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  • 22nd Parallel (South Indian Cuisine)
  • Azure Restaurant
    (Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace)
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Mainland China
  • Rasthal Gujarati Thali
Mainland China
Where ingredients dance with spices and sauces

Contrasting flavours and spices are combined to bring out a sense of balance on the plate, a concept of Yin and Yang. You can feel the flavours, textures and the aroma intermingle and form the perfect blend of heavenly taste. Sauces, ingredients and spices are handpicked from provinces such as Guangdong, Hunan and fresh markets of Beijing, after which masterchefs scour for original recipes and new methods to add more to your meal.

The Great Wall of China extends for 3,000 miles from the Bohai Sea to the Gobi desert, guiding a mysterious and immense empire centuries old. Beyond the Great Wall lies ancient China, blessed with sensitivity and a playful inventiveness. Of its innumerable legacies to the world outside, none stands out more than its colourful and stunning tradition of fine food.

Surely no cuisine on earth can match the diversity of Chinese cuisine. Within its range, there will be something to satisfy every palate. From the tongue-teasing spices of Sichuan province in the south, to the painstakingly ceremonial festival entrees of Beijing; from the subtle, and seductive combinations of Guangdong province (modern day Canton) to the robustly aggressive gravies of Hunan and the enigmatic and nearly magical spice mixtures of Fukien province.
The secret of good taste lies largely in the freshness of the ingredients, and in their harmonious  combination – a good Chinese chef knows this. A couple of well-chosen spices can do a divine dance with crisp vegetables picked from the bough, cut artistically, and mixed with succulent cuts of meat. All depend on the cook’s sense of timing and innovation.

Excess marks the amateur; subtlety signals the master chef. Above all, no ingredient must yield to another. Each should stand out proud and glorious, in perfect competition with everything else.

This is the kingdom of Mainland China, beyond the Great Wall. A place where all dreams come true.
The five key ingredients

These are the five guiding values that distinguish every offering from every Speciality Restaurant, and impart a unique character to our guest's experience.

Authenticity : Our dishes are utterly true to their ethnic and geographical origins, while retaining their place in history and culture. Cuisines from antiquity are revisited. To preserve their authenticity, therefore, karigars and master chefs are specially brought in, and given free rein to experiment, improvise and innovate.

Ingredient Selection : A vital part of a dish's authenticity lies in its use of only the prescribed ingredients. These are sourced with a nose for their culinary correctness from scattered and obscure locations... from the by rural trails of China to the hustle and bustle of Calcutta.

Technical expertise in food preparation and flavour creation : A core knowledge area that belongs even at the highest management levels at Speciality Restaurants... which of course includes the senior chefs. Their skill-sets extend to provisioning, menu planning, decor and ambience, table service, and other essentials of restaurant management.

An obsession with detail, down to the smallest particulars of service, hygiene, kitchen routines and even the greeting of guests.

Honouring the guest is at the heart of the Speciality Restaurant experience. It's a tendency to fuss over our diners, to anticipate their needs, to be helpful without intruding, and to be alert to their wishes.

Bell E Vista Compex, Chakli Circle,
Race Course, Vadodara  390 007
Timings: 12.30 P.M. - 3.30 P.M. & 7.30 P.M. - 11.30 P.M.
Phone: +91 265-2324277
Email: mlcvadodara@gmail.com
Website: www.speciality.co.in

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