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Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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I am from Karnataka, I happened to see this website. I was a student of MSU (1973-79). I did M.Sc in 1975. I stayed in S.J. Hall till 1980 and later moved to V.S. Hall. I did PhD from Botany Department. I am interested in getting in touch with my old friends of Baroda. I am working as a scientist at Mysore. Any of my friends from Baroda are welcome to contact me. G.A. Ravishankar <rgokare@yahoo.co.in> (May 29, 2004)

Gagandeep Singh
Hi all people from 1996-1998 Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's and 1998-2001 MSU Science Faculty. I am in Delhi these days and I miss all the fun I had with you all. Please get in touch with me. Gagandeep Singh <gagsingh@cisco.com> (April 29, 2006)

Ganesh Modak
I was brought up in Baroda. I used to stay in Manjalpur and have studied in Sabri Vidyalaya, Shreyas Vidyalaya and then in MSU Commerce. I used to play cricket for school and university as well as Baroda Cricket Association. I am looking for all the old friends who know me. Right now I am based in Oman. Ganesh Modak <ganeshmodak@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Gargi Patel
I was in Utkarsh School up to 1993 and I have spent 22 years in Baroda. I did B.Com from MSU (1998). I miss Baroda and all my friends a lot. I am now in USA. I would like to 'reunion' our Utkarsh group again. Gargi Patel <patelgargi@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Gaurang S. Patel (Gopu)
I graduated from Tejas Vidyalaya in 2000. I’m in 2nd year B.B.A. I'd like my fellow classmates to contact me on my new email address. Gaurang S. Patel (Gopu) <patelsince1982@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

Gaurang Shah
Hi! to all of my family members and friends, specially to my mummy-pappa. I have been to NJ since last year. I am missing my Baroda so much. It's part of my heart. I love my Baroda. Friends, Those who know me or want to be in touch with me, I am doing my master's in Computer Science at NJIT, NJ. I did my Bachelor's in chemical engg. from M.S. University, Baroda in July '97 batch. My email number is <gbs2868@oak.njit.edu>. with luv, Gaurang Shah.

Gaurang Shah
I am in Toronto, Canada. I was in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel School till HSC. You know I need to tell all guys over there that you are really lucky enjoying a lot and having fun at all good places like Barista, Chandan Cinema, Inox, etc. Here I am enjoying too but you know still I cannot be that much free that you can be. So for the guys who are willing to go abroad I have one advice: go for visit, not to stay forever as India is the best. And I can give in writing that after certain years the Indians who are living abroad will start migrating back to India. Gaurang Shah <gshah42@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Gaurang Vyas
Hi. I have done M.Com. from MSU and I am now in Sydney, Australia. Gaurang Vyas <gaurang_vyas@hotmail.com>. with luv, Gaurang Vyas.

Gaurav A. Patel
I came to Baroda in 1996 from USA and got admission in Ambe Vidyalaya, Sama-Savli. I came back to USA in 2002. During this span of time I made a lot of friends. So I am looking for friends who know me. I used to live with my Mama and the last three years with my Foi. Gaurav A. Patel <gauravloveme2000@yahoo.co.in> (May 31, 2003)

Gaurav Patel
I was in Shreyas Vidyalaya, Manjalpur, till 2nd grade and then Baroda High School, Bagikhana, which I left after passing 10th in 1995. I did Diploma (Mechanical) from MSU Polytechnic in 1997. I am now in USA, doing Business Administration at Arizona State University, Phoenix. I would love to hear from the people with whom I spent the golden years of my life. I have created a Yahoo group for BHS alumni where we could go down the memory lane and talk about our school days http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bhs1997. I am looking for my BHS friends Niral Patel, Himanshu Pradhan, Pranav Patel, Kaushal Matalia, Foram Shah, Kunjal Desai, Mittal Patel, Samrat Thorat and many more. I still remember how we used to run during recess time to reserve one of the many trees which we used to use as stumps to play cricket. Gaurav Patel <gauravpatel80@yahoo.com> (November 6, 2003)

Gautam Patel
Right now I am in USA. I love Baroda. I miss my Baroda. Gautam Patel <hatfieldtexaco@msn.com> (June 24, 2003)

Gaurish Devanshu Vaishnav
I am living in Birmingham, UK. I miss Baroda like anything. For the last 7 years I was at Baroda, studying in Shaishav School and then I did Bachelors from MSU. Since July 2003 I am living in Birmingham as I have came over here for my Masters. I miss my family like anything and also my friends. I miss my brother Harsh, Kirat and Fenil very much and friends like Gargi, Alay, Rushin, Rinku, Ankur, Sandy, Sulay and many more. I am very fond of cricket and I also used to play cricket for Rotary Club of Jawaharnagar, and my captain Amul Jikar taught me many useful techniques of cricket. This year I will surely miss the Jhaveri League and also the Corporate Tournament. I want to convey a message to them with the help of Baroda-Online that I am missing them a lot and will be back soon with them. Gaurish Devanshu Vaishnav <C03253390@students.uce.ac.uk> (November 6, 2003)

Gautam V. Pendse
I completed my education in MS University, Baroda. My major was chemical engineering. Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Chemical Engineering at the Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, USA. Gautam V. Pendse <gvpendse@mtu.edu>

Gazala Raza
I am looking for anyone who used to study with me in Navrachna (Class of 1984) and MSU Arts Faculty (1984-87), specially Nutan, Anita, Babita, Kavita Hora, Nirlipto Roy Choudhry, Shatru, Laxman, Anuradha Amin or any of the old gang who remembers me! Would love to get in touch again. Gazala Raza <gazalaraza@hotmail.com> (March 21, 2003)

Geetal Ramchandani
I finished from Convent of Jesus & Mary in 1992 and settled in Chicago,USA, since 1997. I miss my school days. I am looking for my old friends: Preeti Khode, Shilpa Ranadive, Alpa Padhiar, Meghna Patel, Kiranbir Kaur, Neema, Julie, Neepa, Lopa. Please contact me as soon as possible. Geetal Ramchandani <GEETSHAIL@aol.com> (October 30, 2001)

George Tharakan & Mini George
We have been in Saudi Arabia (PO Box 26572, Riyadh 11496)since the last three years. My parents are still in Gujarat. George Tharakan & Mini George <georgetharakan@yahoo.com> <george_70@hotmail.com>

Ghanshyam Bhatt
I was in Baroda from 1964 to 1982. I studied at New Era High School until 1972 and at MSU's Faculty of Commerce until 1976. I am currently in Connecticut, USA. I have been married for 24 wonderful years to my wife Anila, and we have a son (Prashant) who is studying at Northeastern University in Boston. If any of my old friends wish to contact me please e-mail me. Ghanshyam Bhatt <gkbhatt53@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Ghanshyam Panchal
Hi, This is Ghanshyam Panchal. My wife is Guddi and daughter Pankti. I lived in Baroda,Tarsali, Shantinagar. Now I am in US. I am working in AutoCAD.Ghanshyam Panchal <Pankti2@aol.com>

Gideon Morehouse
Born and bred in Baroda, I now raise farm animals of all sizes in a foreign country, just given to such activities. I loved my life in Baroda, and it is by no means in my past. The nature of my calling prevents me from being very enterprising in Baroda. Baroda is a truly great, sinless sublime city. Gideon Morehouse <gideon_morehouse@yahoo.com>
(May 31, 2003)

Gina Oswal
I've been a resident of Baroda for all of my 22 years. I did my schooling in Baroda High School, Alkapuri, and Rosary School and graduation from MSU last year. I moved to United Kingdom along with my husband. All I want to say is I miss Baroda like anything, my family, friends and all good/bad memories. There is no place like Baroda on this planet! Gina Oswal <gina14@rediffmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Gira Patel
Hi, everyone from Baroda. I attended Shreyas Vidyalaya and graduated in 1981. I used to live in Harishnagar, Karelibaug. I have one brother, Keyur I.Patel. Currently I am working with AIG in New York. I will love to hear from old schoolmates. Time to time, I miss Baroda. It is the best city in Gujarat. Gira Patel <Giraipatel@hotmail.com>

Giresh Hotwani
This is for Don Bosco and Baroda High School (ONGC) alumni. I am in search of my school mates: Rajbinder Singh Bhumra, Ashish, Joy Abraham, Ashish Khiste, Tony Paul, Tushar Tere, Sameer Kaduskar, Anubhav Sharma, Manorama Chauhan, Ruchita Shahani, Sonal More, Vandana Gupta, Mona Pali. Giresh Hotwani <Giresh501@hotmail.com>
(October 30, 2001)

Giriraj Srivastava
I am in Lebanon these days as an E-Business consultant. I graduated from MSU's Faculty of Science in 1999. I was doing Masters but fortunately I got a good break for work, and went ahead with my career to Mumbai, then to Korea, then back to Mumbai. I had a great time in Baroda. I hope to keep visiting Baroda. Giriraj Srivastava <hi_giriraj@yahoo.com> (June 24, 2003)

Girish Behal
I passed from Bright School, did diploma in Civil Engineering (1995) and passed from MSU Techo (1999). I was with L&T and am now leaving for USA.
(July 23, 2001) Girish Behal <girishbehal@lycos.com>

Girish Sule
Born in 1948, I am a Textile Technologist from MSU (Kalabhuvan). I love Baroda. I work in Nigeria and my family is in Bombay. Girish Sule <giri_sule@yahoo.com> (April 6, 2002)

Gopal Kote
I am looking forward to hearing from my M.Sc. (Physics)classmates and friends during 1967-69 at MS University of Baroda. I am here in California,USA. Where are you all my friends and who might remember me now? Please send me e-mail. I plan to visit Baroda within the next one year (after 32 years!), and if you are around, then lunch/dinner on me. Regards. Gopal Kote <gkote@home.com> <gopalkote@hotmail.com>

Gopal Pandit
Hi....This is Gopal here.I am in California and working with I.B.M.I am studying in Deanza college parttime and doing computer science.Life overhere is really interesting.My wife Meeta is also working with I.B.M, The biggest computer company in the world. My two daughters Megha and Priti are studying. <GPandit@aol.com>

Gordhan B. Patel
Graduated from MSU in 1964 and received M.Sc. Electronics,came to USA in 1964 and did MS in Physics, now disabled retired engineering manager,worked in Western Electric, RCA, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor & Micro Linear. Currently working on project to help the 5 % of Vadodara district villages, who need help for educational, cloth and food and selected Prayagpura village (4 miles from Dabhoi and 16 miles from Vadodara). If any Barodian wants to help, please contact me for the details. I will be thankful for listing, which will help the poorest children whose opportunity doors are closed. Thanks, G. B. Patel, 6102 Bollinger Rd., San Jose, CA 95129, USA. Ph: 408-446-0770. Gordhan B. Patel <gordhan@yahoo.com>

Guddi Panchal
Hi I am Barodian too, my name is Guddi Panchal, I finnished my graduation in MSU, B.Com. I came in USA 1995, I have one daughter 'Pankti'. She is 3 Year old. I am in usa but i love my india. MY PHONE 201-2960120. E-mail <GBuzzi1063@aol.com>

Gurinder Parhar
I did Commerce from M S University in 1995. I am currently living in Canada and working in the health care industry. I was living in Makarpura. Gurinder Parhar <gurinderparhar@hotmail.com> (March 8, 2002)

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