (1987-89) at MSU’s Faculty of Social Work. Presently I am working as a Research Associate in ‘Poverty Social Analysis and Monitoring Unit’ and also working as a part-time faculty at the newly set up Department of Social Work at Osmania University. Dr. Thati Jagadisharwarlu <thatij@yahoo.co.in> (May 1, 2006)

Toral Doshi
Hi everyone. My name is Toral Doshi (maiden surname – Shingadia). I now live in Singapore. If u can remember me, I was in Hansa Mehta in 1973. Shradda Desai and I were great chums. If u see this, Shradda, e-mail to me, also Harsh Dhar from the Engineering Faculty - Farukh Cooper's friend. Toral Doshi <taquarius13@hotmail.com>

Toshal Roy
I attended Bhavan's up to 1992. I am in the U.S. along with some other deshdrohis. I miss my friends very much. Please email me. Toshal Roy <toshal@udel.edu>

Tripal Jadeja
I did my schooling from GEB School, Baroda, and B.Sc. (1997) from VP Science College, Vidyanagar. I am now in Germany working as a network engineer. Tripal Jadeja <tripal@hotmail.com>

Tripti Bhatnagar
I completed B.Sc. (Zoology) and M.Sc. (Biochemistry) from MSU. I was in HM Hall between 1991 and 1996. I completed my PhD this year from I.A.R.I, New Delhi. I would like to be in contact with friends from my hostel and department. I am married to Sanjay who is Assistant Commissioner (Income Tax). Tripti Bhatnagar <sanjaylal_irs@yahoo.co.in>
(May 31, 2003)

Truptesh Patel
Truptesh Patel. Doing master in Information Science at NJIT, this is my last semester. 46, Meadow Brook Road, Edison, Nj 08837. <xxw8226@megahertz.njit.edu>

Truptesh Patel
Hi! My name is Truptesh Patel. I did my schooling at New Era High School from 1984 to 1990 from 7th to 12th. Completed Electrical Engineering from MSU 1990-1994. If any one knows me please feel free to contact me. Truptesh Patel <truptesh@yahoo.com>

Trupti Shah
Hi, I am Trupti Shah. My maiden name is Trupti Majmundar. I miss Baroda a lot. I am looking for my friends from Vidyakunj High School, Shreyas High School and MSU Home Science. Trupti Shah <shahtrupti@hotmail.com>

Tushar & Sandhya Bose
Kem Cho Badha Vadodara ma! Ame badha Sydney ma majhama chiye! We are Sandhya and Tushar Bose. Tushar: Born at Shantadevi Nursing Home, Rosarite, Mechanical Engineer (1980) from Kalabhavan, married to Sandhya in 1983 after about 3 years of fielding at SD Hall and innumerous rounds of Home Science. Sandhya: Convent of Jesus & Mary (10th), Shreyas (11th, 12th), Home Science (1982). We miss Baroda terribly especially the festivals of Utran, Holi, Dhuleti, Navaratri and Durga Pooja. Tushar's parents still live in Baroda at Haribhakti colony, where Tushar grew up in the beautiful surrounds of a mango grove and the fabulous Shivmahal Palace across the road. The days of massive mansions that lined the R.C. Dutt road are still so vivid in our memory. Sandhya cannot forget the time when her father was the corporate officer for farms and gardens in BMC and was living in Kamatibaug (Sayajibaug) next to the zoo office. Sydney is treating us well. I am into Indoor Air Pollution Control, did my Masters in Environmental Engineering Management from UTS Sydney. Sandhya is a team coach with Australian Taxation Office. Our best experience was when we Volunteered at the Sydney Olympics 2000. Tushar & Sandhya Bose <tushar@acay.com.au> (April 6, 2002)

Tushar Bhalavat
Hello ! I am a B.E. Mechanical Engineer from MSU Baroda. Apart from professional services (dealing with CAD/CAM software such as AutoCAD, MDT 4.0, STADD III, STADD Pro, Cimatron, TK Solver, etc., and providing engineering solutions in these fields to my corporate clients), I am developing a web site on History of Indian Postal Stamps which is entirely focused on India. I also want to include a section in my site which focuses on stamps released by countries other than India having some subject related to India like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Festivals of India, Indian personalities, etc. Anyone interested to contribute can contact me. Tushar Bhalavat <bhalavat@enfinet.net>

Tushar Chokshi
I am Dr. Tushar Chokshi, a freelance anesthesiologist, residing at Karelibaug. I studied in Alembic Vidyalaya and did my MD from Baroda Medical College. Anyone from any part of the world who wants to know about our city please contact me and do not hesitate to visit your city again. Tushar Chokshi <Chokshitushar@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Tushar Dave
My name is Tushar Dave. I am from Mahuva (Bhavnagar). I completed my B.Com. from MSU in 1985. I used to live in 26, M.V. Hall. I have been living in Montreal, Canada, since 1992. I would love to hear from anyone associated with either the Faculty of Commerce or M.V. Hall. Tushar Dave <eklipse@generation.net>

Tushar Desai (TD)
Friends called me 'TD'. Rosary (1978), Alembic Vidyalaya (1980), MSU Techo (1985), NJIT (New Jersey, USA, 1991). Lived in Ellora Park (1972-82), Atmajoytinagar (1983-88). Came to USA in 1989, now settled in Houston. I am looking for my Techo friends. We have a very active Techo-Alumni group on Yahoo at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/techo-alumni/. We recently had a great success in organising a re-union in the Pocono Mountains; about 23 guys showed up and we re-lived our Techo days. Tushar Desai <tushar-desai@sbcglobal.net>

Tushar Pandya
Hi,  My name is Tushar Pandya. I am in Milwaukee, WI, USA. I lived in Fatehgunj for 15 years and would like to meet old friends and neighbors from Fatehgunj and friends from the faculty of tech. & Engg. of MS Univ. from my student days. In fact, me and some other friends are trying to put up an amateurish kind of Internet site to establish a alumni association database. All inputs including pictures of MSU are welcome. I am sending a cc of this mail to a few friends from Baroda and inviting them too to come and sign up at http://www.baroda-online.com. Thanks, Tushar. <Tusharpandya@yahoo.com>

Tushar M. Patel
I was in Sardar Patel School, Karelibaug. Now I am in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. I am working in Hotel Sea Cliff as IT Manager. Tushar M. Patel <tushar@hotelseacliff.com> (October 30, 2001)

Tushar Patel
Hi! I am in Canada. I opened your web site and I realised that "Apna Baroda Bhi Kam Nahi". My parents are living in the Manjalpur area of Baroda. I really miss my parents and all my friends (Bhavesh, Chirag, Yuvraj). I really love my brother Ajit and sister-in-law Chetna who were recently married. Above all, I love this web site and My BARODA. Tushar Patel <Rpatel1970@aol.com>

Tushar Purandare
I did schooling from Vidya Kunj High School and MSW from MSU's Faculty of Social Work. I came to USA in January 1998 and completed MBA with specialisation in International Trade & Finance & Management. Currently I am based out of New Jersey. I am interested in getting in touch with old school and college friends. Tushar Purandare <T_Purandare@yahoo.com> (October 30, 2001)

Tushar Shah
Hi. I was a student of Baroda High School, Alkapuri. I did my 12th in 1994 and then I joined Polytechnic and completed my Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1997. I am presently studying Computer Science in Saginaw Valley State University at Michigan, USA. I am going to transfer to New Jersey in May 2000. So I request all my friends to keep in touch and I will also like all the other Barodians in USA to keep in touch. Tushar Shah <s_tushar@hotmail.com>

Tushar Shah
Hi friends! I completed my schooling from Shreyas School and did B.Com. (Marketing) from MS University of Baroda. I am a fashion show choreographer in India and I have done many shows in different cities. I have acted in many serials and Gujarati movies and I am also a folk dancer. Tushar Shah <tushar70@usa.net>

Tushar Unadkat
I studied in Rosary High School and completed my Fine Arts Degree (Applied Art) in 1995 from MSU. I was with NID, Ahmedabad until 1996 and then came to Britain for my higher education. I have lived in Alkapuri and have shared similar nostalgic memories with Baroda like many others out there. Anybody who wishes to get connected can write to me. Tushar Unadkat <tunadkat@hotmail.com>

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