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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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M. Arif Khan Pathan
I am a Techoist, passed out in 1981, and presently with Government of Gujarat as Deputy Collector at Himatnagar. M. Arif Khan Pathan <achnagar@icenet.net>

M. H. Vaidya (Dr.)
I was Assistant Professor of Radiology, Baroda Medical College (1970-75). I love Baroda, with its wonderful people, education, gardens, etc. Regards to my friends in Baroda and abroad. I am now a Radiologist in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Dr. M. H. Vaidya <drvaidya@ad1.vsnl.net.in>

M.S. Mehta
I worked with Diamines & Chemicals Ltd. from 1986 to 1996 and would like to have mail from all colleagues and associates and vendors or customers of DACL. I am now in Canada. M.S. Mehta <msmehta@rogers.com> (May 31, 2003)

Madhav Iyer
Hello, I am Madhavkumar Iyer. Some close family friends know me as Madhu. I lived in Baroda from 1980-87. I went to Shreyas Vidyalaya and then graduated with BE Electronics in 1987 from M.S. University. I am currently living in North Wales (a suburb of Philadelphia) and work for IBM in their E-Commerce consulting division. I am very happy about this website since it will bring old friends together. I can be reached at miyer@hotmail.com. I would be delighted to receive email from old friends. Thanks, Madhav.

Madhubala Mallela (nee Kambhampaty)
I am working for Texas Instruments in Dallas, USA, as an information analyst. I used to be in Rosary High School and then graduated from MSU in 1985. Ph: 972 995-5646. Pager: 972 598-8051. Madhubala Mallela (nee Kambhampaty) <m-mallela1@ti.com>

Madhusudan (Sudhir) Patel
I studied at H.V. Shroff Memorial High School and Sayaji High School. I did M.Sc Geology from MSU and worked in Irrigation Department, WRI Baroda. I am now working as a Senior Geologist in AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc., Somerset, New Jersey, USA. I very much miss Baroda and also my Village Chikhodra near Bodeli. I want to give my regards to all my friends and relatives. Madhusudan Patel <madhusudan.patel@amec.com> <madhu70@optonline.net> (April 2, 2005)

Madhusudan Sheth
I graduated from MS University (M.Sc. Geology) in 1963 and worked in ONGC from 1963 to 1967. I am living in North America since 1967 and settled in Canada from 1974. I will be glad to hear from any old-timer who knows me. Madhusudan Sheth <mayjune@netway.ab.ca>

Mahek Choksi
I graduated from Experimental School in 1995. I am now in USA and would like to say hi to all my classmates and schoolmates. Hi to Twinkle, Avani Shah, Kruti, Rachna and Jignasa Shah. Mahek Choksi <Mahekchoksi@aol.com> (April 2, 2005)

Mahek Patel
I am now in New York, USA. I love Baroda and miss my friends and family. Mahek Patel <mahakpatel@hotmail.com> (January 28, 2007)

Mahendra Kumavat
I am from MSU and I live in Baroda. Mahendra Kumavat<kumavat@wilnetonline.net>

Mahendra Panchakshari
I am searching for my classmate of Jeevan Sadhana (Gujarati Medium) Pradeep V. Patel (now he is a doctor). He was living in MIG, Karelibaug. Mahendra Panchakshari <mahendrapanchakshari@hotmail.com> (April 11, 2005)

Mahesh Amarelia
I did schooling from Shree Pratap High School, Kadak Bazar, B.Sc. (Mathematics) from MSU (1995-98) and MCA from Bhavnagar University (1999-2002). I am now working in as a software engineer. Mahesh Amarelia <amareliamahesh@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mahesh Anerao
I was in Vidyut Board Vidyalaya in 1977-79 and then did B.Sc. (Maths) in 1982 at MSU. After initial stint with Bank of Baroda I joined IDBI at Bhopal. I have witnessed the Bhopal gas tragedy very closely. Later I joined Central Bank of India and held several management level positions for 10 long years at Mumbai. I was with Standard Chartered Bank for 7 years, before joining ICICI Bank last year. Presently, I am at Mumbai. My friend Akbar Petiwala used to call me Gandhiji, reasons for which only he knows. My interests lie in theatre, music and reading, besides fitness. Mahesh Anerao <manerao@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mahesh Teckchandani
I am from Baroda, now working in Dubai (UAE) with a textile firm. I love Baroda. I miss Baroda. Mahesh Teckchandani <vishwers@emirates.net.ae>

Mailesh Shah
I studied in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School and (SSC in 1965). I graduated from MSU (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry batch of 1970). I am now in Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA. Mailesh Shah <girianuj@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Maitrayee & Abhijit
We, Maitrayee and Abhijit, got married on 4th December, 1999, and we are presently in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Ph (Home): (408)773-1501. Fax: (503)907-9788. Also have a view at our individual listings. Maitrayee & Abhijit <mabaksi@hotmail.com>

Maitrayee & Sandip Shah
I lived in Baroda for 15 years in Alkapuri. I did my schooling from Convent of Jesus & Mary and then MSU. I left Baroda after graduating from MSU in 1998. I am presently in Pittsburgh, USA, doing Masters in Information Science. Sandip and I got married in Nov 2001. Maitrayee & Sandip Shah <maitrayee_s@hotmail.com> & lt;s_maitrayee@yahoo.com> (March 21, 2003)

Maitrayee Baksi
Social Worker. BA (English), Master of Social Work (MSW, 1996-1998). Born in Calcutta and Schooling in Calcutta, Khambhat (Cambay) and Baroda. Currently in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Ph: (408)773-1501. Maitrayee Baksi <mabaksi@hotmail.com>

Makarand Modak
Hi. I studied at M.C. High School and did BE (Electronics) in 1984 from MSU. I am in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since the last 11 years I have been in the Gulf and now working as a Networking Specialist with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Makarand Modak <modak@emirates.net.ae>

Makarand Ramdas Bhatt
Hi. I am 30, Commerce graduate, working with IT leader in education having wide network of around 1300 computer training centres across the world,as Asst. Manager, Franchise Management. Hobbies: Classical Music, Reading, Drama. Makarand Ramdas Bhatt <salild@aptech.ac.in>

Makarand Vyas
Vidyakunj High School......till 1987. Graduated from DDIT Nadiad in 1992. Would like to get in touch with old friends. Presently settled in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Makarand Vyas <Makarand.Vyas@hti.htch.com>

Malathy Srinivasan
Hi, I am also from Baroda. Anyone from Baroda High School (Bagikhana)? Only this school was there at the time, no branches. I left Baroda in 1977 after my 7th standard. I am looking for my old friends in the same batch. Couple of my friends were Vinita, Namrata, Ravi, Kaustubh, Adil. Missing Baroda. Nice place and it was golden years when we were there. It is very nice to have a website like this for finding out old contacts. I am also looking out for our neighbours in 42, Jawahar Society, where we lived: Manibhai Patel and his family, sons (Vijay Patel and Dushyant Patel), daughters (Urmila Patel, Meena Patel, Bharathi Patel and Daksha Patel). All of them are in USA now; anyone of you reading this please contact me. I am Malathy, Lalitha ben and Srinivasan bhai saheb's daughter. Malathy Srinivasan <jagalaksh@yahoo.com> (April 6, 2002)

Malay Vyas
Hi. I am a total Barodian. There is no other place better than "Aapnu Vadodara". Currently I am in Jakarta, Indonesia, where we have some more Barodians. We call our place Baroda Pole (like Amdavadi Pole, etc.). Would be happy to come in contact with any Barodians on Earth or even on Mars and the Moon. Education wise,I am a Techo Pass-out, BE Mechanical 1993. I am Customer Support/Application Engineer at Flowserve Corp. Malay Vyas <m_vyas@indo.net.id>

Mamta Harris
My name is Mamta Harris and my maiden name is Parikh.  I was born in Baroda. My father brought us to the States in 77' and I have visited India often during my childhood years. My grandparents live in a small town near Baroda known as Dabhoi. We lived in Dabhoi most of our childhood after my mother's death. It has been 10 years since I have visited Dabhoi.  I am very curious if Dabhoi has a web site, or if anyone there is on line? Mamta. <Harris.M@monet.k12.ca.us>

Manan Bhatt
I studied at Alembic Vidyalaya. I am looking for Ankit Joshi, .Ankit Patel, Amit Dave, Kintesh Patel. Manan Bhatt <manan_usa@yahoo.com> (November 29, 2005)

Manan Buch
Hi folks! I am from 1993 batch of Baroda High School (Alkapuri). I am in search of a few friends who are not in touch now, if you get this message, please email me. I miss you all very much as I know I have troubled each and everyone a lot during those times. But it was just fun. Mss you, take care. Manan Buch <manan_buch@hotmail.com>

Manan Shah
Hi all my Barodians. My name is Manan Shah. I am from 1993 batch Rosary high school. I did my B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry from VVNagar and right now I am doing my Master's in CS from NYIT (New York). I am quite new to this place and I am missing my lovely Baroda and my lovely friends. And I am eager to make new friends from Baroda. Manan Shah <shah_fam@yahoo.com>

Manas C. Phadke
I did schooling from Baroda High School Sr. (Bagikhana), B.E. Electrical from MSU Techo in 2001 and am now doing MS in EE at IIT, Chicago, USA. I miss Baroda very much. Long live Baroda and Barodians. Manas C. Phadke <mcs9phadke@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Mandar Joshi
I studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya, Manjalpur, and passed out in 1991. I did M.Sc (Geology) in 1997 and M.Sc (Applied Geology) in 1998 from MSU. I am working with GSPC and settled in Gandhinagar. Mandar Joshi <msjoshi74@rediffmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mandar Nimkar
NAMASKAR BARODA. Hi! I completed schooling from Baroda High School (Bagikhana) – a truly lovely school with big classrooms and a nice big playground (for cricket). Later I did my B.Sc. (Maths) from MSU, then pgdac from c-dac. Now I am working as a programmer. I miss the late night roaming and sitting at ssg tapri chatting and doing masti with my friends. One thing I would like to share with you: when I introduce myself to anyone and tell them I am from Baroda their first reaction is U R FROM BARODA!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Baroda is a very nice place with lots of historical buildings and Sayajibaug (this is everybody's reaction) I feel so proud. So any Barodian feels to share something do mail me. Mandar Nimkar <mandarnimkar@usa.net>

Manish A. Rege
I did schooling from Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalaya (1988) and MBA from FMS Baroda (1997). Currently I am working with TCS Ahmedabad. I would like to get in touch with all my school friends. Manish A. Rege <manish_rege@hotmail.com> (June 7, 2002)

Manish D. Rathod
I passed MSW in 1997 from MSU. All my class fellows, seniors and juniors, please do write to me. Let's get together on the net at least! Manish D. Rathod <mrathod13@rediffmail.com>

Manish Gupta
I did schooling from Alembic Vidyalaya, B.E. (MSU) and MBA (Marketing). I am with Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. I will be glad to hear from my classmates. It is great to have a yahoogroup to do mass communication at a time to all our group members of Mechanical 1997 batch. Specially, thanks to Mrs. Shilpa for this endeavour. Manish Gupta <manish_gupta24@rediffmail.com> (March 8,2002)

Manish Hingoo
I am from Baroda and lived in Bordi Faliya, Shiyabaug. I am also known as Montu Drummer, a part of the famous Hingoo & Party. I was in Little Flowers, Rosary and Jeevan Sadhana. I did B.Com (1994-95) at MSU. If any of my friends want to contact me they can email me or call 919-388-8914 (Res) or 919-380-9191 (work). I miss my Baroda Too Much. Manish Hingoo <manish@travelinksnc.com> (September 4, 2001)

Manish Patel
I am an X-Barodian. I went to Utkarsh Vidyalaya (Kg to 7; for those who remember, Rahmi Meadh was our Principal), then TR Patel (7-10) in Sardarnagar,and Sardar Vinay (11-12, 1987-88) in Karelibaug. I completed my HS in Missouri, USA, and studied Computer Science at De Vry. I am currently in Dallas, USA. I am always looking for someone who I know, went to school with or someone from Baroda. Kamal Mehta and Manoj Patel from TR, please contact me. One question: Where is everybody?????? I know there are several Barodians in DFW area, and also there was an MSU alumni group in Plano-Dallas area. Manish Patel <jagman98@home.com>

Manish Patel
I am trying to get in touch with any classmates (Bhavan’s Class of 1992) who might have graduated in the class of 1991-1992-1993. I would have graduated in 1992 but left for USA in 1990. I am currently IT Director in a large international firm. Please do contact me at your convenience. Manish Patel <PatelM@oceusa.com> (April 11, 2005)

Mansih Patel
I studied at Zenith High School (1987-90). I left school to move back to London, England. I would like to get in touch with the guys that I studied with and I know they have an alumni association but I have not been able to find out yet. I miss the old school days and especially my friends and I want to know how they are doing in life. I am coming to India next February so it would be great to meet up. Manish Patel <sly1moneytalks@yahoo.com> (November 6, 2003)

Manish Patel (Patidar)
Hi to all of my friends from Shahada Engineering College. I am in New Jersey, USA. Anybody who would like to contact me can send me mail or talk to me on Ph (R): 732-790-5375. Manishkumar Patel (Patidar) <snmp5@yahoo.com>

Manish Savant
I completed my B.Sc. in 1989, with Mathematics Major, Physics & Statistics Minor. I have been an IT professional for the past 11 years. I am currently working with Tata Infotech Limited, based in Mumbai. Currently deputed to Plainville, CT, USA (41 Woodford Avenue, Plainville, CT 06062, USA. Phone: (860)793-5109. Fax: (860) 747-7739), on project. I am basically looking for my college classmates and other friends, with whom I have not been able to keep contact. Manish Savant <Manish.Savant@indsys.ge.com>

Manish Shah
I did my schooling in Rosary High School, B.E. Civil from MSU,and Masters in Computer Science from IIT, Chicago, USA. I am working in Motorola Inc as a software engineer. God bless Baroda and my friends in Baroda. Manish Shah <mshah3@cig.mot.com>

Manish Upadhyay
Hi! I did my schooling at Rosary High School. I came to the USA about 2 years back. I have tons of friends in Baroda, but it has been difficult to keep in touch. I would love to hear from the friends. Manish Upadhyay <mhu_us@yahoo.com>

Manish Vaishnav
Hi, I have studied in Baroda High School Jr. 2. I am a Wireless Telecom professional right now in San Diego, USA. Manish Vaishnav <manish_4@hotmail.com>

Manish Yadav
I am presently in New Jersey, USA. I studied in MSU and really miss those good old days of college, Techo canteen, LBS hostel, Fatehgunj. I miss my Baroda very much. If any of my old friends with whom I have lost contact view this message, they are most welcome to mail me back. Manish Yadav <m4manu@yahoo.com> (June 24, 2003)

I am a Commerce graduate from MSU. At present I am doing a job in D2Visp Pvt. Ltd. at Alkapuri, Baroda. (August 21, 2001)

Manisha Patel
I stayed in Baroda for 5 years. I was in Utkarsh School till 1997. After that I lost contact with my friends Tanvi Patel and Binisha Patel. Manisha Patel <mintu22@hotmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Manjula Hira (nee Patel)
I have been in New Zealand for the last 20 years. I have a daughter and have been working in the Accounting & Legal Practice Management Software Industry for 15 years. I definitely miss our Garden City Baroda and would love to catch up with fellow alumni from Baroda High School (1973-81) and MSU Commerce (1981-83). I have found and keep in touch with Smita, and would love to know where the rest of the school gang is, that is, Shilpa Parikh, Telaj Shastri, Shreya Sheth, Rima Desai, and many more. Manjula Hira (nee Patel) <Minoo.Hira@aderant.com> (April 2, 2005)

Manoj Gupta
I was in Navrachana (1977). I am now in USA. I would love to be in touch with my schoolmates. As per the last information, we are only 24 left on the face of this earth. Please get in touch with me. Manoj Gupta <manoj_gupta13@yahoo.com> (November 28, 2005)

Manoj Gurjar
Manoj Gurjar/Darshna Gurjar. Originally from to Baroda - the Great place to live in World. Currently we are in Lexington, KY, USA. We love Baroda - Barodians !! Born, brought up, schooling, college ....what not !!! Contact : <manoj_gurjar@hotmail.com>

Manoj Parikh
I lived in Amdavadi Pole and studied in Jayshree Model Senior HS (1958-1963). I graduated from Faculty of Technology in 1968 (Textile Engineering). I am in Dallas and have been living in USA since 1973. Any friends from school or college, I would love to hear from all of you. Manoj Parikh <PARIKH7410@aol.com>

Manoj Patel
I am an ex- Bhavanite and also did my diploma in EE from MSU. I completed BS in EE and am presently enrolled in a MBA program in the Univ. Of Akron. I love the city and am planning to return as soon as I am done with my education. my tel no: 330-535-2824. email: manojpatel36@yahoo.com

Mansi Grover (earlier Mansi Kapoor)
I completed 12th from Don Bosco (1993-95), followed by B.E. (Textiles) from MSU. Now I am in Baltimore (USA) happily married to Vineet Grover. I am looking for my old friends from Baroda. Hope to find them very soon. Mansi Grover <vqueenoct2002@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Mansi Kapoor (now Mansi Grover)
I completed 12th from Don Bosco (1993-95), followed by B.E. (Textiles) from MSU. Now I am in Baltimore (USA) happily married to Vineet Grover. I am looking for my old friends from Baroda. Hope to find them very soon. Mansi Grover <vqueenoct2002@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Mary Farquhar
I was at the Convent of Jesus and Mary for six months only, from June to December 1963, but I still have really clear memories of it - like the school show in Baroda town hall, practicing for the inauguration ceremony and above all the friendliness of other girls. I was in standard 7. Our teacher was Mrs. Menezes. I was there because my father was part of an exchange between Edinburgh University and Baroda Medical School. I remember lots of my classmates by name - too many to mention. Are any of you out there? Mary Farquhar <hoolet@btopenworld.com> (November 29, 2005)

Masood Khan
I was in MSU from 1982 to 1986. I am now in Kuwait. I miss my friends. Masood Khan <masoodkhaan@gmail.com> (January 28, 2007)

Mathews Pathisseril
I am very glad to see the site and all best wishes. I am from Kerala and I was in Baroda from 1968 to 1974. I was a Sales Manager for Parle Products Ltd. I was living in Alkapuri, Sampatrao Colony. I like very much the city and people. I am one of the founders of Basil English Medium School. I am planning to visits Baroda very soon. I am now in Warminster, PA, USA. Captain Mathews Pathisseril <Tick124@aol.com>

Hi. I am studying in REC Bhopal. I stay in Baroda. My major subject is electronics and communication. Maulik <bunty_12@yahoo.com>

Maulik Bhavsar
I am from MSU and in the past belonging to the Bright School. I was born in 1983. Maulik Bhavsar <maulik29@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Maulik Mody
This is a message for ‘alumni’ of Mother's School, Basil, Tejas Vidyalaya, Vidya Vihar, IPCL, Baroda High School (Alkapuri), EME, Fridge-Temp, EEC, MSU, Dairy Den, Rajshree, Barista, United Way, Ellora Park, Cash-N-Carry, Woodland, Kalyan, Kamatibaug Zoo ... well I should just put down BARODA!! First of all a Million Thanks to the guy who made this site! I spent my entire teenage life living all across this beautiful city ... right from Fatehgunj to Alkapuri to Ellora Park ... and studied in almost all the best schools ... Mother's School being at the top of the list. I had friends spread all around Baroda but I just don't know where everyone has disappeared now. If anyone of you has ever bumped into me, the possibility of which is very high if you passed your 12th in 1999, then please throw in a mail .... I will be glad to catch it and press that REFRESH button of my memory of Baroda. Later I had to move to Surat for B.E. Electronics from SCET-SGU and then to Ahmedabad and Mumbai and finally I ended up here in downtown Los Angeles, USA, where I am pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering at USC remorsing over the fact that I left Baroda!? Maulik Mody <modymaulik@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Maulik Parikh
I am looking for my Aptech (Sayajigunj) friends. I am in Canada. Maulik Parikh <maulik_parikh@hcm.honda.com> (January 28, 2007)

Maulik Shah
I studied at Baroda High School (Bagikhana). I am doing my first year at State University of New York at Buffalo, USA. I miss Baroda and my family and my friends there. Maulik Shah <maulik239@yahoo.co.in> (November 3, 2003)

Maulin Mehta
I was born in Baroda, brought up in Atul, Valsad, and completed my graduation in Baroda. When I read about ‘Yahan Hai Hum’, I really liked the idea. Presently, I am in New Jersey, USA. I miss Baroda because all my friends and relatives are in Baroda. I feel so excited to write about my motherland. One realises the importance of something only when he/she is away from it. Anyway, good luck to all. It will be pleasant feeling of being with our people (although virtually) when this letter will be published in 'Yahan Hai Hum'. Maulin Mehta <maulin@itillc.com> (March 8, 2002)

Max (Mushtaque) Babi
Hi friends: I put my posting on Yahan Hai Hum, and have been fortunate enough to get in touch with at least 4-5 friends whom I had given up for good. Can't believe my good luck: some close friends I had lost touch with have sent me emails ... amongst them Jagdish Amin (Juggo Kapli), Dr. Krutarth Choksi (KC), Altaf Hussain (Alfie), Puransingh Jhala (Bapu), Pankaj Masher and some I found on my own are Dr. Mayank Shastri, Gautam Desai (Lubbad). It also seems people are discussing my posting ... which means I can hope to find some other missing vital links like Ishwar Varma (Ishu), Suresh Dave (Khanna), Irfat Khan (who's in Canada), Rumi Hakim (in UK) and Viru Hakim, Anjum and Shakeel Merchant (in USA). Can anyone help me please? Contact me pronto (Pune: 020-2951297) if you are looking for someone who was active in Baroda for entire decades of 1970s and 1980s. Would love to assist. I was in Rosary High School from 1960 to 1964, then B.E. (Metallurgical) from 1965 to 1971. I was in the first batch of Metallurgy. We were barely 30 boys (no girls: there was only one girl amongst all of us at Techo). Ashphaque Babi, the table tennis champion, is my younger brother and a lot more guys know him than me. I have settled at Pune, but like most of the guys in this directory seem to be saying, 'Once A Barodian - well, always a Barodian'. Had a great life there, especially during school days and college. I cherish the fond memories on a daily basis. Homesick guys can write to me.... Ciao. Max (Mushtaque) Babi <maxbabi@vsnl.net> (June 24, 2003)

Mayank Mathur
I accidentally came across this site, never knew it existed. I am indeed grateful to the persons who conceived the very idea about this. I am an Army officer, an ex-student of Baroda High School (Alkapuri). Thanks BARODA-ONLINE. Major Mayank Mathur <captmayank@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mayank P. Vyas
I graduated from MSU Techo (Civil) in 1977. I used to live in JM Hall. I am in USA since 1980. I would like hear from guys who went to Techo in those years. Mayank P. Vyas <mvyas@sha.state.md.us> (November 29, 2005)

Mayank Sangdod
I used to live in Baroda 2 years ago. I studied at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. If you can find some of my friends then I will be so thankful to you because you have no clue how lonely it is in USA here. My friends should be in 12th in BVB Public School. So please email me. Mayank Sangdod <bhavanite267@hotmail.com> (July 23, 2001)

Mayank Shah
I am living in USA since 1983. I passed B. Com from MSU. I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and also a Chartered Accountant from India. I am working as Budget Analyst with the City of Tallahassee, Florida, since 1988. Besides working with the City, I have my own practice as Shah's Tax Consulting with concentration on individual and business tax returns. My family: Smita Shah (wife), Atit, Amol (children). Mayank Shah <mayank_florida@hotmail.com> and <shahcacpa@yahoo.com> (April 27, 2005)

Mayank Vyas
I was in MSU Techo (1992-96). I am looking for two Techo (Architecture) alumni: Grishma Sheth (maiden name) and Charmi Patel (maiden name). If anyone knows about their whereabouts and what they are doing at present then please email me. Mayank Vyas <mayank1974@hotmail.com> (November 14, 2002)

Mayoor Patel
I studied at Vidya Kunj High School (1972-78). I left lots of friends out there in Baroda. I have been living in NW London since then. My brothers Mukesh and Kamlesh used to study at Vidya Kunj too. We were one of the very first batches of students who moved from the old school (the Red building) to the new building by the riverside. School times were great in the monsoon season as we enjoyed an extra day off from school due to the floods! There is a re-union of Vidya Kunj pupils in August 2003. Everyone who attended the school is invited! Mayoor Patel <mayoor@q-serve.com> (June 24, 2003)

Mayur J. Panchal
I used to live in Nilkamal Society, Nizampura. I am now in USA since 1982, in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, Ill. Mayur J. Panchal. <Mpanchal@aol.com>

Mayur Kale
I was in Baroda High School (Polo Ground) and Gujarat Refinery (English) School. I am now studying engineering at Pune. Mayur Kale <moonlightdreamin@yahoo.co.in>
(November 14, 2002)

Mayur N. Gandhi
Hi. My dear friends, do you still remember me? I graduated in 1980 from Kalabhavan in Civil Engineering. My great friends were Pradeep Gandhi, late Rajdeo Gosalia, Mahani and Kaikini. Anyone who reads this please mail me. I am in Canada now. Mayur N. Gandhi <MNGANDHI@HOTMAIL.COM>

Mayur Patel
Hey what's up? I remember all the old days at Jivan Bharti High School, Karelibaug. I love to glance into my past. I loved the life of Baroda and the air of Baroda. I remember all the masti done with the principal (Amrut Sir), Baldev Sir, Savitri Miss, Kundan Miss, and friends like Dharmesh (Dhamlo), Niraj Amin, Nitin Shah,Sneha, Dipti Desai, Sonal, Rina, and specially the sev usal of Mahakali at Polo Ground and Kaka's Tea. I also want to say hi to my friends from MSU Techo, specially Falgun Mistry,Mayur Purohit (Doctor), Rajesh Mehta, Paresh Patel (Gotri), Mukesh Mistry (Vadi), Amit Modi, Nirav Shah, Rajni Rajput (Kaku), Yogesh, Pattu, and all. If anyone reads this message and likes to talk with Sharukh (Mayur), rest assured that your response will be appreciated! Best of luck for your future! Mayur Patel <mayur63@msn.com>

Mayur Patel
I'm in Chicago, USA, since 2000. I studied at Mother's School and Baroda High (Alkapuri) and I miss all my classmates. Guess what guys? Now from 3-4 years I can fly ya all to any place in world, yep that's right, I'm gonna be a professional pilot. I really miss my place, my sweet home Baroda. I really would like to get together with all my friends and classmates when I come to Baroda (in Summer 2003). Mayur Patel <mayurloves1@yahoo.com>
(May 31, 2003)

Mayur Patel
I studied in MSU Polytechnic (DEE) and then I came here to the USA one year ago. I am studying for BS MIS in University of Houston. I am from Baroda (Ellora Park). I love Baroda and all my college friends. Mayur Patel <mrp386@hotmail.com> <mrp83@yahoo.com>

Mayur Shah
I was in New Era Boys' High School, MSU Polytechnic (1981) and Elecon Engineering. I am looking for Asit Patel, now a dentist near Kalamandir Talkies; he studied with me in New Era. Mayur Shah <mayurc@rogers.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mayur T. Patel
Hey guys, How r u all !! I am currently pursuing Master's at Lamar University, Texas, USA. I miss Baroda, specially Karelibaug and Fatehgunj. Always I remember the 'bataka pauva from Fatehsingh Karelibaug and sev usal behind Kalabhavan. I sometimes remember that song chitthi ayi hai ayi hai. I miss U. Mayur T. Patel <mor63@hotmail.com>

Mayur Thaker (Lalu)
I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and then in MSU Polytechnic. I lived at Lalbaug, Manjalpur. I am now in USA since last 1990. I miss my friends and Vadodara city (sanskari nagari) and all that fun we had during those days. I love my city. Mayur Thaker (Lalu) <mayurthaker@yahoo.com> <lalu@nagar.com>

Meena Gangadhar Karnik (now Meena Ulhas Mohile)
I am staying in Malad, Mumbai. I am from Baroda and before marriage my name was Meena Gangadhar Karnik. I was staying at Kale's Wada, behind Music College, and then we shifted to Vaccine Institute. I will be happy to contact my school friend Saroj Nasikkar; she may be somewhere at Canada or USA. Meena Ulhas Mohile <ulhasnm@hotmail.com>
(April 6, 2002)

Meena Ulhas Mohile (earlier Meena Gangadhar Karnik)
I am staying in Malad, Mumbai. I am from Baroda and before marriage my name was Meena Gangadhar Karnik. I was staying at Kale's Wada, behind Music College, and then we shifted to Vaccine Institute. I will be happy to contact my school friend Saroj Nasikkar; she may be somewhere at Canada or USA. Meena Ulhas Mohile <ulhasnm@hotmail.com>
(April 6, 2002)

Meena Virdi
Hi Everyone. It is great to see this site with so many entries. I did my schooling from Baroda High School. I was then in Baroda Medical College (1983 -88). I came to UK in 1990 and am working as an Ophthalmologist in Glasgow. I visit Baroda with my husband and two children every 1 or 2 years. It is amazing to see how much it has changed, certainly more crowded but still the same school and the same medical college. I remember the tea stall next to A&E where a lot of evenings were spent drinking very very sweet tea. I will love to hear from anyone from my school and college.Meena Virdi <meenavirdi@yahoo.com>

Meeta Patel
Hi. I was in Fertilisernagar School (from KG to 12) until 1990 and then did B.Com. from MSU in 1992. I am looking for anybody from FNS Class of 1990 (Commerce, Gujarati medium). Meeta Patel <hemantmpatel@home.com>

Megha Bumiya
Hi, everybody! I currently live in NJ, USA. Megha Bumiya <meghrav2@hotmail.com>

Meghana Donga
I studied at Convent of Jesus and Mary (1995) and graduated from MSU (1998). I am currently employed in Columbus, Ohio, USA as a programmer. I am not really sure which of my classmates are in USA, but I am pretty sure there are quite a few of them out here. I would be glad to hear from them. Ciao! Meghana Donga <meghna_donga@yahoo.com>

Meghana Shah
Hi! We currently live in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Meghana Shah <Meghanashah@usa.net>

Meghana Thakkar (Shirguppi)
I used to live in Ambalal Park, Karelibaug, Baroda, and am now in San Jose, California, USA. I am married and by occupation a Programmer. Meghana Thakkar (Shirguppi) <mshirguppi@gmail.com> (January 28, 2007)

Meghna Mistry
I studied in Bright School (12th Science in 1998). I was also working as a teacher in Bright Day School for 7 months. I have moved recently to California, USA. I miss my school and Baroda lot, especially garba. Anyone who knows me can please write a small message. Meghna Mistry <Neleshk@speakeasy.net> (October 09, 2004)

Meghna Parikh (earlier Meghna Patel)
I am currently in Oklahoma City, USA. I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana, 1996) and did B.E. from BVM Vidyanagar. All BHS persons who know me and Ketan can contact us. Meghna Parikh (earlier Meghna Patel) <meghs_hello@yahoo.co.in> (October 14, 2004)

Meghna Patel (now Meghna Parikh)
I am currently in Oklahoma City, USA. I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana, 1996) and did B.E. from BVM Vidyanagar. All BHS persons who know me and Ketan can contact us. Meghna Parikh (earlier Meghna Patel) <meghs_hello@yahoo.co.in> (October 14, 2004)

Mehool Dave
HI, to all my Barodian friends. I studied in Baroda (Sainik School) and graduated from MSU (Mechanical Engineering). I worked with many international companies and am presently with an oil refinery in Dubai, as a maintenance manager. I love our Baroda and every my trip to India I go to Baroda. Good luck to all. Mehool Dave <dave@aksugar.co.ae>

Mehul B. Patel
I was born and brought up in Baroda. I studied at Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya (Mandvi, SSC in 1988). I lived in Shree Hari Society in Panigate. I graduated from MSU Polytechnic in 1991 and worked for General Motors for four years before I left for USA. I am in Columbus, doing Computer Science at Ohio State University. I miss my friends from school and Polytechnic. I still remember Mrugesh Shah, Nirav Shah (Batuk), Mitesh Shah (Mistry), Amish Salat, Ketan Shah, Rajil Hansoti and Rahul Shah. I will be happy to get in touch with anyone who knows me from this time. Mehul B. Patel <mehvin@yahoo.com>
(June 24, 2003)

Mehul Bhuptani
I am in Mumbai at present, working in a software Development Company. Mehul Bhuptani <mehul_bh@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002) 

Mehul Mehta
I was at Vidyakunj High School until December 1987 and then left for the U.K. I then graduated from University of Southampton and also did my Ph.D. there. Currently, I'm working at a Siemens Research and Development centre, and am mostly involved with next generation wireless communication systems. It would be nice to get in touch with my old mates (Vinay Patel, Bipin Patel, Ratish, Mayank Patel, Bhavesh Gore, Prerak Shah and many many others) and also my old teachers at Vidyakunj (S.M. Patel, V. Rathore and others). Mehul Mehta <mehul.mehta@ieee.org>

Mehul Mehta
Sayaji High School, 1985 to 1992. Then MSU. Mehul Mehta <mehulbarodian@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Mehul P. Patel 
Rosary High School 1976 to 1991. MSU (Physics) 1991 to 1994. Bhavnagar University (MCA) 1994 to 1997. I am in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, since 1998. Send me email if you know me. I miss my school and friends. Mehul P. Patel <p_mehul@hotmail.com>
(July 23, 2001)

Mehul Patel
Hi, everybody, I am an ex-barodian. I went to Baroda High School (Bagikahana) and did my S.S.C in 1994. Now, I am doing Computer Engineering (Third Year) at the University of Toronto, Canada. I miss all my friends (Hetal Pandya, Kunjal parikh, Pranav Srivastav, Harshal Amit, Sridhar, and all of the Baroda High school friends) and the sad part is I have lost their contacts. If any of you see this please contact me at:<mehulpatel2@hotmail.com>

Mehul Pandya
I am looking for alumni of MHRM course from FSW, MSU, Batch 2002-2003. Where are you folks? I did schooling from Shreyas (HSC 1996) and did MHRM in 2001. Mehul Pandya <mehulbpandya@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Mehul Patel
Hi there. I did B.Sc. (Chemistry) from MSU in 1998. I worked in Baroda for about 7 months for Photoquip India Ltd. I am now in Australia for further studies. My relatives are in Baroda, in Alkapuri. Mehul Patel <mehul33733@yahoo.com>

Mehul Patel
I am from Sokhda (Baroda) and currently doing MIS at Bristol, Philadelphia, USA. I am looking for Jigar, Maulesh, Divyesh, Deepa, Smita, Shital, Chirag and Nirali. Mehul Patel <oxfordgroups@hotmail.com> (January 13, 2003)

Mehul S. Patel
I was born in Baroda and educated at New Era High School (Makarpura). Now I am in France as a student but I always love Baroda as my hometown and I am proud that I am a Barodian and also an Indian. My parents and friends are in Baroda. Mehul S. Patel <mehul_2679@yahoo.com> (October 14, 2004)

Mehul Shah
I am a Barodian. Presently I am working as a pharmacist in Malawi, C. Africa. Mehul Shah <vishwashah@hotmail.com>

Menka Mehta
Hi! I was previously residing at 2, Maruti Duplex, Near Apexa Park Society, ISKCON Temple Road, Gotri Road, Baroda 390 015 (Ph: 345188). Before that I was in Fertilisernagar Township. I came to USA in 1999 and I am presently in Miami (1400 NW, 10th Ave, Apt # 1213, Miami, FL 33136. Ph: 305-545-5389). I am looking for my friends who know me in US. I shall be glad to speak to them. Menka Pradip Mehta <menkamehta@yahoo.com> <menkamehta@hotmail.com>

Mickie Macwan
Hi! I am in Calgary, Canada. I studied in Navrachana High School and Vidyakunj High School (1980-81). I worked for GCEL in Baroda. I worked in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to Canada. I am married to Shital (maiden name Shital Patel). I would like to get in touch with my friends and classmates. Mickie Macwan <mickiemacwan@yahoo.com>

Mihir Bhatt
I studied at Alembic Vidyalaya and am now in Florida, USA. Mihir Bhatt <mihir3081@comcast.net> (November 29, 2005)

Mihir Bhatt
I am now in Florida, USA. I was in Alembic School (1999). Man, there's nothing like Baroda in this entire world. I'm missing my Baroda so much. Mihir Bhatt <mihir3081@hotmail.com> (April 27, 2005)

Mihir Mange
I live in Boston. I was living in Baroda and studying in Vidya Kunj High School. Now I am doing my college here in University of Mass., Boston. I remember my home town very much and the ice cream of Dairy Den and the Rajmahal Road. You are open to contact me. <mihirmange@hotmail.com>

Mihir Mistry
I attended Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's for three years. I am currently in New Jersey, USA, and am going to attend PSU next year. Mihir Mistry <mistrymp@quixnet.net> (June 24, 2003)

Mihir Patel
I dont have friends in Baroda But still wanna make some so diplay my message in yahan hai hum. <mihir_patel@usa.net>

Mihir Patel
I grew up in Vadodara and am proud to be a Barodian. I studied in Sardar Vallabhbhai High School and Zenith High School. I did B.E. Electrical from GEC, Modasa, and Masters in Computer Engineering in Stevens, New Jersey. Currently I am working in the field of intellectual property and licensing. I hope all my friends are doing great and I can find few of you through net. Mihir Patel <mihir@jolly7.com> (October 09, 2004)

Mihir S. Patel
It is since past few months that I am here in USA for my Master's , but after going through mostly all of America I find that Baroda is the best place in the world. I was in Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and did BE Civil from MSU Techo in 2001. I also completed one year of Master's in Geotechnical Engineering from MSU. I am now New Jersey at Rutgers and though the campus here is beautiful and bigger than MSU the friends I had made in Baroda are really hard to come by. Also, the warmth which we get there back at home is really hard to come by. Friends, really once you are here the real friendships and the real importance of the days which we used to spend in the campus and in the libraries really haunt you. Today when I came through this site, I really cried with joy, that now with just the click of the cursor I am in my precious Baroda. I do not know how to thank the guys who have made this site and make us feel at home even though we are far away. I hope you will keep up the good work and help us in cherishing the golden moments which we all had in Baroda. Mihir S. Patel <Mihir2280@hotmail.com> <Mihir8022@hotmail.com> (March 15, 2003)

Mikir Desai
Right now I am in Sydney since the last 2 years, studying Mechanical Engineering. In Baroda I was in Alembic Vidyalaya (10-A, 1995 batch). After 10th I finished Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (1999) from Government Polytechnic (Dahod). I am missing all my friends and family members here. It's a long time since I left my schoolmates. Mikir Desai <mikir_desai@yahoo.com> (April 6, 2002)

Milan Patel
I was in Shreyas Vidyalaya from Nursery to 8th, did 9th to 12th Science from Sardar Vinay Mandir (1997) and Computer Science from SPU VV Nagar (2001). I am now in London, UK, doing MBA. I miss my friends Ankit Shah, Hardik Purani, Pratim Pathak, Dhaval Patel, Bhavin Shah, Mehul Patel, Viral Patel, Rinal Shah, Ishita Mehta, Rupal, Romil Shah, Avani Patel, Jigar Shah and one person who is very special for me. Milan Patel <milan_patelin@yahoo.co.in> <milan_patelin@yahoo.com> (November 4, 2003)

Milan Shah
Hi Barodians. This is Milan Shah (Munna). Born in Mumbai (1976) and brought up in Baroda. I did my schooling (2nd-12th Std) from Shreyas High School, Manjalpur. 'East or West Shreyas is the Best'. I miss all my friends Vikrant,Vinil, Sachin, Babu, Ami Parikh, Ami Patel, Archana, Preeti, Khyati Patel, Khyati Bumia and a bunch of them. Well, I miss my parents, my big brother and bhabhi more than anything on this earth. I would also like to send a wave to all my brothers friends becoz I have been brought up around them since I was in 5th grade. I won't forget my friends Vishal Mathur, Shrenik, Pathak, Jambu, Kaushal, Shantanu, Anil, Nilesh, Ajit, Sardar, Prakash,Saurabh, Ravi, Rohit, Mandeep and thousands of others with whom I studied for 4 years.Well, at present I am doing my MS in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering. I am in touch with Dharmin, Trupti, Prinal, Nimesh, Vishal and others over here. Email me if anyone knows me or if anyone is interested in being my friend. Milan Shah <milan9999@hotmail.com> <milan9999@yahoo.com>

Milan Shah
I passed SSC from Jeevan Sadhana in 1972 and was in MSU from 1972 to 1976. I am now in Salisbury, USA. Been here since 1985 but miss my Baroda everyday. Milan Shah <milanshah113@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Milan Shah
I was born and raised in lovely Baroda. I studied in Jeevan Sadhana and passed SSC in 1972. I studied in MSU from 1972 to 1976. At present I am in Salisbury, USA. I have been here since 1985 but miss my Baroda everyday. I am looking for good old school friends. Please contact me if you can remember me. Milan Shah <MShah1@sha.state.md.us> (October 09, 2004)

Milap Parikh
I did my schooling from Shreyas, Manjalpur, till 1991 (10th Std) and then I left for Rosary High school. At present I am working and staying in Germany. If any of my friends reads this message, please write to me. Milap Parikh <mm_parekh@hotmail.com>

Milind Gandhi
Baroda is the best city to live in the world! It's a quiet place but still an active place. It's awesome! Anyways, I was born in Baroda and used to go to Kelavni Trust School (1st to 6th). I moved to Canada in 1996 but currently live in Detroit, USA and attend Utica High. I start engineering school from next September. Any Kelavni Trust alumni can e-mail me and I will reply ASAP. Milind Gandhi <milind85@netscape.net> (June 24, 2003)

Milind Godbole
I did M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from Faculty of Science of MSU in 1987-88. Since 1999, I have been associated with British High Commission's British Trade Office at Ahmedabad. Milind Godbole <milindgod@rediffmail.com> (May 1, 2006)

Milind Ketkar
I was living in Karelibaug Pani Tanki Road. I did B.E. Electronics in 1991 from Pune. I worked in Forbes Marshall at their Alkapuri office till 2003. Moved to Nairobi (Kenya) in 2003 for the same company. Married to Aditi Desai (architect from Ahmedabad). Have one kid (7 years) Anuraag. My parents and sister are in Baroda. Missing the Sanstha Vasahat Pearl Vada Pav, Bhai Bhai Dabeli of Karelibaug, Mangal Bazar samosa and Alkapuri Bhel opposite Edwards Laundry on R.C. Dutt Road. We love food! Who can forget the Garbas, Uttarayan and Ganapati? I am nostalgic while writing this. Fantastic web site! Friends from Forbes Marshall who have gone abroad are Hemal Surti (USA), Shaibaal Roy (Canada), Kaushal Trivedi and Kirtish Parikh in USA. Also miss my friends Sanjay Kulkarni and Naveen Sood in Baroda. Milind Ketkar <milindkenya@wananchi.com> <aditiketkar2000@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Minakshi Balkrishna
I passed out from Convent of Jesus & Mary in 1976. I was known as Mini at school. I did my undergrad at MSU Arts Faculty. I remember my friends and have fond memories of college and school. My friends at school were Mayuri Choksi, Jyoti Gupta, Bela Dave, Rekha Palamkote, Anjali Dighe, Aruna Singh, Sujata Medh, Shirali Patel. Ayesha Patel and I were with girl guides. College was one big picnic! Later went to Stella Maris, Madras, to do my masters and actually studied Economics! Finally did my Bachelors in Education. Right now I am at Sào Paulo, Brazil, working in a British International school. My parents live in Baroda so I visit Baroda every year. I would like to hear from my friends from college and school. Nothing like home tchau! Minakshi Balkrishna <minakshi31@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Minal Patel
Currently I live in Durham, North Carolina, USA. I did my schooling from Utkarsh Vidyalaya, M.Com from MSU and studied in Aptech (Sayajigunj) for 4 years. I miss Baroda, friends and specially 'Navaratri'. Baroda is a great city, no wonder why I see and feel myself in Baroda while listening to Pankaj Udhas's 'Chithi Aayi Hai..'. I would like to hear from friends and Barodians. Minal Patel <minalgp@hotmail.com> <mgpatel@gateway.net>

Minesh Patel
Hello guys! I am very happy looking at this website of Great Baroda through which all Barodians can meet their old friends and relatives all over the world. Let me introduce myself. I have done my schooling from Sanskar Vidya Vihar and graduation from MSU Baroda. I used to stay in 126, Sardarnagar Society, Nizampura. Also, I have worked in Baroda for 6 to 7 years. I am now in Australia: 1/34 Leonard Ave., Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD - 4217, Australia. Ph: (07)55387109. Mobile: (07)-0401276810. I am doing my Masters in Information Technology from Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Queensland. I really miss all my friends and relatives in Baroda. I am always waiting for someone who can talk with me regarding Baroda. So anyone who wants to talk with me about Baroda, please feel free. I am always waiting for you. Minesh Patel <minesh_india@hotmail.com>

Minesh Patel
I am searching for my friends from Ellora Park and Race Course. I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya up to 1985 (11 std). I am in Canada since 1989. Minesh Patel <Minesh69@yahoo.com> (November 16, 2003)

Minesh Patel
I lived in Baroda and studied in Bright English Medium School. I am in England since 1995. I miss Navratri, Uttarayan, Diwali and playing cricket at Vithalnagar Society, Karelibaug. I am looking for Kalpesh, Lalit, Kishan, Ashok, Pankaj, Kartik, Chintan and Nitin. Minesh Patel <mpatel133104207@aol.com>

Minesh Patel
I'm Minesh Patel and Ex-BHS (Baghikhana) student having continued my education in MSU in the Science faculty.  I used to be an active Cricket Player (Wicket-Keeper) having represented the School and the University. Currently am a resident of New Jersey, USA. Any good Old friends please feel free to contact me and we could take it up from there. Minesh Patel <patelminesh@usa.net>

Mini George & George Tharakan
We have been in Saudi Arabia (PO Box 26572, Riyadh 11496)since the last three years. My parents are still in Gujarat. George Tharakan & Mini George <georgetharakan@yahoo.com>

Mini Mehta
I did M.Com from MSU and also did CA while staying in Baroda. I now live in USA but just cannot forget Baroda. Whenever I visit India I make sure I visit Baroda and because of family ties it is very easy to do that. Mini Mehta <minakshipathak@hotmail.com> (November 29, 2005)

Mita Shah
Hi. I am a Chemical Engineer from MS University of Baroda. I am living in southern California, USA. It's so nice to be here but still the best place to live in the world is Baroda. I love my Baroda. If you are my friend, let's grow our friendship. Mita Shah <shmit_96@yahoo.com>

Mital Shah
I am not anywhere but in India (Vadodara) only. I was in Rosary School (1996-97) and completed post-graduation from the great MSU. I am presently working with my dad. I did not have many friends but think to get some good ones from here. If you want to be one of them please contact me. Mital Shah <mital_6942@yahoo.com> (March 15, 2003)

This is Mitesh from Kenya. I miss Baroda, sometimes I wonder how come I left such a beautiful city. Well it's long now. I studied at Utkarsh Vidyalaya from balwadi to 12th. And graduated from our beloved MSU. I am working as a marketing manager. Mitesh <maxatt35@hotmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Mitesh Bhatt
I live in Subhanpura and I am working in MSU. I studied in Zenith School. I remember Bhatt Sir, Merchant Sir, Patel Sir. Mitesh Bhatt <bhattmb2003@yahoo.com> (April 29, 2006)

Mitesh Bhatt
Schooling at Utkarsh Vidyalaya, then graduation from MSU, I have been in Nairobi, Kenya since the last 6 years. I am now migrating to Canada. I miss you all Barodians and love you all. Mitesh Bhatt <irene_wamithi@hotmail.com> (October 30, 2001)

Mitesh Chauhan
I did B.E. (Metallurgy, MSU Techo) and PGDBA from Symbiosis. I stayed at Vasna Road and left Baroda in 2002. I miss my Baroda, the best city on earth. Now I am in Bangalore working for a company in marketing. I am looking for my very good friends from Science Faculty (B.Sc Chemistry). Mitesh Chauhan <mitesh_2k@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Mitesh Chauhan
I went to Baroda High School (Alkapuri), Sabari Vidyalaya and MSU Techo (2002). All Baroda people I miss you. I am working in Nagpur. Mitesh Chauhan <chauhanmitesh@hotmail.com> (April 15, 2004)

Mitesh Desai
I studied in Utkarsh Vidyalaya (1994) and did BE (Computer Science) from MSU Techo (1998). I do not have any words to describe such a beautiful city like Baroda. I am right now in Texas, USA, doing Masters in Computer Science. Namaste to all my Barodians wherever they are in the world. I really miss my Baroda and my friends. Mitesh Desai <desaimitesh@yahoo.com> (June 24, 2003)

Mitesh G. Lotia
Hi everybody! My cool regards to all visiting this cool web-site of http://www.baroda-online.com.My house is at Sahayog and currently I am doing my MBA at University of Bridgeport,Bridgeport, CT, USA. My friends can e-mail me. Mitesh G. Lotia <mglotia@hotmail.com>

Mitesh M. Patel
I did Masters in Computer Applications. Nagar and B.Sc. (Chemistry) from Vallabh Vidyanagar. Mitesh M. Patel <mitesh1978@yahoo.com>

Mitesh Mistry
Profession: Software Engineer. Organisation: InteQ , One Van De graaff drive , Burlington, MA - 01852, USA. Hi Friends, I am in USA along with my wife Amita and two little daughters Pooja and Bhoomi. We are enjoying here but we are missing friends in Baroda.  I want them to know about me and my wife. Mitesh Mistry : mitesh_mistry@hotmail.com. Amita  Mistry : amita_mistry@hotmail.com. Thanks. Mitesh Mistry, InteQ Software, 85, RangeWay Road ,Billerica , MA , 01862, USA. Phone: 978 667 5555 x 24 , Fax: 978 667 5575

Mitesh P. Choksi
Organization: Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd. Hello ppl: Passed childhood in Vadodara. Sabri School (1st-4th). Baroda High School Jr 2 (4th-7th). Baroda High School Sr 2 (Secondary, Higher Secondary). Back to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Computing and enjoying the Nature here. Hey where's the Ex-BHS Association. Is Baroda High School onto the net yet? Best regards, Mitesh P Choksi. <choksi@soft-tech.co.tz>

Mitesh Patel
Hi Barodians. I'm Mits (Mitesh) Patel, now in Boston, USA. I used to live in Nandanvan Society, New Sama Road, Baroda. I did my 12th Science from IPCL School and B.E. from L.D. College, Ahmedabad. I am now doing my Masters at University of Massachusetts, USA. I am missing my Baroda days and all my friends (Ikesh, Ritesh, Hemal, Jiten, Nilesh, Nisha, Dharini, Ashish ... no end to this list). I'd be glad to be in touch with any Barodian living in any corner of the world. Mitesh Patel <ermitesh@hotmail.com>

Mitesh Patel
I was in Jeevan Sadhana (1994), did Diploma (Civil Engg.) from Adipur and B.E. from SVIT. Mitesh Patel <kinnumeet@yahoo.com> (May 1, 2006)

Mitesh Waghela
I studied in Sanskar Vidya Vihar and did B.A. (Economics) from MSU in 1993. I lived in Nizampura. I am now in Auckland, New Zealand, and have my own courier business. Mitesh Waghela <mit_wagh@yahoo.co.in> (May 1, 2006)

Mithil Patel
Graduated in May 2000 from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, I am currently pursuing Associates degree in Computer Information Systems at DelTech (Wilmington, Delaware, USA). I am moving to Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey) in fall 2002. I hope to hear from someone. Mithil Patel <mithilpatel@hotmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Mitul Barot
I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana). I graduated in 1999 and am doing MBA from ICFAI Business School, Gurgaon. Mitul Barot <mitulbarot@gmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Mitul Desai
I would be grateful if this message reaches my old friends from MSU Techo who passed Mechanical or Industrial Engineering in 1994. I still cannot forget those canteen days, those submissions, the coffee of Raju Shetty. If this message reaches Vijayraj, Amol, Kali, Amish, Jay, Mihir, Shreya, it would be great. Mitul Desai <mitul_desai2002@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Mitul J. Limbachiya
I was in MSU Techo (Mechanical) and am now working as a software engineer and doing Computer Science in York University, Canada. Mitul J. Limbachiya <lmitul@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Mitul Patel
I completed B.Tech from MSU Techo in 2003. I am working in Sumul, Surat. But I miss Baroda all the time. Baroda is just like a compact disc, compact and easy to roam every corner of the city. It's just second heaven. I LOVE loveliest people of Baroda, including me also. Mitul Patel <mitulpatel1712@hotmail.com> (October 14, 2004)

Mitul Shah
I did schooling from Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalaya and graduated from V.P. Science College, V.V. Nagar. I am now in Australia. But I miss Baroda a lot, especially Navratri of Baroda and who galiyan. Mitul Shah <mitul_31@yahoo.com> (April 11, 2005)

Mitul Shah
I lived in Baroda for 10 wonderful years (1992-2002). I studied in Baroda High, Navrachana, Silver Oak and Shreyas. I left for USA in May 2002 and am currently doing my 12 Standard in Lake Mary High School, Florida. I will graduate in May 2003. Mitul Shah <mitul8u@yahoo.com> (March 21, 2003)

Mohammed Afroz Shaikh
Hello friends! I am presently in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA. Mohammed Afroz Shaikh <mohammedafroz_2000@hotmail.com> (June 22, 2002)

Mohan Iyer
I am now vice-president of a bank in Chicago. I was living in Vrindavan Estate on Race Course Circle. I want to find out how others from Pashabhai Park Co-op Society are doing. Mohan Iyer <mohan@mohaniyer.com> (November 29, 2005)

Mohan Patel
Hello! I am doing Master's in Computer Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ, USA (Home Address: 25 Romain Avenue, Apt #2, Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA. Ph: 201-333-3302). I graduated in 1998 from MSU (Electrical Engineering). My family is in Baroda. My father is the HOD of Faculty of Technology in AM. I wrote this message to keep in touch with my old friends. Mohan Patel <mnp1@hotmail.com>

Mukesh Thakkar
I studied in Shreyas High School till 1983 and am now in Sydney, Australia. I lived at Piramitar Bazar behind Kala Bhuvan. I miss our city and all friends. If you know me or wish to meet me please write to me. Mukesh Thakkar <Thakkarmukesh@aol.com>
(October 30, 2001)

Mohit Desai
I was in Baroda High School till 10th, and went to Mother's School and passed 12th in 2000. Now I am in New York (USA) and missing Baroda a lot and all my friends specially. If any one of u know me, please write to me. Mohit Desai <mohitdesai@mohitsmail.com>

Mona Mehta (now Mona Shah)
Hi. I was living in Nizampura. Now I am living in New Jersey, USA. I did my schooling from Pratap High School. Mona Shah <mona_shah_1@hotmail.com>

Mona Patel
I studied at Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur) till 1996 and have been in New Jersey, USA, since 1998, doing MS in Management Information Systems at NJIT. I really miss Baroda and all my friends and relatives. I would like to thank Baroda-Online for creating a wonderful site for all Barodians. Mona Patel <monapatel80@hotmail.com> (January 28, 2007)

Mona Shah (earlier Mona Mehta)
Hi. I was living in Nizampura. Now I am living in New Jersey, USA. I did my schooling from Pratap High School. Mona Shah <mona_shah_1@hotmail.com>

Monali Master (now Monali Patel)
I did B. Pharm from MS University in 2000 and want to get in touch with my friends from this batch. I am doing MS (Pharmacology) in Mississippi, USA. My husband Rakshit Patel is also here, doing MS (Electrical). Both of us miss Baroda and its warmth. Want to get back to home. Looking forward to meet some old friends. Monali Patel <monalir18@hotmail.com> (June 7, 2002)

Monali Patel (earlier Monali Master)
I did B. Pharm from MS University in 2000 and want to get in touch with my friends from this batch. I am doing MS (Pharmacology) in Mississippi, USA. My husband Rakshit Patel is also here, doing MS (Electrical). Both of us miss Baroda and its warmth. Want to get back to home. Looking forward to meet some old friends. Monali Patel <monalir18@hotmail.com> (June 7, 2002)

Monika Jaiswal
I was in Auxilium Convent and Zenith High. I did M.Sc in Zoology in 1993. I miss Baroda so much. I am now in Chicago. I did my MBA from Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, and work for the university in the area of Student Leadership & Involvement. I would like to get in touch with all my dear friends from school and university. I love you and miss you all. Please feel free to contact me. Monika Jaiswal <jaiswamo@lewisu.edu> (June 24, 2003)

Montoo G. Patel
Hey guys. I was in Navarachana School and then the greatest place to have fun, MSU Polytechnic. Now I am in Chicago, USA, studying Chemical Engineering. Montoo G. Patel <pate0074@oakton.edu> (June 7, 2002)

Montu Shah
A native of Baroda, I came to USA when I was 19. My family still lives in Karelibaug. I regularly visit Baroda-Online to be aware of things going on there. I really have great memories of Baroda. Montu Shah <Monts78@hotmail.com>

Monty H. Bhagia
Hi, I did my schooling from Basil School Baroda till X. After that I joined Diploma course in Electrical Engg. from Polytechnic, MSU, Baroda. After that I gave the entrance exam and presently I'm pursuing my studies at the faculty of Technology and Engineering, MSU, Baroda in the same branch (Electrical). I would like to know if any of my classmates read this. Monty H. Bhagia <monty@lwbdq.lwbbs.net>

Moti D. Talpada
MBBD/MD Medical College, Baroda. (1984), Residency in IM, Jersey City Medical Center, NJ. Geriatrics, Philadelphia, Infectious disease, Galveston, Texas. Moti D. Talpada <poet@medscape.com>

Moyed Sidhpurwala
Hi, there, Myself Moyed M.S. I was a student of Sanskar School. I have completed my graduation couple of  years before. Here on Net I welcome anybody to be my friend. I expect MS Univ. student and any Sanskar School students for a response. Moyed Sidhpurwala <moyed110@hotmail.com>

Mrunal Parikh
Hey Barodians, I was born and grew up in Baroda. I went to Experimental School ... yep the great school which is part of MSU. I left Baroda in 1997 in the middle of 10th grade. Right now I am in Cleveland, USA, in 2nd year of college and doing double major in Electronics Engineering and liberal studies in physics. I miss Baroda very much. I miss Dairy Den's ice cream in summer...all the fun that I had in school. This website is very cool. If any of my friends read this message please e-mail me. I miss all of you very much. (July 23, 2001) Mrunal Parikh <parikhm55@hotmail.com>

Mukesh Amin
Hello! I am in Welling Kent, UK. I was previously in Baroda and studied at Baroda High School (1964-67 and 1970-71). Mukesh Amin <mukamin@netscapeonline.co.uk>

Mukesh Bhaidasna
Hi, Barodians. I lived at Shiya Baug, Baroda. I am 42, now serving (in reputed Birla Group) at Alexandria, Egypt. I started my career from Baroda and now I am at this stage with the love and support of Barodians. I still remember Dear Rajnikant who is still working in the Government Press (Kothi) in the Composing Section and friends like Harsha, Neeta Patel. With their moral support only I am still surviving at Egypt. I am also thankful to my brothers-in-law (the owners of Hotel Rama Inn). I never forget the food and hospitality at Hotel Rajdhani Dining Hall. If any of my ex-friends or new friends want to contact me, feel free to contact me. Mobile: 0105111614. Mukesh Bhaidasna <mukesh@acbc.com.eg>

Mukesh Patel
We are Mukesh Patel, Kiran Patel and Kruti Patel. I studied in GEB School, did B.Sc. from MSU in 1986 and M.Sc. from MSU Techo in 1989. I would love to be in contact with all those who know us. Mukesh Patel <mukesh1965@sify.com> (April 27, 2005)

Mukesh Patel
MSU Faculty of Science (1980-83). I'd like to hear from friends from this batch. Mukesh Patel <MUKESHPK@aol.com>

Mukesh R. Chauhan
Hi friends, this is Mukesh Chuauhan. I was born in vadodara. I enjoyed my school life in Jeevan Sadhana. I finished my HSC in 1985 and then grduated as B.E Electrical from M. S. University in 1989. I've my famous shoe store in Vadodara, named SINDH FOOT WEAR, Opp. Amdavadi Pole, Ravpura. I would like to contact my Jeevan Sadhana school friends and M. S. University friends. Please feel free to contact me at e-mail address <ohmshree@yahoo.com>

Mukesh Saxena
I was in MSU Techo: 1981-85, B.E. Electronics; 1986-88, M.E. Microprocessor Applications. I was staying in TK Gajjar and RT Halls. I am now in Los Angeles, CA, USA, working in B2B eCommerce for the food and produce industry. Mukesh Saxena <mukesh@agribuys.com>

Mukesh Shah
B.E. Electronics 1973 from M.S.U. At present 3109 Heritage Valley Dr. SAN JOSE CA 95148 USA. Originally resident of KAROLIA POLE, M.G. Road,Vadodara. I am very much eager to see my old college friends.<Chic7707@aol.com>

Mukesh Shah
Was residing at Karolia Pole Vadodara, studied in Kala Bhavan M S University in 1973. B.E. Electronics, Also resided at T K Gajjar Hall For 3 Years,Looking for my class mates. <Oops67@aol.com>

Mukul Kadia
Hi! This is Mukul Kadia from Bielefeld, Germany. I studied at Baroda High School, ONGC. I am working here as a Network Engineer. I would love to here from Barodians. Mukul Kadia <mukul.kadia@itelligence.de>

Mukund Bakshi
I did my B. Com. (1984) from MSU. I am a practising Chartered Accountant and Partner in Mukund & Rohit, Chartered Accountants, E-8, Avishkar Complex, Old Padra Road, Baroda 390 015. Ph/Fax: 313515/310448/357845. Res Ph: 310957. Mukund Bakshi <emar@satyam.net.in>

Mukund Guruji
I am presently in Bangalore, working in Union Switch & Signal. I studied in MSU Techo (Electrical). I was brought up in Baroda and all my relatives are still in Baroda. I shifted to Bangalore in January 2001. Mukund Guruji <mukund@switch-ind.com> <mukund_guruji@yahoo.co.in> (March 15, 2003)

Mukund Nagothnekar
I have been working in Kuwait since the 18 years. I studied in Waghodia Sarvajanik High School (1960-69). I worked in Gujarat Refinery for 10 years stayed in the Refinery Township. Mukund Nagothnekar <mukundnago@yahoo.com> (April 29, 2006)

Mukund P. Teredesai
Hi! Hello. I am a staunch Barodian. Born in 1950, stayed in Brahmpuri, Dandia Bazar, till college days at Technology Faculty at MSU, graduated in Electronics, then moved to IIT Bombay in 1972, worked in GSFC for some time in 1974, then moved to ITI Allahabad as Baroda had no opportunity then in Electronics, then migrated to Solan in 1980s, and found place in GCEL in 1985. Due to privatisation of GCEL I took VRS and joined Secure Meters Limited, Udaipur. I am trying to find a comeback to Baroda to see if I can contribute to its development. I have been closely associated with IETE Vadodara and IT Chapter. Faculty of Technology is my place of liking and I keep visiting it to teach and conduct exams, etc. Mukund P. Teredesai <a_teredesai@satyam.net.in>

Mukund Purohit
Hi Baroda. I love Baroda. Sare jahan se achha Baroda hamara. Mukund Purohit <mukundpurohit@yahoo.com>

Munaf Sayed
Hi Barodians. How are you? I am now in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia(KSA), working with Toyota. My wife Mehjabeen is here with me. I studied at Jeevan Sadhana School and MES Boys' School. I graduated from MS University in 1991. I used to live in Machchipith, and now my home is in Tandalja. I miss all my school friends and relatives. I love my Baroda. I miss all Barodians. There is no country like India and no city like Baroda. Good luck and all the best to lovely Barodians. Munaf Sayed <munaf@saudi-online.net> <munafsyed@hotmail.com>

Muneeruddin M. Tailor
Hi to all Barodians. I was a student of Zenith High School,1983-84 batch. I am in Kuwait since 1991. Muneeruddin M. Tailor <muneer_sharafi@yahoo.com>

Murtuzaali Sayed
Hello! I used to live in Baroda and went to Navrachna J High School for 7 years from 1987 to 1994 and was in grade 7 when I left for Canada and now I am in the US.... And enjoying life. If you remember me please contact me. Murtuzaali Sayed <munna32@hotmail.com>

Mustafa Kadri
I am Microbiologist in the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, Kuwait. I was a student of Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, MSU. I left Baroda and India in 1971. I am settled in Canada and at present working in Kuwait. Anybody from my old buddies? Mustafa Kadri <kadri50@hotmail.com>

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