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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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K. B. Saiyed
I am from Baroda, staying in Nizampura. I am in Dubai, working in oil company. K. B. Saiyed <kbsaiyed@emirates.net.ae>

K.C. Shah
Hello Barodian. I am from Vadodara. I am just now working in UAE. Any Barodian staying in Dubai, please contact me. K.C.Shah <k_c_shah@hotmail.com> <vvks@emirates.net.ae>

Kabir Mirpuri
Hi! I did my B.E. (Metallurgical Engg., 1994-98)from Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Kalabhavan, MSU, Baroda. I am now doing M. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. I will be moving to Toronto in May 2000. I will be glad to establish contact with my old friends. Kabir Mirpuri <kabir_mirpuri@hotmail.com>

Kaivalya Harsukh Rawal
I studied at Rosary School. I am searching for a few long lost friends – Soumen (Mousmee's brother) Bhattacharya, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Aman Misra, Joseph Fernandez. I would appreciate a response if you come across my message. I am based in Chicago, USA, since 1988 and obviously have lost contacts with many of you. Kaivalya Harsukh Rawal <khrawal@comcast.net> (November 6, 2003)

Kajal Ashesh Desai
Hi, I have a long association with Baroda which is close to 26 years. The same goes for my husband Ashesh. We both did schooling in IPCL, after which Ashesh did his Mechanical Engineering from MSU in 1994 and I did Masters in Applied Chemistry from MSU as well in 1995. Right from birth we managed to remain bonded with Baroda till 2000 when we moved to Singapore. Baroda is the place which would always stay close to our hearts and embedded in our memories. The moment we think of Baroda, we start to miss it badly. Proudly Barodians, that's how we would identify ourselves. A good site to keep in touch with fellow Barodians. Keep in touch friends. Kajal Ashesh Desai <asheshdesai@yahoo.com>

Kalindri Patel
I studied at Jeevan Sadhana High School, did B.Sc.(Mathematics) from MSU in 1985 and lived in Karelibaug (VIP Road). I am now in England and miss my friends and Baroda.
(July 23, 2001) Kalindri Patel <tikapatel@yahoo.com>

Kalpana Patel (Ray)/Himanshu Patel
I am a Barodian now living in Wallington, NJ. I would like to get in touch with my friends of Rosary High School (SSC 1982-83), Polytechnic (1983-87) and NJIT (Newark, NJ BSEE 1988-92, MS CIS 1996-98). My wife Kalpana (maiden name Ray) studied in Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya (1985) and did her BS in Physical Therapy (1990). I would love to get in touch with my friends and classmates. Himanshu Patel/ Kalpana Patel (Ray) <himanshu_patel@hotmail.com>

Kalpen Patel
I studied in Experimental School, Sayajigaunj. If anyone of my old friends or my old classmates reads this please contact me. Currently I am completing my degree course in engineering at Nashik, Maharashtra. Kalpen Patel <mailkalpen@yahoo.com>

Kalpesh I. Chauhan
Studied in Faculty of Technology and Engg., MSU.Studying at IIT, Kanpur, pursuing M. Tech (Power Systems). Right now in Germany at University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, in an Exchange Programme between India and Germany. Contact address: Klosterweg 28, Haus K3 G 614, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany. <http://www.kalpi.homepage.com>. Kalpesh I. Chauhan <kalpesh@iehhp5.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de> <kalpi100@hotmail.com>

Kalpesh Katwal
I live in Baroda. I studied in Rosary High School (1974-86) and then did DCE from MSU. Now I have my own business. I miss all my friends from school and college. Kalpesh Katwal <k_katwala@hotmail.com> (November 14, 2002)

Kalpesh Patel
I did my schooling from the great Experimental School. I am now in Los Angeles, California, working with a research institute in Hollywood. I did MS in Chemical/Biomedical Engineering from Cleveland State University. I miss Baroda and all the fun of Baroda a lot – moving around Fatehgunj, going for garba at Arkee, playing cricket, roaming at late night to eat sev-usal, etc. Kalpesh Patel <kpatel789@yahoo.com> (October 12, 2004)

Kalpesh Patel
I was a student at MSU (BA English, 1995-98). Now I am working with a multinational company as a network administrator. I am looking for my old college friends. Kalpesh Patel <patelkalp_a@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Kalpesh Solanki
I passed 12th (English Medium; Science Stream) in 1985 from IPCL School. I am currently in the Middle East working as a Control Systems Consultant. Kalpesh Solanki <kalpeshdsolanki@yahoo.com> (January 30, 2009)

Kalpesh Tamboli
At Rosary High till 1991, MSU (B.Sc. Physics)till 1994 and Techo (B.E. Electronics till 1997), I am now a Software Engineer in SQL Star International Ltd., New Delhi. I am looking for all the long lost friends of Rosary School, B.Sc. (Physics) and B.E. (Electronics).If anyone sees this message, kindly contact me. I will surely get in touch with all of you. I wish all the success and happy life to all my well wishers wherever they are. Take care and God is with you. (July 23, 2001) Kalpesh Tamboli <ktamboli@yahoo.com>

Kalpesh Zinjuwadia
I did B.E. in Electronics from MSU and am currently pursuing my Masters at University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA. It's fun to have a place like yours which makes us feel that we are not far away from our land. I discovered this site after coming to USA. It's great to see each and every link in www.baroda.com. A good brush-up of golden memory. Kalpesh Zinjuwadia <kalpesh_z@yahoo.com> (March 21, 2003)

Kalpeshkumar A. Soni
Hi. I did 12th Science from University Experimental School in 1993, First Year B.Sc. Physics in 1993-94 and BE Chemical in 1998. I am presently in Pune pursuing a course in Software Engineering at Mahindra Institute of Software Engineering and Management. I will join Mahindra British Telecom in September 2000. I have spent 22 years in Baroda and had a great childhood and college days. Lots of love to Baroda. Kalpeshkumar A. Soni <soni_kalpesh@yahoo.com>

Kalpexa Patel
I studied in Shreyas upto 12th (1992). I don't have contact with my school friends since I am in USA (New Jersey). I am looking for Tejal, Shefali, Rupal Vyas, Rupal Choksi, Neha, Sneha, Nirlepa and all my other classmates. If any of u get this message contact me.Kalpexa Patel <kalpexa@wowmail.com>

Kalyani Mahida (now Kalyani Atoadaria)
I am presently staying in Dallas, USA. I completed my schooling from Bright School and did one year of Masters at MSU Techo. Kalyani Mahida (now Kalyani Atoadaria) <kalyanimahida@rediffmail.com> (May 31, 2003)

Kamal D. Pathak
Hello Baroda. Right now I am in the world’s largest city called Mexico City, working as a Computer Programmer. I did my schooling from Rosary School and graduation from Narmada College, Bharuch, then post graduation with computers from Faculty of Technology (Applied Maths Department). I miss my city so much, first of all vegetarian food and then festivals and friends. I hope you will contact me. Kamal D. Pathak <kamalspalace@yahoo.com> (March 8, 2002)

Kamalnayan Vinayak Inamdar
Graduated from MS University of Baroda (B.E.Metallurgical Engineering). C.R. batch of 1974 (BEII). Lost election as F.R. in 1975 (BEIII). Drama from Faculty of Engineering (won 3 prizes). Debates at University level (won 2 prizes). Essay competition at University level (won several prizes). Wrote nazme, gazals, and shaayaris. Participated in Navnirmaan movement. Active member of Janasangh (now BJP). Living in USA since 1978. Profession: U.S. Aerospace Engineer. Want to say hi to all the students who went to Faculty of Engineering (Kalabhavan) from 1972-1977. I miss you all and would love to get in contact from anyone. Kamalnayan Vinayak Inamdar <kamalnayan.v.inamdar@boeing.com>

Kamini Patel/Kamini Sharma
My name is Kamini Patel, previously known as Kamini Sharma from Fiji. I was at MSU during 1982-85 (B.Sc - Botany, Zoology, Chemistry). I was staying at P.G. Hall. I am now settled in UK, married to Nimish Patel (from Vidyakunj/MSU) and have two children. I am looking for my friends, particularly Geetha Vaidyanathan (studying in the Engineering Faculty). Kamini Patel/Kamini Sharma <n@nimishpatel.freeserve.co.uk>

Kamlesh B. Joshi
Hi, I am in Abu Dhabi now, working with one construction company. I stay in Baroda since the last 10 years. My family is still there. Kamlesh B. Joshi <VICKY02@emirates.net.ae>

Kamlesh J. Patel
I am staying in Nairobi, Kenya, since 1987 with my family (wife Hiteshri, son Amit and daughter Nikita). My parents and brother are in Baroda. I am a Civil Engineer and doing my own business of Interior Decoration in Nairobi. Kamlesh J. Patel <kayjpatel@hotmail.com>

Kamlesh Jhaveri
Schooling at Geeta Mandir. B.Com. from MS University of Baroda. Working with Jhaveri Securities Pvt. Ltd. Kamlesh Jhaveri <jspl@enfinet.net>

Kamlesh N. Desai
I studied in GSFC High School from LKG to 12th (English Medium, SSC 1990, HSC 1992). I still remember our notorious gang which includes Vidhit Desai, Ankur Desai, Anand Katdhare, Manish Patel, Arjun Mehta, Shetal Intwala. Presently I am in regular touch with Swetansh Patel, Snehal Pujara, Mehul Pancholi, Punit Patel, Bhavesh-Tejal, Birju Vasani. My Hi to Manish Vadgama, Heena Gandhi, Krutika Patel, Jaini Madhani, Mrudul Pathak, Amit, Navnit Chawla, Preeti Patel, Paurvi, Kuldip Singh, Divyang Jha, Pratik Jha, Shunty, Harjeet Kaur, Satnam Singh, Roopali. I still happen to visit my school when I get time and meet all our teachers there. It feels nice to meet them all. I graduated from MSU Techo in 1996 and am working with Essar since then. My parents are in Baroda and due to hectic schedules am not able to visit frequently. But I miss my school friends, MSU friends and above all I miss my city Baroda. I am a regular visitor here at 'Baroda-Online'. Hoping to hear from those who remember me. Kamlesh N. Desai <kd@essar.com> (November 3, 2003)

Kamlesh Shah (Jhoney)
Hi. Shree Sayaji High School (Ghadiali Pole), Mechanical Engineering (MSU, 1978), M.Tech. (IIT Kharagpur, 1982), Master of Management (Monash University, Australia, 1996). Currently, I am busy with Master of Information Technology (Internet Software Development) at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Worked with IPCL, Jyoti, ACC, and now for Australian Postal Corporation, Melbourne, Australia. My friends at MSU: Naresh Patel (Bhombhai), Sunil Patel, Dinesh Shah, Bakul Vora, Pradeep Patel. My friends at School: Pradeep Desai (Todo). My friends at IIT: Bijoy Nayak, Venugopal, Major R.C. Verma, B.K.Pani. I am interested to make new e-mail friends from Baroda. Also interested in any academic development activities at MSU. Kamlesh Shah (Jhoney) <kamlesh1@one.net.au>

Kamlesh Vyas
I did M.Sc Geology from MSU. I am now in Toronto, working in a USA based group since 2002. I miss my friends and family. I have so many memories from Baroda and would like to hear from friends. Kamlesh Vyas <k_c_vyas@hotmail.com> (April 19, 2005)

Kanak Vaghela
I miss Baroda and its atmosphere. I was in Fertilisernagar School up to 10th and Jeevan Sadhana (11th and 12th. I completed B.E. (Electronics) at Bangalore and am currently working in KW Microwave, California, USA. I miss all my friends who have been part of my life and with whom I have spent some of the best moments of my life. I miss my family and my relatives in Baroda.I wish to build up contacts with all my old friends again. So whoever reads this message and would like to be in touch with me please contact me. Kanak Vaghela <kanakvaghela@yahoo.com> (March 8, 2002)

Kandarp Shah
Baroda High School (Bagikhana), MSU Science (1994-97), PGDCA (MSU Techo, 1998). But now I am in New Zealand .. and miss Baroda … and Barodians. Kandarp Shah <kands20@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Kandarp Shah
I am looking for some of the classmates and schoolmates from 1960s and 1970s. I studied at Experimental School and Rosary High School in Baroda. I am looking for Ajay Kamdar, Vipul Shah, Manisha Shah, Murali Divetia, etc. Please contact me if any one of you happens to see this message. I am in USA at this time and am well settled. Kandarp Shah <ushah2000@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Kanish Patel
I went to Baroda High School Alkapuri, and now I am in New Jersey, USA. My last year in Baroda High was 2001 and at that time I completed 7th grade. I am now in 10th grade. Kanish Patel <kanishpatel2008@gmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kannan Rengaraju (now Gomathi Iyer)
I am trying to contact my school friends at Basil (Shamim, Seema, Sumangala, Jyoti, Hirva, Vishal) where I was till 10th and Rosary (11th and 12th) (first commerce English medium batch 1990-92). I was in the batch with Rizvi, Siddarath a.k.a Chinnu, Hiral, Namita, Savio, Sarangi, Niral. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and want to establish contact with all my old classmates. Also, any Barodians in Atlanta, Georgia, please contact me. I would love to know you all. Baroda is truly the greatest city and I miss it a lot. For Sheetal Patel (Chakku): I recognised your name and tried sending you an email but it bounced back to me so if you could please email me I would like to establish contact with you. Kannan Rengaraju (now Gomathi Iyer) <kannang@bellsouth.net> (May 31, 2003)

Kanu R. Vyas
Kanubhai R. Vyas, 3 Merklin Avenue, West Orange NJ 07052, USA. (973)325-6353. <kanuvyas@home.com>

Kanu Shah
I am from Ladwada, Baroda. I left India in 1973 with my family. Now I am retired. I would like to hear from the 1954 schoolmates of H.V. Shroff Memorial High School. Kanu Shah <k-cshah@msn.com> (March 8, 2002)

Karan Thakore
Is there any one who went to Shreyas High School (Polo Ground) and knows me (Karan) or my sister (Palak)? Karan Thakore <crick8er@hotmail.com> (November 16, 2003)

Karthik Chandramouli
I studied at IPCL School till 10th Std and joined Rosary High School till the 12th Std (1987). Then I did Chemical Engineering at REC Trichy and went to the US. Also, I am trying to contact Prashant Thatte, who did Electrical Engineering at MSU and worked for GCEL for a while. Karthik (Karthiknatraj) Chandramouli <karthik2@andrew.cmu.edu> (March 8, 2002)

Kartik Bhavsar
Hi. I'm currently at the University of North Carolina in USA. I did my 4th, 5th and 6th grades in Baroda. I attended Kelavani Trust Vidyalaya during 5th and 6th grades and that is when I came to know all these friends of mine: Jigar Patel, Ashit Patel, Mahendra, Kuntal, Sachin, Shejal Seth, and Raju & Ameet. If any of you see this please get in touch with me. Hope to hear from you soon. Kartik Bhavsar <carbhav@yahoo.com>

Kartik Pandya
Hail Baroda. I was in IPCL School (1994) and PT, BE (Computer Science) from MSU Techo (1998), MS CS from UMass, Boston (2000). Working for IONA since then. If you are in or around North East, give me a shout and we can have a few beers sometimes (see, I am working for an Irish company!). I am in Boston, but my heart is still in Baroda ... bits and pieces scattered at Mahakali, Shital, Delux, Paras. This site is making me nostalgic. Kartik Pandya <dearjadu@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Kartik Pandya
ooooooo bappa re, this website seems to be the best known one! Anyway, I am Kartik Pandya (obviously) from Vadodara and left my dear city in 1999 February. I did Master's In Software Engineering last year from University of Massachusetts and am now with Iona Technologies in Boston as Lead Developer. (July 23, 2001) Kartik Pandya <kartik_pandya@yahoo.com>

Kashmira Patel
YAHAN HAI HUM in New Jersey. I graduated from Vidya Kunj in 1986. Born and brought up in our Baroda. Looking for old friends who know me. Kashmira Patel <trishindia@aol.com> (March 21, 2003)

Kashyap Shah
I used to live in Sampatrao Colony. I went to Rosary School till 8th, then Vidyane Vidyalaya for one year and then came to USA. I am looking for all my school friends (class of 2004). Kashyap Shah <kash4u85@yahoo.com> (April 19, 2005)

Kaushal Bakshi
I heard about this site from one of my best friends Deep Patel in USA. I am in London and missing Baroda and Barodians. I do not know when I will get a chance to come back and see my friends and foes there but just to tell you I miss u all very much and luv u all. I was in Baroda High School till SSC and went to Vidya Kunj High School to do HSC, all between 1978 and 1997. Kaushal Bakshi <Kevin@travelnetinternational.com> (March 21, 2003)

Kaushal Bhatt
Metallurgical Engineer from great MSU Techo (1990-94), presently living in Toronto, Canada. I miss all Barodian activities like wandering, eating sev usal, Raju omelet, tum-tum , dabelies and so on. I miss Baroda in all festivals as it's a city of festivals. Anyone from Shreyas High School (up to 1990) and MSU (up to 1994) can contact me. Kaushal Bhatt <kaushal_bhatt_99@yahoo.com> (March 8, 2002)

Kaushal Shah
I am a long-time Barodian now in Mumbai. I am from Manjalpur and studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya, Manjalpur. I passed HSC in 1992. BTW baroda-online is a great place for Barodians to get together. Kaushal Shah <kaushal_75@yahoo.com> (April 15, 2004)

Kaushal Shah
Hello Friends! I graduated (1996, B.Sc.Mathematics) from MSU, did PG Diploma in Business Management (Finance) in 1998 from TIMS, Baroda, and am now doing Masters in Computer Science at FDU,New Jersey, USA. I did my schooling from Basil School, Baroda. I have been in NJ for more than 18 months and will complete studies in December. I am looking for my school and college friends. Visit my website to know more about me (http://alpha.fdu.edu/~kaushals). This message is for people whom I know, and who know me, but haven't been in touch with me. I will be delighted to regain contact with them! Kaushal Shah <kaushiindia@hotmail.com>

Kaushal Sutaria
I stay at Gotri Road, Baroda. I am a production engineer,currently pursuing MBA from Institute For Technology and Management, Bombay. I have a strong interest in cricket and am also fond of reading and trying different varieties of food. Kaushal Sutaria <kaushal_sutaria@123india.com>

Kaushik Patel(Kadoo)
I studied in great school of Baroda ‘EXPERIMENTAL’. I used to stay in Kapdi Pole, Raopura. I am in USA now. I am looking for my school friend Meera O. Patel of Piramitar Road, Dandia Bazar (she is also in USA). Kaushik Patel (Kadoo) <kaushikpatel@india.com> (April 11, 2005)

Kaushik Patel
I am a guy from Baroda, nowadays pursuing my Master's Degree from Lamar University, Texas, USA. 'Kem Chho' to all our Barodians from me. I enjoy the life of America but I always remember our Baroda. No place in the world is like our Baroda. Kaushik Patel <teens_us@hotmail.com>

Kaushik Radadia
I was in Shreyas High School. I was known as Anil Kapoor. Now I am in Canada. Kaushik Radadia <KG_radadia@yahoo.ca> (November 6, 2003)

Kaushik Shah
Anyone from Tarsali or Baroda High School, ONGC? I would love to hear from you. I am in Chicago now and miss Baroda a lot. Kaushik Shah <kshah2@hotmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Kavita Gada
Hi friends. I did my B.E. in Computer Science at our Techo and graduated in 1999. At present I am doing my Masters (MS) in Computer Science at Clemson University, South Carolina, USA. I miss Baroda a lot here. I stayed in Raopura and then in Alkapuri for almost 10 years. I would love if any of my old friends contact me. I miss all the wonderful moments spent in Baroda. Kavita Gada <kavita_gada@yahoo.com>

Kavita Sarang
I am now Kavita Talati and I am looking for anybody who knows me. I was in IPCL School. I'm now settled in USA with my husband Bimal, who is a practicing physician. Being a total Barodian, I have immense feelings about Baroda. I know many of my schoolmates and friends at work in Baroda are in USA. I would like to keep in touch with them. Kavita Sarang <kavitasarang2002@yahoo.com> (November 4, 2003)

Kazi Naved
I studied in Zenith School (1995) and then V.P. College (1999, Vidyanagar). I now work in London Chest Hospital, London. Kazi Naved <kazinaved@yahoo.com> (May 1, 2006)

Kersi F. Munshi
I was born and brought up in Baroda. After passing B.E. (Electrical) I left for USA in 1970 – a long, long time ago. I grew up in Fatehgunj near the Post Office. I understand there are high-rises there now. Can you believe it – high-rises in Fatehgunj? I went to Rosary High School from 1956 to 1964 when I finished SSC over there. I would very much love to hear from any of my old friends from school or college. Kersi F. Munshi <kersi@mail.com> <kershasp@yahoo.com> (April 6, 2002)

Ketan & Inku
Hello to all Barodian and especially from T.R. Patel School and also from Alembic Vidyalaya. At present I am settled in London doing my Surgical Rotation jobs in London. I finished my MBBS in 1999 and am happily married to my wife Inku and we are expecting a baby. I miss all my school friends as I haven't had pictures of them. If anyone could help me to find pictures from school it would be great. Hello to Kalpana, Jigar, Pina, Nita, Pinakin, Sanjay, Kalpesh, Jatin, Sangita, Rupal, Sonal, Tejas, Tapan, Vakil, Niraj, Sandip. Ketan & Inku <BRI.ward20-2@bradfordhospitals.nhs.uk> (June 24, 2003)

Ketan Brahmbhatt
I did B.E. (Electronics, 198791, MSU Techo). I went to Kenya in 1997 and now I am in Canada. I am in the computer business. I miss my city, my friends and all. Ketan Brahmbhatt <ketanbrahmbhatt@hotmail.com> (March 8,2002)

Ketan Christian
I live in New Jersey, USA, since 1985. During my school years in Saint Mary's High School, Mariampura, Petlad, I had many friends from Vadodara. I would like to get back in touch with them. Ketan Christian <ketusa@yahoo.com> (May 29, 2004)

Ketan Pandurang Gupte
Although I find that most of the entries are by younger generation, I would like to take chance to find out if any of my old school or college friends or their offspring could be located through this site. I was born in July 1941 and stayed near Sursagar and in Dandia Bazar during major part of my childhood and school days. I was a member of the famous Jummadada Vyayam Mandir Rajratna Prof. Manikrao (Bhau). I had my education from M.C. High School, Salatwada, between 1949 and 1956 and Faculty of Commerce, MSU, from 1956 to 1960. I was in 6th Bombay Batallion NCC and reached the rank of Sr. U/O and adjudged the best cadet. I served Bank of Baroda from 1960 to 1967 before shifting to Mumbai. I served the State Industrial & Investment Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. for 32 years till retirement in 1999 as Senior General Manager. I am presently managing a family trust – GDK Memorial Charitable Trust – having a corpus of Rs.3.275 million. My old friends and acquaintances and relatives may visit my website - http://business.vsnl.com/ketangupte1999. I would be delighted to hear from my old pals and dear ones. Thanks BARODA for all that I am enjoying by way of a cultured and peaceful life in loveable company of my dearest wife, Sau. Kalpalata, son Kapol (Final Year Instrumentation Engineering) and daughter Kalpita (SY B.Com and articles for C.A.). Ketan Pandurang Gupte <kgupte@vsnl.com> (April 6, 2002)

Ketan Parikh
I am presently residing in Oklahoma City, USA. I am doing my MS in Computer Science here. My schooling was in Baroda High School, Bagikhana, and I did B.Sc (Statistics) from MSU. I graduated in 2000. I miss my hometown and old friends. Ketan Parikh <hello_ketan@rediffmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Ketan Patel (Shakit)
Hi. I am Ketan Patel (Shakit). I was living in Karelibaug. If anyone knows me please contact me. Ketan Patel <ketan@arcadenetwork.fsnet.co.uk>

Ketan Patel
I graduated from MSU's Baroda Medical College in 1999 and am currently working in London doing my surgery rotations. I was in T.R. Patel School (Sardarnagar) and Alembic Vidyalaya. I miss Baroda too much especially the fun we would have in all the festivals. I really wanted to know all about my friends from the school and college (Kalpesh, Jigar, Niraj, Sanjeev, Pina, Kalpana, Nita, Bhavana, Mayank, Pinakin). I really wanted to see you all guys when I come to India in future. Ketan Patel <Ketan_Patel74@hotmail.com> <Inku_Patel@hotmail.com> (May 31, 2003)

Ketan Patel
Friends called me Kets/Ketone. I completed 10th in 1983-84 from Baroda High School, ONGC, and 12th from Baroda High School, Bagikhana, in 1985-8. At present I am in Baroda. Ketan Patel <ketspatel@hotmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Ketan Sheth
I studied in Mahatma Gandhi, Manjalpur, and then New Era School, Makarpura. I completed B.Sc (Statistics) in 1996 and PGDCA (SPU) in 1998. I have spent 25 years in Baroda. Now I am in Houston, Texas, working as a software engineer. Ketan Sheth <shethketan@hotmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Ketul Patel
I am in London right now but my soul and heart are still in Baroda. I did SSC from Bright Gujarati Medium School in 1996, HSC from Sardar Vinay Mandir in 1999 and B.Com from MSU in 2003. I came to London in January 2004. Ketul Patel <ketul_001@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Ketul Patel
I am doing Master's in Construction Science and Management at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA. I passed out from Faculty of Technology and Engineering in 1999 with a B.E. (Civil) degree. I was in Baroda for 4 years, 1995-1999. I miss Fatehgunj and Kalabhavan more than anything else. My address: 807, College Ave, Apt. # 1,Clemson SC 29631, USA. http://people.clemson.edu/~ketulkp/ Ketul Patel <ketulkp@CLEMSON.EDU>

Keval A.Shah
I'm Keval A. Shah (Don) from Ratan Pole. I left India in 1990 and I'm right now in London. I'm married to a Polish girl. Keval A. Shah <keval1468@msn.com> <iwonashah@btinternet.com> (May 31, 2003)

Keyur C. Parikh
I am presently in USA studying e-commerce in Nuware Technologies, New Jersey. I lived in Baroda at Gotri Road and schooled at Baroda High School, Alkapuri. I also studied in Basil High School for the last two years of my school studies. I finished B.Com from MS University. Keyur C. Parikh <k_c_parikh@hotmail.com>

Keyur Desai
I finished my schooling from Jeevan Sadhana in 1996 and graduated from MSU Techo. I am doing my Masters in Business majoring in finance in Philadelphia. Keyur Desai <kd2579@yahoo.co.uk> (November 3, 2003)

Keyur Kharva
I am pursuing MBA at New York Institute Of Technology (NYIT), USA. I passed from Shreyas Vidyalaya in 1994, then did B.Sc from Narmada College of Science and Commerce, Zadeshwar, Bharuch. I passed MSW from Faculty of Social Work, MSU, in 2000, and did IRPM at Bhavan's in 2001. I worked with UNICEF in the earthquake affected areas of Kutch in 2001. Working with UNICEF was the most wonderful experience in my life. Keyur Kharva <keyur11_11@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Keyur Parikh
I am a software engineer in Patni Computer Systems, Mumbai. Baroda is my birth place. Keyur Parikh <keyurparikh@email2me.net> (April 2, 2005)

Keyur Patel
My name is Keyur Patel. I m into computers. <keyurp@sumit.com>. Ph# (908)-782-3607(w). Fax#(908)-782-9607(w)

Keyur Patel
Greetings. This is Keyur (Bhiyo). I was a proud Barodian from 1963 to 1996 till I moved to USA. I studied in Baroda High School (class of 1980), lived in famous Ellora Park, completed M.Sc. (Geology, class of 1985, MSU). Had quite a long list of friends around Baroda, Panigate to Gotri, Navayard to Manjalpur. Anybody knowing me or even any Barodian can contact me. I will be the most happy person to correspond with him/her. Keyur Patel <keki4596@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Keyur Patel
I did my schooling from IPCL School, BE in IT from GCET and currently I am doing MS in Computer Science at University of Mississippi, USA. Keyur Patel <keyur_c_patel@hotmail.com> (November 18, 2002)

Keyur Shah
Hi. I am studying in Griffith University,Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia. I am doing Masters in Information Technology. I am looking for Barodians who want to chat with me about my city. I remember my city very much and would be glad to help anyone who wants to know or gather information about Australia. Keyur Shah <keyur91@hotmail.com>

Khurshid Chauhan
I want say hi to all my friends from MSU, Fatehgunj and all over Baroda. I am in California, USA, since 1997. Khurshid Chauhan <khurshidchauhan@hotmail.com> (January 23, 2004)

Khushru Hakim
I left Baroda a LONG time ago.......1969. We went to Rosary High School and then to MS University. Growing up in this town was fun and no matter where we may be presently, the emotional ties always draw you near to it. We lived in Fatehgunj, next to the red Methodist Church. Since 1969, I have been in healthcare (hospitals) industry in computers all this time. My E-mail address is: KUSHHAKIM@aol.com.

Khusi Panchal
I passed out from Navarachana School in 1995. I am presently in London. I have just finished my Dental and am pursuing my practice. I am in touch with only Dipesh Bhaya and Mehul Vyas. Rest of the guys, where are you: Payal Patel, Nidhi, Shweta, Radhika, Samir, Ankur? Do contact me. Khusi Panchal <khusi_p@yahoo.com>.

Kinjal Daru
I was in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and then I moved to BHS (ONGC). I did B.Com and M.Com from MSU in 1998. I used to live in Wadi. Right now I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with my husband Rakesh Shah. I am looking for my schoolmates. I miss Baroda which is the best city in the world. Kinjal Daru <kinjaldaru@yahoo.com> <rakesh28ca@yahoo.ca> (November 3, 2003)

Kinjal Shah
Hello. I left Vadodara in 1996 and I still miss it. I miss all my friends and people who I went to school with. I went to Shreyas High School (Manjalpur) and then I went to Jeevan Sadhana for two years. I passed 10th in 1994 and then I went to MSU Polytechnic for about a year and a half. I used to live in Vadfalia, Tower, and then we moved to Karelibaug. If you think you know me, let me know at. I will be happy to hear from you. Kinjal Shah <kinju@hotmail.com>.

Kinjal Vyas
Hello there Vadodara, I'm living in Chicago,USA, and I'm 19 years old. I came to Vadodara back in May and June of this year after exactly 10 years living in the States. I had fun with my family and friends. I like to say hi to my family, the Vyas family who are mostly based in the outskirts of Vadodara mainly Umeta. And my friends From Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in my childhood, Tejas Contractor and Nishant Shah. I will come back to visit, that's a promise. Kinjal Vyas <kinjvyas@hotmail.com>

Kinnaresh Mistry
Hello, everyone, I'm presently located in the New York metropolitan area, working as a designer with an entertainment architecture/interiors firm, as well as freelancing as a designer/visualiser specializing in digital technology, creating virtual environments, products and presentations, via renderings, animations and video. I attended Navarachana High School, and graduated from MSU, Fac. of Tech and Engg., School of Architecture. I went on and got a Master's degree in Architecture from Princeton University, Class of '92, and have worked in the New York area since then. If interested, please feel free to check out my site, http://www.mediacage.com; the site also showcases some of my father's (Yashawant Mistry) architectural projects. Kinnaresh Mistry <kmistry@mediacage.com>

Kinnary Patel
I went to Rosary High School (left in 12th to come to USA in 1990, and am now in Princeton Junction, New Jersey). I miss Baroda a lot especially since I was born and raised there. Luckily most of the Rosarites are in the USA but seldom get to keep in touch. Hope anyone who recognises me will write to me. Why not we all get nostalgic in unison? Kinnary Patel <kinudhar@hotmail.com> (November 18, 2002)

Kinnary Patel
I am looking for Bhavika A. Thakkar (earlier Bhavika L. Thakkar) residing now somewhere in USA (earlier residing at Govindrao Park, Panigate). We were together at M.Sc/B.Sc Statistics, MSU. Where are you lost now? I am still in India and looking for you and all our other friends from college. Anyone who has related information, please email me. Kinnary Patel <prit_1982@yahoo.com> (April 19, 2005)

Kiran Athale
Hi, all my friends all over ... Middle East, Canada and lastly in USA. Hey, where are u all? I was in JM Junior High School, MC High School and in the MSU cricket team. I am still working in hotels. I miss DN Hall Tea Stall, Prahlad Bhajia and Gaylord Tea. I am searching for all my friends of the great exciting city of Baroda, specially Manish Patel, Jayesh Patel, Mayur Patel (Baroda High School), Avi Patel (Ex Surya Palace), etc. I am in Washington, DC, USA. Kiran Athale <kiranathale2002@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Kiran Kantilal Shah
Faculty of Technology & Engineering, B.E.Civil in 1972. Presently in Houston, Texas, USA. Kiran Kantilal Shah <TeNniSChOkRi02@email.msn.com>

Kiran Kulkarni
As a postgraduate (M.Sc, 1979-81) student I had an opportunity to stay in Baroda. The city has enchanted me. Presently, I'm in business at my native Nasik in Maharashtra. I don't miss any opportunity to visit Baroda. My wife Anjali is also from Baroda (it is just a coincidence; mine is an arranged marriage). Life in the Microbiology Department was very tough but still we, a batch of 20, used to ride on bicycles for miles together especially to Roopam. I would love to revive contacts with anyone who knew me, batchmates/hostelites (VS Hall), all are welcome from any corner of the world. Kiran Kulkarni <kiranfos@satyam.net.in> (April 6, 2002)

Kiran Patel
I am now a pharmacist in California, USA, and really missing my sweet, lovely Baroda. Our Baroda is our Baroda. I miss the food of 'South Corner', Dayal ni Patice, Jagdish ni bhakharvadi, Payal na khaman, tam-tam, Trupti nu sev-usal, Rich nu pan. For most I am really missing my Alkapuri and so many other things. Kiran Patel <donecpatel111@hotmail.com> (June 7, 2002)

Kiran R. Patel
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (1981 Batch). Have Fun. Address: Xerox Information Management/AIM, Message Broker Software Development, 161 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY, USA. Phone: (716) 423-6818.Fax: (716) 423-3873. Kiran R. Patel <kiran.r.patel@usa.xerox.com>

Kirit Parikh (Tiniyo)
BE (Electrical, 1974), Navnirman expert, presently living in Texas (228 Meadowhill Drive, Benbrook, Texas 76126, USA. Ph: 817-249 4931). I have my own business in promotional printing: T-shirts, caps, tote bags, clocks, magnetic key chains, and many more. I miss Baroda, specially my Amdavadi Pole and Raopura. Let us get together. Jay Saibaba. Kirit Parikh <KIRITPARIKH@HOTMAIL.COM>

Kirit Patel
I was in Padipole, near Mandvi, from 1944 to 1968. I studied in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School and Baroda Medical College (1962-67). Dr. Kirit Patel <kiritpatel1944@yahoo.com> (November 29, 2005)

Kirit Patel
I am looking for friends from H.V. Shroff Memorial High School (1954-60). I am Kirit Patel, of Padipole, Baroda. Kirit Patel <kiritpatel1944@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kirtan Gandhi
I studied in Bright English Medium School (12th in 1993). I look forward to get in touch with some of my friends. I lived in Kalyannagar Society, Karelibaug. My parents ran Tiny Tots pre-nursery. Kirtan Gandhi <Milinds@aol.com> (November 29, 2005)

Kirtan Pandya
I was at Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya. I did B.E. from S.P. University. I am right now in Gujarat Online Ltd. in networking field. Kirtan Pandya <kirtan10@hotmail.com>
(October 30, 2001)

Kirtan Shah
I completed my 12th grade in 1993 from BHS (Bagikhana).I would like to get in touch with all my high school friends. Thanks baroda-online for doing such a wonderful job! Kirtan Shah <kirtan_shah@yahoo.com>

Kirti K. Shah
I am a doctor. I used to live at 21 Gangavihar Society, Gotri Road, Vadodara. Now I am in United States residing at 2232,N. McCord Road, Toledo, Ohio 43615, USA. Ph: 419-842-9961. Kirti K. Shah <Sanhem2@hotmail.com>

Kirti Matroja
Hi all you folks from Baroda. I miss Baroda and its Garba, and my friends from the Polytechnic (1987). I worked for Simplex Concrete Piles, came to USA in 1993, finished my B.S. in Computer Engineering from UIC Chicago. I went to school in many different places: Chhota Udepur, Pavi Jetpur, Limkheda, Dhudhia, Tintoi, etc. If any one notices me from any of the school places feel free to contact me. I had a golden time in Baroda. I used to live in Tilaknagar Society, Ajwa Road. I hope I will find some friends through this. Kirti Matroja <kmatroja@yahoo.com>

Kirti Vinubhai Patel
I passed SSC in 1975 from Shreyas Vidyalaya, did Pre-Science at MSU in 1976, then enrolled to study Pharmacy in MSU, after which I went to Ahmedabad for further studies. I left India in late 1980 for England, where I studied further to receive accreditation from the local Pharmaceutical Society. I am now working for a Pharmaceutical company, which was founded by me, as the Chief Operating Officer. We sell and market our products in over 60 countries. My wife's name is Tanuja. I have two children: Arjun and Krishna. My parents still live in Baroda and our family business in Baroda is known by the name of Gujarat Bolts and Nuts Corporation, Nagarwada. I look forward to being contacted by friends and colleagues with whom I have lost contact. We are at Woldingham, Surrey. Kirti Vinubhai Patel <kvp58@hotmail.com>

Kishor Patel
Hello fellow Tabelians. If you are not already part of our group, please contact me at your earliest convenience. From batch of 1976 'A' Division class of 44, we are already connected with 22 classmates, and further 20 from 'B' Division, and new discoveries are being made weekly. We are also scheduled for a reunion cruise in August 2004 from Florida to Bahamas, with 50 persons now Confirmed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Baroda's special charm and attachment is still pulling us together. Kishor Patel <Kishor_b_patel@yahoo.com> (January 23, 2004)

Kishor Patel
I am from Baroda High School (class of 1975/76). I am currently in Canada and would like to contact all from that group. Kishor Patel <kishor_b_patel@yahoo.com> (April 6, 2002)

Kishor Patel
I am from Tankal village, near Billimora, Navsari. I lived in Baroda from 1984 to 1989 for B.E. Electrical degree from MSU Techo. I was in R.T. Hall. Baroda is a wonderful city. Every time I go to India, I visit Baroda. I go to R.T. Hall also to refresh my memory. I did M.S. in Computer Science at OSU, Stillwater, OK, USA. I am working in Nortel Networks since 1993 and living in Garland, Texas. Kishor Patel <kishorp2000@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kishor Solanki
I am in Germany, as a software professional. I did B.Sc. in MSU and B.E. in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Kishor Solanki <ksname@yahoo.com>

Kishor Vaidya
I was in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School from 1961 to 1968. If anyone knows me please reply. At present I am in New Jersey, USA. Kishor Vaidya <kishor@inter-planet.com> (January 23, 2004)

Kishor Vaidya
I passed SSC from M.C. High School (Salatwada) in 1971 and did B.E. Electrical from MSU Techo in 1977. I am working in a German company for a hydropower project in Uttaranchal. Kishor Vaidya <krvaidya04@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kishore C. Purohit
I worked in Eureka Forbes in 1988/89. Then I left for DXB. I am working for a duty-free shop as shop in-charge. I miss Baroda as it has given me the work experience plus good friends and relatives. My grandfather was the principal at MSU Music College. I miss the people of Baroda; they are very loving, plus I miss the Maa Aarkee garba. All Barodians who know me, please contact me. Thanks Baroda-Online for hosting this web page. Keep it up! Kishore C. Purohit <rknivas@emirates.net.ae>

Kishore K. Chokshi
I did B.Sc. and M.Sc. from MSU. From 1971 I worked in Public Health Laboratory on Race Course Road. I came to USA in 1977. Since 1985 I am working at Exxon Mobil Chemical Company. I am now in Baytown, Texas, USA. Kishore K. Chokshi <kishore.k.chokshi@exxonmobil.com> (May 31, 2003)

Komal Pattni
I am from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I completed 10th from Baroda High School in 1992-93. I am now in Houston, Texas, USA. I am looking for Pramit Patel, Rachna Pandya, Sunira Patel, Prerna Goswami, Jigisha Patel, Ajay Patel, Aditi Sheth, Priyanka Mathur, Purvi Desai, Heema Thakkar, Ketan Patel and many more. Komal Pattni <komalpattni@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

Krina Patel
I am a high school student in California, USA. I used to live in Baroda and I used to go to Vidya Vihar School and also IPCL School. So I would like to see my school and my friends and all my teachers. I read all news and latest events everyday. I really like this site .... and especially I like the 'Chhupe Ho Kahan' and 'Yahan Hai Hum'. I love to read people's opinions. I hope you help me out to find some of my old friends and teachers. Krina Patel <krina11@aol.com> (June 24, 2003)

Krishnakant Pandit
I am from Bhavan's (1989-90). I am presently living in Florida, USA. I would sure like to get in touch with my old friends. If anybody still remembers me please contact me. Krishnakant Pandit <krispandit@cs.com> (May 31, 2003)

Krunal Pinakin Patel
I was born and raised in Baroda. I was in Baroda for over 21 years. I lived in Damodar Nagar, Tarsali. I was in New Era High School, Makarpura (12th Science in 1999) and BE (Info. Tech) from Mehsana Engineering College, Mehsana. Then I moved to Toronto, Canada. I miss Baroda too much. Krunal Pinakin Patel <krunalpatel81@hotmail.com> (October 09, 2004)

Krupal Shah
I did B.E. Mechanical (2003) from MSU Techo. Schooling was from Sayaji High School. Now I am doing M.Tech at IIT Delhi. Krupal Shah <krups_mech@yahoo.com> (April 11, 2005)

Kaushik Patel(Kadoo)
I studied in great school of Baroda ‘EXPERIMENTAL’. I used to stay in Kapdi Pole, Raopura. I am in USA now. I am looking for my school friend Meera O. Patel of Piramitar Road, Dandia Bazar (she is also in USA). Kaushik Patel (Kadoo) <kaushikpatel@india.com> (April 11, 2005)

Krutarth Choksi
Hello there good friend Baroda! out there from my past that I visited only in my dreams whetting my desire to see her again. And here you were standing beside me I never knew you were as close as my keyboard. I remember the seventies … Baroda Medical College, Sursagar boating, royal sunsets on Raj Mahal Road .... so write anyone who trips down memory lane now on cyberpath... Krutarth Choksi, USA <kchoksi@adelphia.net>
(June 22, 2002)

Kshitij Shah
I was in Convent of Jesus & Mary School and presently doing Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Bradley University, Illinois, USA. It has been the sweet memories in school which always linger and keep me charged. I remember Baroda, the school and my friends. I am hoping that my batchmates and some of the juniors in my school and college (MSU Techo, Mechanical) remember me and recognise me. I will be glad to hear from anyone of you. Kshitij Shah <kshah1000@yahoo.com> (March 8, 2002)

Kulwinder Singh (Kullu)
Hi friends. I graduated from Faculty of Arts (Economics & Sociology) and did Mass Communication course from MSU. I am working in Mumbai with an Indian portal called http://www.sawaal.com as an Editorial Manager. I am looking out for all my school (Kendriya Vidyalaya EME) and college friends. I would love to be in touch with my good old friends and foes too. I have spent the best part of my life in Baroda especially near the Arts Faculty canteen and Dairy Den circle. Radha, Anjan, Mona, Chetan, Varishu, Divya, Vinita, Divya M, Chetna, Sangram, Lokesh et al where are you guys? In case someone is left out, please don't feel bad. Send a line to me. I'll get back to you. Kulwinder Singh <kuls@sawaal.com>

Kumar Sheth
I was born in Baroda in 1943 and in 1950 we moved to Bombay. I did my school and college in Bombay. In 1980 I moved to USA and I work as CADD Designer in Los Angeles. I still have a house in Baroda and once in a while I come and visit over there. My whole family resides in USA. Kumar Sheth <Sheth@TrenchTeam.com>

Kumud Chauhan
I studied in Maharani High School and did M.Sc. from MSU in 1983. I live in Fremont, CA, USA since 1998. Kumud Chauhan <k_chauhan@yahoo.com> <desimadam@hotmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kunal Almoula
I studied in Shreyas Samarpan Vidyalaya, passed out in 1994 and did B.E. (Mech) from Pune. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science in Chicago, USA. Those who know me can mail me. Kunal Almoula <kalmoula@hotmail.com>

Kunal Patel
I am from Baroda (earlier in Mari Mata lane but then moved to Akota). I did my schooling (12th Std in 1994) from Shreyas Samarpan, Manjalpur. I had an opportunity to study under B.G. Bhatt, R.K. Patel, Kalpana Madam, Sheikh Sir, Mammu and Babbu. Perhaps these names might make somebody recall me. I did my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from B.V.M College (VV Nagar). I worked in Larsen & Toubro for 3 long years, and am currently pursuing my MS in Industrial Engineering at Wichita State University, Kansas, USA. Feel free to contact me for any information you need and u think that I can be of any help in getting that. Kunal Patel <patelkuns@hotmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Kunal Shah
I want to get in touch with my schoolmates from Shreyas Vidyalaya, Manjalpur. I completed 12th Science in 1999. Now I am in Ahmedabad working as a VLSI Engineer in a US company. I am really missing Baroda. Kunal Shah <kunal@einfochips.com> (October 09, 2004)

Kunal Shastri
This is Kunal Parikh from Sydney, Australia. I was in Shaishav School (SSC batch 1996-97) and Baroda High School (HSC batch 1998-99). If you wish to contact me please e-mail me. Stay in touch. Kunal Parikh <kunal_shastri@hotmail.com>

Kunjan Desai
Hi! I had spent the best 5 years of my life in Baroda (1990-1995). The memories are still fresh and cherished. I loved the city and I do miss it. I did my Masters in Clothing & Textiles, Home Science. I am wanting to get in touch with a good friend, Priya Patodia. I am also looking for Kavita Bishnoi, who I think is based in Austin. I have settled in San Jose, California, USA, since 1997. Kunjan Desai <saggitarian_98@yahoo.com>

Kuntal Parikh (Papu)
I studied in Shreyas High School (Polo Ground) from 1965 to 1976. Many of us from the school are in USA. I am in Atlanta, GA. I hope that we will (all Shreyas students) stay in touch forever. I would like to form Shreyas Alumni Group over here in USA. Would you like to join Shreyas Alumni Group? Kuntal Parikh <kuntal1us@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Kuntesh Panchal
Hello friends. I was born and brought up in Baroda and I am presently in UK. I did my schooling in Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and graduated in Industrial Engineering from MSU. I would like to get in touch with my friends of Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and MSU (Faculty of Technology). I miss Baroda very much. It's very good of Baroda Online to have pages like 'Yahan Hai Hum' and 'Chhupe Ho Kahan'. Baroda Online is a brilliant site. Please feel free to contact me. Kuntesh Panchal <kpanchal@freenetname.co.uk>

Kurang Mehta
I am studying in MSU (Third Year Electronics). I was in Navrachana School for last 11 years and passed my 10th Standard from there. I am now 21 years old. I invite all my old friends to mail me. New friends are also always welcome. Kurang Mehta <kurangmehta@hotmail.com>

Kushal Desai
This is for Baroda High School (Bagikhana), MSU Science and MSU Techo alumni. I miss all the lovely days in Baroda … woh laari par khana, woh msu (Mahakadi Sev Usal) par khana, and all the friends. I am now in Melbourne, Australia. Kushal Desai <kushaldesai@yahoo.com> (November 3, 2003)

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