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YAHAN HAI HUM: Connects Barodians Wordwide
Write about yourself (school, college, work, family, etc.), your links with Baroda, where you are now and what you and your family are doing. Anyone with links to Baroda can be listed.

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Chanda Parlikar (Gaekwad)
I was in Baroda High School from 1980 to 1985. I wish to build contacts with my old friends again. Presently I am in California, USA. Those who know me, especially Jyoti Punjabi, Sandhya Agrawal, Mona, Payal, can contact me. Chanda Parlikar (Gaekwad) <chandaparlikar@hotmail.com> (April 6, 2002)

Chandan Chaudhuri
I lived in Baroda for over 8 years and am a MSU Economics graduate. There is no telling how much I miss you Baroda. I don't think I can find a place like you. The love, warmth, generosity extended to me by the people made all the difference. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and I am looking forward to visit you to show my love and respect for the beautiful city. The more time goes by the more I miss you. Chandan Chaudhuri <chandanchaudhuri77@yahoo.com> (April 2, 2005)

Chandan Pandit
I was in Baroda High (Bagikhana, 10th in 1989), moved to New Zealand in 2001, associated with postproduction film and TV company. Chandan Pandit <chandanpandit@hotmail.com> (May 29, 2004)

Chandrak Patel
Hi friends, I am Chandrak Patel from Columbus, Ohio. I am 16 years old. I am going to be in PSU next year. I have lived 15 years in Nalanda. I studied in Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidhyalaya (Ajwa Road). I like to make new friends all around the world especially Indian. I am interested in computers, internet and online games. Cricket, chess, and basketball are my favorite sports. Hindi music, I consider is da best. If you are interested in making me a pen pal, I would be glad to you. Just drop me a line at cpatel@via-net.net or chanc6@hotmail.com. my home page is http://www.chandrak.pardesi.com.

I am a Barodian, presently living in New Zealand. I was living in Wadi. I miss Baroda too much. I studied in Kalabhuvan. I did B.Sc., B.Sc. (Tech),1978 to 1981. My school was Shri Sayaji High School. Chandrakant <chandr@wave.co.nz> (October 30, 2001)

Chandramohan P. Batra
I was born and raised in Baroda. I am a graduate from Rosary School (1975) and MSU (MBBS in 1984 and MD in 1988). I work as a Faculty in Family Practice at Mercy Mayo Family Practice Programme at Des Moines, Iowa, USA. I do cherish nostalgic memories of Baroda. I would love to hear from all my friends. Chandramohan P. Batra <cbatra@mercydesmoines.org> (October 12, 2004)

I did my schooling from Gujarat Refinery School . Then I did BE Electronics and then MBA. At Present I am working as a Manager with Apollo Tyres Ltd. Chandresh <chans4u@rediffmail.com> (June 24, 2003)

Chandu Patel
I am now living in Toronto, Canada. I was in IPCL School, then did my diploma at MSU in 1990. I have represented Baroda, IPCL School and MSU in swimming at the national level various times. I miss all my swimming mates. I am married and have a beautiful daughter named Aditi. My wife Venu is also from Baroda; she did her schooling from IPCL School and Vidya Vihar and she is doing further studies at University of Toronto in Computer Programming. We both miss all our friends, so please do write to us. Chandu and Venu Patel <cpatel@home.com> (September 4, 2001)

Chandulal Sundarji Vithlani
I passed BE (Metallurgy) in 1974. Then went to IIT Kanpur for M. Tech (Metallurgy). Presently working as Test & Inspection Specialist with Equate Petrochemical Company. Address: Test & Inspection Specialist -CMD, PO Box 9717 Ahmadi, 61008 Kuwait. Ph: 00 965 3260326 ext 2427. Residence Phone/fax: 00 965 3713925. Chandulal Sundarji Vithlani <vithlacs@hotmail.com> <vithlacs@shb.equate.com>

Chaula Vora
I studied in Convent of Jesus & Mary and went on to pursue Medicine. I am currently doing Internal Medicine residency in Connecticut, USA. I miss Baroda, especially during festivals. It was so refreshing to see some of the familiar names on this web site. Chaula Vora <chaula.vora@eudoramail.com> (October 30, 2001)

Chetan H. Shah ('Chakko')
Hello, I am from Karolia Pole and my wife Usha is from Alkapuri. We have two handsome children: Sumukh, 10 yrs, and Anuj, 6 yrs. Faculty of Commerce 1974-78. Owner of Financial Planners (Investment Advisor and Accountant). All the best to my relatives, college and Karolia Pole friends. See you on Net. 1, Connery Cres., Markham, Canada L3S 3X2. Ph: 905-471-0201. Thanks to Baroda-Online. Chetan H. Shah ('Chakko') <FINSTOCK@SYMPATICO.CA>

Chetan M. Jain
Hi Friends, my name is Chetan and I studied in Jeevan Sadhana and passed my HSC in 1985. I graduated from M. S. University as a B.E: Electronics in 1989. I would like to contact my school and collage friends. You can contact me at my e-mail: <cm_jain@hotmail.com>. Thanx, Chetan Jain.

Chetan Rao
I studied at Shreyas Samarpan from 1980 to 1986 when I moved to UK. I lived around Dandia Bazar ... Piramita Road. I am currently looking for Shobhaben (now married in US), who was the younger girl of the Maharashtrian family next to Prabhat building, where I lived. Chetan Rao <chetrao@hotmail.com>

Chetna Patel
Hi, I am Chetna Patel, living in England for the last 26 years. I visited your site and it brought back tons of memories of Baroda. It's excellent. I lived in Baroda from 1969 to 1974 and went to Baroda High School. My elder sister Smita was also in this school. I am also looking to get in touch with some friends, classmates. I hope I find them. Please keep up the good work. Chetna Patel <chetna@midkent.co.uk>

Chhagan G. Radadia
I am now in Canada. I studied in the great MS University (Techo, 1976-81). I am missing Navratri and Baroda a lot. I hope you also must be feeling the same. I would like my old friends to get in touch with me. It would be a pleasure. Chhagan G. Radadia <cg_radadia@yahoo.com> (November 14, 2002)

Chintamani S. Khisti
Hi Barodian Guys n Gals! I completed B.Ss. (Statistics) in April 1997. I came back from Finland recently. I have been working with Nokia for 4 months. I am in Siemens Information Systems, Bangalore. I never forget you. I am missing lots of things like Home Science, D.N. Hall, Pali, Rangoli, etc. Chintamani S. Khisti <Chintamani.Khisti@sisl.co.in>

Chintan Patel
I left Rosary High School in 1994 after completing 11th. I made two trips to India and did not see most of you. Where are you fellows? Just curious to see how everybody is doing in their lives. Some of you might even have kids playing around you. I miss my school days and miss the fun we used to have in class. Miss you all. Write me! Chintan Patel <chintan_ppatel@yahoo.com> <chintanp@attbi.com> (June 24, 2003)

Chintan Shah
I studied in Bright English Medium School till 10th and then shifted to Rosary High School. I would like to meet my old colleagues. I am studying Masters of Biotechnology in The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. I would also like to help anyone who wishes to come here. Chintan Shah <c.shah@mailbox.uq.edu.au> (May 31, 2003)

Chintan Shah
I am now working in California, USA, and go to College at Calpoly, San Luis. I am looking for somebody from Waghodia Road. Chintan Shah <cshah@sjm.com> (November 18, 2002)

Chintan Singhvi
I was in Baroda from 1994 to 2000 and from 1980 to 1986. I was in IPCL School and did BBA from MSU. I used to stay at IPCL Township and later shifted to Race Course. Chintan Singhvi <chintan_singhvi@indiatimes.com> (November 6, 2003)

Chintan Thakkar
I went to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 5 years ago. Hopefully my teachers – Mr. Joseph Omen (Mathematics) and Mayur Sir (Hindi) – are all teaching there. I don't know if you will get this message or even remember me by now but thank you very much for your guidance and teaching while I was there. Also, my regards to friends over there who went to school with me: Bhavik Patel, Jigar Contractor and Kashyap Shah, miss you all a lot. Baroda has changed a lot in the 5 years that I have been here in the USA. I still miss it a lot and I will surely be back for the Pani Puri and Rajasthani Kulfi at Panigate. If anyone from the USA (Florida) or Baroda happens to know me, please email me. Chintan Thakkar <tintin557@yahoo.com> (November 14, 2002)

Chirag Amin
Hey guys, I am from Baroda. I used to live in Alkapuri (Ellora Park). Chirag Amin <chiragamin@hotmail.com>

Chirag B. Patel
I did 12th from Alembic Vidyalaya in 1993 and did B.E. Electronics from MSU Techo in 1997. I worked for Anjaleem for over 2 years. Now I am settled in PA, USA and work for CNT Corp as a Firmware Engineer. Chirag B. Patel <chipmap@hotmail.com> (November 3, 2003)

Chirag Dave
I am in USA now. I was in GSFC School, then Sardar Vinay Mandir and then Bhavnagar (Pharmacy college). Chirag Dave <C_DAVE2001@YAHOO.COM> (May 29, 2004)

Chirag G. Patel
Hi Fellow Barodians! I graduated from IPCL High School (English) in 1994 and moved to Fremont, California, USA, in 1996. I am doing my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering and will graduate in May 2002. I hope my fellow IPCL schoolmates and other friends contact me because I miss all the fun times we had together. Chirag G. Patel <bholaxi@yahoo.com> (November 03, 2001)

Chirag J. Shah
Hey Barodians! This is Chirag from New Jersey, USA. I did my schooling from Alembic Vidyalaya (1994) and B.E. from BVM (VVNagar). I have just completed my MS from NJIT, NJ. I would be very glad to hear from any of my school and college friends. I miss my Baroda and my beautiful Baroda days. Thanks to baroda-online for creating great site for Baroda. Chirag J. Shah <chiragjshah@lycos.com> (April 6, 2002)

Chirag Patel
I am Chirag Patel, a.k.a. Gabli that's what friends used to call me. Barodian until 1984. Went to Baroda High School Jr 2, In Alkapuri. Used to Live in Alkapuri Soc (Panch Bungla). Currently I Own and manage a Motel in Pennsylvania, USA and furthering my education in Computers. Any School Friends In the US, e-mail me and any friends from baroda or elsewhere who know me (or used to) Please e-mail me. e-mail Chirag@ptd.net or Army45@hotmail.com

Chirag Patel
Hi Barodians! I was (am) a proud Barodian until 1996. I studied at Shreyas with my buddies Vipul Shah (2 Nos.), Sheetal Shah, Shreyas Kothari, Bharat Patel, Preeti Nayak, Prakash, Hitesh Chokshi and ....... If any of you read this message, I'd like to hear from you and all my classmates. I miss you and Baroda, Sursagar, Kalyan, Dairy Den. I immigrated to Canada in 1996 and since 1998 I am in US working as Computer Programmer Analyst. I am settled in beautiful state of California. I will eagerly wait for your response. Chirag Patel <chiragp@email.com>

Chirag Patel
I am from UK and my native place is Anand-Vallabh Vidyanagar. I miss India very much and also all festivals which I have celebrated in India and also my friends at VV Nagar. Chirag Patel <chiragtoswati@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Chirag Patel
Friends used too call me CM. I left India in 1995 and never visited again. I am now in Fullerton, California, USA. I did 12th at Navjeevan High School and now I have B.S in Computer Science. I want to say hello to my friends Paresh, Jiger, Kiran, Ashish, Kalpesh, Sameer, Komal, Falguni, Sarita, Sweta, Hiral, Sonal, Parul, Chaitali, Kamini. Chirag Patel <desibabu2812@hotmail.com> (November 29, 2005)

Chirag Rathod
Schooling: Basil School. Passed 12th in 1994. Graduation: B.E Computer Science from MSU. Graduated 1998. Currently: Oracle, Bangalore. Chirag Rathod <chirag_rathod@yahoo.com>

Chirag S. Patel
I cleared 12th from Basil in 1996 and did B.Sc. Instrumentation from MSU. Later on went on to do my MCA and I am now on deputation for some projects in China. Chirag S. Patel <patelchirag_s@hotmail.com> (April 15, 2004)

Chirag Rathod
I had my education from the best school Alembic Vidyalaya. I left school and Baroda to join my lovely parents here at Toronto, Canada. I miss Baroda lots. Please feel free to contact me. Chirag Rathod <rathodhanif@hotmail.com>

Chirag Shah
I studied in Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya. I came to Australia in February 2004. I have done BCA at Ahmedabad and I love Baroda very much and miss it a lot. Anybody who wants to know more about Australia from me can contact me. Chirag Shah <chro_17@yahoo.com> (October 09, 2004)

Chirag Shah
Hi! My name is Chirag Shah. I am doing my BS in Computer Science at NJIT in USA. I went to Jeevan Sadhna High School until 12th grade. I was very popular in school for being beaten up by other kids and also for affairs.... I was a class rep. My best buddy was Kinjal Bhatt. I am looking for my schoolmates. Please contact me. Chirag Shah <lukkho@aol.com> <prem0277@hotmail.com>

Chirayu Desai
I was in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School and did B.Sc Statistics from MSU (2003). I completed B.C.A. from IGNOU in 2003. I am now in London, UK, for higher studies. Chirayu Desai <chilly_loveu@yahoo.com> (November 29, 2005)

Chirayu S. Shah
I was born and raised in Baroda (feels very good for saying my city's name). I was in Baroda for over 18 years. I lived in Ahmedavadi pole, Kadva Sheri, Raopura. I was in Sayaji Vidya Vihar (Polo Ground and then near Khanderao Market) up to 9th and then went to Jeevan Sadhna for 10th. I did MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) course from Baroda Institute of Science. I am in USA for last years. I live in Philadelphia, PA. I have a degree in Business Management and am currently working with Fleet Bank. But for some reason, I miss Baroda too much. I went to Baroda twice and I always had hard time to come back to USA. I miss all the festivals and celebrating them. I miss the people who had feelings for me. And here in USA everybody is selfish. No matter where I go in my life, I will always remember Baroda and Barodians for what they are and never forget them. In future, someday I will return to my hometown Baroda for good. If anybody knows me then please don't hesitate to write to me. I would love to hear from Barodians. Chirayu S. Shah <chirayu21@hotmail.com> (March 15, 2003)

Chirayu Shah
Wass up Barodians? I finished schooling in Experimental High School and left for USA. I recently finished my Bachelors in CIS and am working for a multinational company in Wisconsin. All the fellow Barodians who know me or would like to know me, feel free to email me. Chirayu Shah <barodian4life@yahoo.com> (November 14, 2002)

Chitrang Shah
I was in St. Mary's High School (Rajkot) from 1982 to 1989, Sardar Vinay (Baroda) till 1996 and then Rosary High School till 1998. I wish to build contacts with my old friends again. Presently I am in Calgary, Canada. Those who know me, especially Sonal, Parthiv, Prashant, Pratik, Arpan, can contact me. Chitrang Shah <shahchitrang@yahoo.com> (May 31, 2003)

Chop Bahadur Malla (Ram)
Hi. Well known as Ram, I was born and brought up in Baroda. I was at Gujarat Refinery School and am now in UK doing my undergraduate study. I was a player in the Providence Football Club which is the champs in the state. So all my friends (like Bobby, Pradeep, Chet, Magsingh, Thaps, Yaseen, Binesh, Arun, Tripathi): "Hey! How are you, man?" Chop Bahadur Malla (Ram) <chop_mall@yahoo.com>

Christopher Rose
My Mom was a teacher in Convent School. I moved on from the Convent (CJM) to a boarding school, came back to do my +2 and college in MSU. My brain shrinks to try and figure out the guys in our group. Some of them were Gordon, Trevor Naronah, Geeta from Anand, Anjali and Seema Sampat. I used to work at Express Hotel. Those days were something! I am now in Canada working as a Director of Operations handling North America and Canada for Hilton International. Any one in Canada I know? Christopher Rose <chrisjoy_rose@hotmail.com> (April 2, 2005)

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