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Chhupe Ho Kahan? A Quest For Friends & Relatives
Are you looking for some Barodian or ex-Barodian (anywhere in the world) from whom you have somehow drifted away? Send us a message for that person. He or she ? or a mutual friend ? may see your message and contact you. Forgotten relationships can be revived, if you want.

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For Baroda High and MSU Techo alumni
Hi to all Barodians. I lived in Bajwada and subsequently in Karelibaug, Baroda. I did all my schooling in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and graduated from BHS in 1986. I graduated from MSU Techo in 1991 with Mechanical Engineering. I had aliases such as Hitler and Swami. If any of you still remember me, I will be more than happy to get in touch with you. Vikas Patel <vikas.patel@gm.com>

For Bright School alumni
Hi everybody from Niral Patel. I was in Bright High School, Karelibaug, and my residence is at VIP Road. Currently I am at USA doing my Computer Engineering at University of Bridgeport. I feel this place is very very cold and there are no jalsas like at Baroda. My friends can contact me. Niral Mukeshbhai Patel <niral_swami@hotmail.com>

For Convent School alumni
I studied at Convent of Jesus and Mary (1995) and graduated from MSU (1998). I am currently employed in Columbus, Ohio, USA as a programmer. I am not really sure which of my classmates are in USA, but I am pretty sure there are quite a few of them out here. I would be glad to hear from them. Ciao! Meghana Donga <meghna_donga@yahoo.com>

For Rajendra N. Patel
Hello Rajendra N. Patel (Pathiya), where are you? Sudhir <sunilmpatel@juno.com>

For MSU Science alumni (1967-69)
I am looking forward to hearing from my M.Sc. (Physics) classmates and friends during 1967-69 at MS University of Baroda. I am here in California, USA. Where are you all my friends and who might remember me now? Please send me e-mail. I plan to visit Baroda within the next one year (after 32 years!), and if you are around, then lunch/dinner on me. Regards. Gopal Kote <gkote@home.com> <gopalkote@hotmail.com>

For Charu Acharya, Ph.D
Hi! Looking for my friend, Charu Acharya. She did her Ph.D in Physics from MSU around 1977. Working in Ahmedabad, I heard. Please contact me. I am in Chicago these days. Phiroze (Phil) Lakhani <plakhani@fullaudio.com>

For Setu Pandya
I am searching for Setu Pandya who was in Alembic School and MSU Techo (Computer Science). Setu, where are you? Please contact me. Hemali Mankodi <hemalim@usa.net>

For Experimental School and MSU Polytechnic alumni
Suno gor se duniya walo buri nazar naa hum pe dalo …..chahe jitna jor lagalo sabse aage honge HINDUSTANI. Proud to be INDIAN, especially a BARODIAN. Hey Guys, is there anyone who knows me? I am in Houston, Texas, USA. I am 20 years old. I was living in Mehsananagar. I did 10th from Experimental School in 1995 and Diploma in Civil Engineering from our greatest college MSU Polytechnic in 1998. Nirav J. Patel <niravjpatel@yahoo.com>

For Navjeevan High alumni and Bhargav G. Ghandi, Jigar Patel, Shilpa Patel (Batuk) and Safina
Hi guys...I am looking for my buddies from Navjeeven High School. I came to New Jersey, USA, when I was in 9th grade. Since then I have not seen or talked to most of my group. People, I miss you all. I miss talks with Bhargav (problem solver and the most modest of all), teasing of Jigar and fights with Shilpa, and of course I miss Safina (SJ). Man, I miss our class with Bharatbhai Rana (the best teacher), Babubhai, Amina Madam, Shobha Madam. Well, I hope to get in touch with any of u guys soon. Jaimini Patel <NjGujuCuty@aol.com>

For Sudha Trivedi
I am looking for Sudha Trivedi who did her Ph.D from MSU's Faculty of Psychology in late 1960s. Harshad Desai <harshaddesai@yahoo.com>

For MSU Social Work alumni
I passed BA in 1960 and MSW in 1962 from MSU. I would be happy to hear from classmates and other MSW alumni. Harshad Desai <harshaddesai@yahoo.com> <Andyswami@cs.com>

For Niki Shah
I am studying in Bright School, Baroda. My friend Niki Shah is there in Ahmedabad; she stays in Paldi. Please help me to find her. Arpit Christian <arpit_christian2000@yahoo.com>

For MSU Techo alumni
I am a Civil Engineer currently residing in Chicago, USA. I completed civil engineering from MS University in 1982. Paresh Thakkar <mrpkt@yahoo.com>

For Baroda High and Rosary alumni
I am a Civil Engineer currently residing in Chicago, USA. I completed civil engineering from MS University in 1982. Paresh Thakkar <mrpkt@yahoo.com>

For MSU Science and MSU Techo alumni
Hi, my name is Atul Shah (Tabli). I did my B.Sc. Physics in 1973 and B.E. Electronics in 1976, from MSU. I am in USA since 1981. I like to hear from all my B.Sc. as well as B.E. classmates. Atul Shah <a-shah2@ti.com> <M2@houston.rr.com>

For Shreyas, MSU Science and MSU Fine Arts alumni
I am now in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, and looking for my old classmates and college mates who studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Polo Ground) from 1970 to 1975, MSU (B.Sc. Zoology, 1976-78) and MSU (Fine Arts, 1978-84). Hi Barodians, if you see this mail please contact me. Bharat S. Vyas <muchadd@hotmail.com> <muchadd2001@yahoo.co.in>

For Convent School alumni
Hi everybody! This is Urvi Bhatt, formerly Urvi Donga. I was in Convent of Jesus & Mary, in Red House, and was known as Donga. I passed out in 1993 and did B.Sc. (Zoology, 1994-96, MSU). Right now I am in Dallas, Texas and I really miss all my old friends. If anybody remembers me please be free to write me a line or two. I stay with my husband Jigar Bhatt and son (Dhruv, 4 years old). I used to live in Ellora Park. I came here in 1999 but I really miss all my friends and family . My parents still live in Ellora Park and my youngest sister is still in Convent. I really miss my Baroda and I am a real 'deshbhakt' cause my son's birthday is on 15th August 1997 (50th year of Indian independence). Urvi Donga (now Urvi Bhatt) <urvi_b@yahoo.com>

For Maharani Girls High School alumni and Bhadra Mehta, Hansa R. Shah, Hansa Patel, Vidya Patel, Shirin Guy, Kutsia Abbasi, Monika Shah, Pratima Thakar, Renuka Patel, Snehlata Vasdia, Illa and Usha Saraiya, Nalini Patel, Asha Mehra and Minakshi Shah
Hi, I am Sumedha Munshi. My maiden name was Majmudar. This Baroda site made me nostalgic. I used to live on Rajmahal Road. I was a student of Maharani Girls High School. Then I joined MSU for my undergraduate and graduate work. I have been living in the United States with my family for a long time now. I remember so many of my friends from school and college. They are Bhadra Mehta, Hansa R. Shah, Hansa Patel, Vidya Patel, Shirin Guy, Kutsia Abbasi, Monika Shah, Pratima Thakar, Renuka Patel, Snehlata Vasdia, Illa and Usha Saraiya, Nalini Patel, Asha Mehra and Minakshi Shah. I get to see Daksha Shah, Sharad Mehta and Hansa Amin whenever I visit Baroda. If any of you my friends come across this site, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. Sumedha Munshi <MayankandSumedha@aol.com>

For Rosary School, MSU Commerce and MSU Science alumni
This is Pravin Kotecha and Rekha Kotecha (earlier Rekha Unadkat). We are living in Leicester, UK. Pravin studied at MSU's Faculty of Commerce. Rekha is from Rosary School, followed by MSU's Faculty of Science (Maths). We would love to hear from all Barodians. Pravin Kotecha & Rekha Kotecha <prarekha@hotmail.com>

For Dimpal Patel, Mona Shah, Mitu Patel, Shilpa Maheshvari, Anju Agarwal and Bright School alumni
I am looking for my friends Dimpal Patel, Mona Shah, Mitu Patel, Shilpa Maheshvari, Anju Agarwal. Hey friends, if u come across this message please do write to me. We used to study together at Bright English Medium School between 1977 and 1983. I left India in 1982 and I miss u all. Divya Vyas <dafoudill@hotmail.com>

For MSU Techo alumni
I lived in Ambalal Park, Karelibaug. I did B.E. (Electrical) from the great MSU Techo. I miss my Baroda, Baroda na jalsa, and friends. I am at present in New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, doing MS in Electrical Engineering. I will really appreciate contacts if someone from my city would like to. Jay Shah <jay@webshah.com>

For Baroda High and MSU Techo alumni
I am Nitin Kulkarni presently in New Jersey (Scotch Plains), USA. I am working in New York with Guardian Life Insurance. I am a 1994 graduate in Electronics Engineering from MSU and I did my schooling in Baroda High School, Jr. 2, Alkapuri. I am missing Baroda a lot and would like to relive old moments with friends in the US and around the world. Nitin Kulkarni <nituspost@yahoo.com>

For Bright School and MSU Techo alumni
I stayed in Karelibaug for nearly 20 years. I studied at MSU Techo (Computer Science, MCA, passed out in 1997). My most memorable moments are of MSU as I enjoyed a lot studying in this university. I did my Bachelors at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University at Vallabh Vidyanagar. Yet another school that I attended, full of discipline and terror, that I can never forget is the Bright English Medium School. Address: 112 C Hamilton Road, Mapleshade, NJ 08052, USA. Ph: 856-755-9399. Sajan Patel <sajanpatel@hotmail.com>

For Payal Patel
Hi, my friend Payal Patel. We were..? are best pals, we used to swim, eat together at Polo Club. Hey Payal, it's me Hema, Hema Hirani, remember? I desperately want to get in touch with you. Hema Upadhyay <uhema@hotmail.com>

For Experimental School and MSU Home Science alumni
I grew up in Sayajigunj, went to Experimental School (1968) and graduated in 1972 from Home Science (MSU). I have been in USA since 1972, but miss Vadodara very much. I visit India often and see some of my Experimental School friends. I would love to hear from any of my Baroda friends. Bhavana (Bobbie) Jhala <bobbiejhala@hotmail.com>

For Maharani Girls School and MSU Science alumni
I am in Cheltenham, UK. I spent 26 years in Baroda. My family and friends are still in Baroda. I was in Maharani Girls High School and then did M.Sc. (Maths, MSU). I have many good memories about the time I spent in Baroda. I never forget that. Whenever I see something about Baroda or hear any news about Baroda I feel so good. Baroda is the best city in the world. I love Baroda and will forever love it. Thank you very much to let me tell something about my city. Rachana Patel (Tina) <RACHANA@patel311270.fsnet.co.uk>

For Balubhai, Pritibhabhi and Bhoomi
Dear Balubhai, Pritibhabhi and Bhoomi: Where are you? I do not know where you are now, except that you are in USA, which city I don't know. Narendra Joshi <ndjoshi@icenet.net>

For Bhavesh and Dharmendra
Hi to my dear friends Bhavesh and Dharmendra. Where are you? I am looking for you everywhere on post as well as on internet. Please contact me if you find me here.
Milind Patel <milindnpatel@usa.net>

For Baroda High School and Medical College alumni
Hi Everyone. It is great to see this site with so many entries. I did my schooling from Baroda High School. I was then in Baroda Medical College (1983 -88). I came to UK in 1990 and am working as an Ophthalmologist in Glasgow. I visit Baroda with my husband and two children every 1 or 2 years. It is amazing to see how much it has changed, certainly more crowded but still the same school and the same medical college. I remember the tea stall next to A&E where a lot of evenings were spent drinking very very sweet tea. I will love to hear from anyone from my school and college. Meena Virdi <meenavirdi@yahoo.com>

For GEB School alumni
I am 23 and raised in USA. I grew up in Baroda and used to attend GEB School. I miss my hometown and my beautiful wife who lives in Baroda. Vimal N. Bhagat <vimalbhagat@hotmail.com>

For Rosary School alumni and Dipti Bhavsar (Vyas), Himanshu Chauhan, Bhavesh Shah, Rahul Modi, Archana Shah and Darshan
I finished 12th in 1988 from Rosary High School and came to USA in 1989. Anyone who went to Rosary during that time, feel free to email me. I have lost touch with all friends: Dipti Bhavsar (was Vyas), Himanshu Chauhan, Bhavesh Shah, Rahul Modi, Archana Shah, Darshan, and so many others. Baiju Shah <shahbaiju@hotmail.com>

For Medical College alumni
I was Assistant Professor of Radiology, Baroda Medical College (1970-75). I love Baroda, with its wonderful people, education, gardens, etc. Regards to my friends in Baroda and abroad. I am now a Radiologist in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Dr. M. H. Vaidya <drvaidya@ad1.vsnl.net.in>

For MES School and ITI Ajwa alumni
Hello, Barodians! I am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, working as a Computer Hardware Engineer. I studied in MES High School, Nagarwada, and did Engineering (Electronics) from Ibrahim Bavani ITI, Ajwa Road. My old home was in Nagarwada and my new home is at Tandalja Road, Murtuza Park. Zakaria Shaikh <zak_shaikh@hotmail.com>

For IPCL School and L.D. College alumni and Ikesh, Ritesh, Hemal, Jiten, Nilesh, Nisha, Dharini and Ashish
Hi Barodians. I'm Mits (Mitesh) Patel, now in Boston, USA. I used to live in Nandanvan Society, New Sama Road, Baroda. I did my 12th Science from IPCL School and B.E. from L.D. College, Ahmedabad. I am now doing my Masters at University of Massachusetts, USA. I am missing my Baroda days and all my friends (Ikesh, Ritesh, Hemal, Jiten, Nilesh, Nisha, Dharini, Ashish ... no end to this list). I'd be glad to be in touch with any Barodian living in any corner of the world. Mitesh Patel <ermitesh@hotmail.com>

For Alembic Vidyalaya alumni and Tejas, Khilan, Amit, Pathik, Mitesh, Nihit and Sapan
Born in Baroda, I lived in Ellora Park. I finished 11th in Alembic Vidyalaya. It was a nice school and I have lots of friends there: Tejas, Khilan, Amit, Pathik, Mitesh, Nihit and Sapan. I came to USA in May 2000, and am in Columbus, the capital of Ohio. I am a senior in high school, graduating in June 2001. I have lots of desi friends. I am going to DeVry. My major is CIS (Computer Information Systems). If you know me, just mail me. Neel Amin <preampujari1@hotmail.com>

For Vidyakunj High School alumni
I studied in Vidyakunj (1973-88) and did Bachelor's from MSU Baroda and Master's in Business Management from Shivaji University, Kolhapur (1992-94). Visit http://www.vidyakung.org; this site is up now and I'd like your comments and suggestions. I am hoping that my fellow students who are settled around the world offer some help, financially or by donating an old computer server sitting in your garage or discarded by your company where you work. There is so much which needs to be done to bring our school back to the glory which it had when I enjoyed my education and today I am in a position to give back something to my school. Let's work together to make our school a better place for present and future students. Whatever we are today is because of our teachers and if we are able to make a small contribution by providing them with some helpful tools, each drop counts. Residence: 231 Dixon Landing Rd #181, Milpitas CA-95035, USA. PH:408 263 6849. Baljinder Sidhu (Bob Sidhu) <Bob@vidyakung.org>

For Shreyas School alumni and Himanshu Patel, Irfan Munshi, Kiran More and Abhijit Desai
Hi. I passed 12th from Shreyas School in 1983, with Himanshu Patel, Irfan Munshi, Kiran More and Abhijit Desai. If any of you are reading this message, please contact me. Dharmendra Amin <dvamin@zeenext.com>

For IPCL School, MSU Techo and MSU Science alumni
Hi, I have a long association with Baroda which is close to 26 years. The same goes for my husband Ashesh. We both did schooling in IPCL, after which Ashesh did his Mechanical Engineering from MSU in 1994 and I did Masters in Applied Chemistry from MSU as well in 1995. Right from birth we managed to remain bonded with Baroda till 2000 when we moved to Singapore. Baroda is the place which would always stay close to our hearts and embedded in our memories. The moment we think of Baroda, we start to miss it badly. Proudly Barodians, that's how we would identify ourselves. A good site to keep in touch with fellow Barodians. Keep in touch, friends. Kajal Ashesh Desai <asheshdesai@yahoo.com>

For Gujarat Refinery School and Sanskar Vidya Vihar alumni
Hi. I went to school from KG to 10th at Gujarat Refinery School and then Sanskar Vidya Vihar in Fatehgunj for 11th and 12th. If there is someone familiar who sees this, please contact me. I am looking for Preeti Shah. We were all in the group from 1988 to 1989. If anyone knows me let's bring our memories back. Robinson Watson <WATSONROBINSON@aol.com>

For MSU Commerce alumni and Dipak Shah, Bipin Khimani, Naishadh Patel, Mayur Patel, Rajnish Consul, Bharat Modi, Ajit Mori, Rohit Trivedi, Jaydev Patel, Rajesh Vasavada, Jayanti Patel, Babli, B.R. Patel, Hemant Patel, Bharat Patel, S.K. Patel, Mukesh Modi, Datta Vyas, Bhagchandani, B.T. Shah, J.K. Shah, Nimavat, Kirti Shah, Melvin Fernandes, Haswant Patel, Gautam Parikh, Vibhuti Vaishnav, Yogesh Trivedi, Harish Advani and Prakash Desai
Hi Barodians. I graduated (B.Com 1971 and Dip in Banking 1972) from MSU. I used to live in Arunoday Society from 1968 to 1981. I settled in London in 1981 and have been here since. I miss Baroda and Barodians. We used to gather in Alkapuri (Hotel Stavel – Sampatrao Colony) with Dipak Shah, Bipin Khimani, Naishadh Patel, Mayur Patel, Rajnish Consul, Bharat Modi, Ajit Mori, Rohit Trivedi and Jaydev Patel. Rajesh Vasavada (Bank of Baroda, University Campus) was a very close friend of mine. Other close friends include Jayanti Patel (Savli – FR Commerce Faculty 1970), Babli, B.R. Patel (FR 1971), Hemant Patel (Rouse), Bharat Patel (KD Morning), etc. I worked in Bank Of Baroda from 1971 to 1980, initially at Mandvi for about one year then was transferred to Sayajigunj, Yashkamal Building. Other colleagues at the bank were S.K. Patel, Mukesh Modi, Datta Vyas; Bhagchandani was the accountant. B.T. Shah was our Manager, then it was J.K. Shah. Others with us were Nimavat, Kirti Shah, Melvin Fernandes, Haswant Patel (Cashier), Gautam Parikh (cashier). During my years in B.Com my colleagues were Vibhuti Vaishnav, Yogesh Trivedi, Harish Advani (Coronation Hotel, Sayajigunj) and Prakash Desai. I would love to hear from anyone above or others who I have missed out. Jagdish Thacker <jagdish@jagdish.homechoice.co.uk>

For Rosary School alumni
I lived in Baroda from 1935 to 1948. I attended Rosary High School and passed the Bombay Matric Examination in 1948. My family and I moved to the USA in 1950. My father was hired in 1930 by Maharaja Sayajirao III to work in his Department of Agriculture. After Maharaja Sayajirao's death in 1939, my father continued to work for Maharaja Pratapsinghrao till Independence. My father left Baroda for the USA in 1949, and the family followed a year later. The Model Farm near Alembic Chemicals, and the Agricultural Museum near it, are my father's creations, as also the Experimental Farm in Jagudhan, near Mehsana. We used to reside in the 'Nimb Niwas' near Rosary School and lived in Alkapuri at 32 Deepak before leaving for the USA. Dr. Vinay Likhite <caresctr@northnet.org>

For Experimental School alumni
I studied in Experimental School, Sayajigaunj. If anyone of my old friends or my old classmates reads this please contact me. Currently I am completing my degree course in engineering at Nashik, Maharashtra. Kalpen Patel <mailkalpen@yahoo.com>

For MSU Science alumni
I was born in Baroda. I left Baroda in 1988 and am now living in U.K. I was in MSU's Science Faculty (Mathematics) from 1994 to 1997. I am doing MBA in Greenwich University at London. Shiraj Patel <shiraj@cableinet.co.uk> <pshiraj@hotmail.com>

For Rosary, J.M. Junior and MSU Techo alumni
I studied in Rosary School (1963) and J.M. Junior School (1956-60). I passed B.E. in Electrical Engineering in 1969 from MSU Techo and M.S.E.E. from IIT Chicago in 1970. I am now in Dallas, USA, working for Cisco Systems. I am in Telecommunication field for 25 years and have worked for Siemens, Nortel and Alcatel. Any friends who care for friendship, please write to me. Jayant R. Shah <jayshah@cisco.com>

For Pratap High alumni
Hi. I was living in Nizampura. Now I am living in New Jersey, USA. I did my schooling from Pratap High School. Mona Shah <mona_shah_1@hotmail.com>

For Sharad Bhatnagar, Harita, Varsha, Bindoo and IPCL School alumni
Hi everybody. I was in IPCL School from 1980 to 1988. I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona. I am studying for Dr. of Pharmacy at Midwestern University. Anybody who knows me (including Sharad Bhatnagar, Harita, Varsha, Bindoo, and IPCL School alumni), please email me.
Preeti Desai <preeti.desai@azwebmail.midwestern.edu>

For Baroda High alumni
Hello all. I was born in Baroda and lived there up to the age of 13 and now I am 21 (1979 born). All my childhood memories are from Baroda and I miss it very much even though it's been almost eight years. I now live in London and haven't been back ever since I moved here. I went to Baroda High School, so anyone who recognises me or is in the UK, please do get in touch. Preeti Patel <preeti_patel4@hotmail.com>

For Bipin Patel
Hi, I am Reema and I am searching for Bipin Sir who used to teach a few years back (around 1995) in IEC (India Infotech Center, Baroda). I would love to rejuvenate my contact with you sir, in case you happen to read this message. Please send me an email. Reema Patel <reema_patel@hotmail.com>

For Baroda High alumni
I was in Baroda High School (Alkapuri). Now I am in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and study at the University of Michigan (Computer Science). I love Baroda. It is still the place I call "HOME". I just want to say 'Hi' to all the great Barodians out there. And if u know me.. or just want to talk... email me. Shefali Thaker <shefali_7@hotmail.com>

For MSU MBA alumni
I am from the Fiji Islands and spent 6 years in MS University. I graduated with Masters in Business in 1971. I am from Bhadran. I am married and have settled in Florida, USA, since 1978. I have very sweet memories of my time spent in Baroda and miss some of the good friends I made while residing at Pandita Gargi Hall. Raksha Patel <patel_rb@yahoo.com>

For Megha Joshi (New Sama Road)
We met at Dipa's Marriage. If you read this, please reply. Jaimin Upadhyay <devraksha98@hotmail.com>

For Kalpesh, Lalit, Kishan, Ashok, Pankaj, Kartik, Chintan, Nitin and Bright School alumni
I lived in Baroda and studied in Bright English Medium School. I am in England since 1995. I miss Navratri, Uttarayan, Diwali and playing cricket at Vithalnagar Society, Karelibaug. I am looking for Kalpesh, Lalit, Kishan, Ashok, Pankaj, Kartik, Chintan and Nitin. Minesh Patel <mpatel133104207@aol.com>

For Shreyas Samarpan and Sanskar Vidya Vihar alumni
I did schooling at Shreyas Samarpan, Manjalpur, from Nursery till 10th Board in 1991. I did 11th and 12th from Sanskar Vidya Vihar, Fatehgunj, after 1991. Now I am in Barcelona, Spain. If any of my friends read this message please mail me if you would like to refresh your memories of our friendship. Vijay Alamchandani Raksha Patel <vickesh20@rediffmail.com> <vickesh20@hotmail.com>

For MSU Techo alumni
I am in Orlando, Florida, USA. I graduated in 1973 (Mechanical, MSU Techo). I am working with Siemens-Westinghouse as Project Engineering Manager. This message is for all the people who know me and knew me but could not get in touch due to some reason. I will be really happy to revive contacts. I miss the good old days in Kalabhavan and T.K. Gajjar Hall! Mukesh Shukla <munilharsh@yahoo.com>

For Basil School and MSU Commerce alumni
I did 11th and 12th at Basil High School and B.Com. from MSU. I did my MBA and Master's Diploma in Software Engineering at Mercury College, Australia. I work as a Network Support Engineer and have been residing in Sydney since 4 years. I have a wife (Keral) and daughter (Ria). Yash Desai (October 30, 2001)

For Faculty of Social Work alumni
I passed MSW in 1997 from MSU. All my class fellows, seniors and juniors, please do write to me. Let's get together on the net at least! Manish D. Rathod <mrathod13@rediffmail.com>

For MSU Polytechnic alumni
Hi all you folks from Baroda. I miss Baroda and its Garba, and my friends from the Polytechnic (1987). I worked for Simplex Concrete Piles, came to USA in 1993, finished my B.S. in Computer Engineering from UIC Chicago. I went to school in many different places: Chhota Udepur, Pavi Jetpur, Limkheda, Dhudhia, Tintoi, etc. If any one notices me from any of the school places feel free to contact me. I had a golden time in Baroda. I used to live in Tilaknagar Society, Ajwa Road. I hope I will find some friends through this. Kirti Matroja <kmatroja@yahoo.com>

For Shreyas and MSU Science alumni
I am residing in St. Maarten. I have a house in Dandia Bazaar. I studied in Shreyas School and then in MSU (Botany). I remember friends and miss them and would love to be in contact with them. I hope they read this. Vijay B. Dayalani <phantom@megatropic.com>

For H.V. Shroff Memorial School alumni
I am now in Toronto, Canada, working as an Accountant. I lived in Ladwada, and studied in H.V. Shroff Memorial High School. I have done M.Com from MSU. I was working with the Vadodara Stock Exchange. I remember all my friends, reading together in Hansa Mehta Library for CA/CS exam. I used to go to Kalabhavan Library too. I know all my friends by face. I don't remember the names. I am writing the exam of CPA/CGA here. I have lots of wonderful memories of Vadodara which I will cherish forever. Sanjiv Bhatt (Daaji) <bhattsanjiv@hotmail.com>

For Baroda High alumni
Hi! This is Mukul Kadia from Bielefeld, Germany. I studied at Baroda High School, ONGC. I am working here as a Network Engineer. I would love to here from Barodians. Mukul Kadia <mukul.kadia@itelligence.de>

For Baroda High and DDIT Nadiad alumni
I did schooling from Baroda High School (ONGC) and B.E. Computer Engineering from DDIT, Nadiad in 1999. I am in USA (New Jersey) since January 2000. I would like to tell all my friends and relatives that I miss all of them very much! Vishal Mehta <vsmehta50@hotmail.com>

For MSU Science alumni
Hi, my name is Bharti Rao (earlier Brahmbhatt). I studied B.Sc. Statistics at MSU (1990-93). I lived at Kothi in Baroda. I now reside in London and would like to get in touch with any of my fellow students. Bharti Rao (formerly Bharti Brahmbhatt) <findkash@hotmail.com>

For Payal Patel, Nidhi, Shweta, Radhika, Samir, Ankur and Navarachana alumni
I passed out from Navarachana School in 1995. I am presently in London. I have just finished my Dental and am pursuing my practice. I am in touch with only Dipesh Bhaya and Mehul Vyas. Rest of the guys, where are you: Payal Patel, Nidhi, Shweta, Radhika, Samir, Ankur? Do contact me. Khusi Panchal <khusi_p@yahoo.com>


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