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Chhupe Ho Kahan? A Quest For Friends & Relatives
Are you looking for some Barodian or ex-Barodian (anywhere in the world) from whom you have somehow drifted away? Send us a message for that person. He or she ? or a mutual friend ? may see your message and contact you. Forgotten relationships can be revived, if you want.

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For MSU Science Faculty alumni
Hi! I am studying at Griffith University in Masters in Information Technology in Goldcoast, Australia. I miss my city very much and specially all my family members and friends from KM Munshi Hall and Faculty of Science, MS University. I would be happy to be in touch with anyone from my city and would be always ready to provide any information to anyone about anything of Australia. Really miss my city and all the Barodians. Anyone from Science Faculty who knows me do write to me. Shashikant Senjaliya <shashiham@hotmail.com>

For Bright School and Navyug alumni
Hi! I am from Baroda as well. I used to study in Bright School till 10th and did my 11th and 12th in Navyug, Sama (1995 batch). I did my Bachelors in Business Administration from Sardar Patel University (Anand Commerce College). Now I am doing my Masters in Information Systems at University of Texas at Dallas, USA. My url is http://www.utdallas.edu/~srahul. If u know me please get in touch with me. Rahul Shah <rahulbshah@hotmail.com>

For Tapan Kotia
I am looking for the email id of Tapan Kotia who did his B.Com. from MS University of Baroda and has gone to USA for further studies last year. Anyone with this information, please contact me. Rushabh Shah <rushdex@hotmail.com>

For Experimental School and MSU Techo alumni in USA
We were living in beautiful Adhyapak Kutir (1970-1985) and then Juna Padra Road. I studied at Experimental School (1957-1968) and the prestigious Kalabhavan (Mechanical Engineering, graduate of 1975). I worked in Sarabhai (1975-980) and then moved to USA (Atlanta, Georgia). Pradip Mukundrai Joshi <PMJoshi2@aol.com>

For Baroda High School alumni
Hi, I am Chetna Patel, living in England for the last 26 years. I visited your site and it brought back tons of memories of Baroda. It's excellent. I lived in Baroda from 1969 to 1974 and went to Baroda High School. My elder sister Smita was also in this school. I am also looking to get in touch with some friends, classmates. I hope I find them. Please keep up the good work. Chetna Patel <chetna@midkent.co.uk>

For Shobhaben
I would love to hear from Adhyapak Kutir (Pratapgunj) former residents (1965-1985): anybody who lived during this golden period in this beautiful area and moved to USA. We were living in Adhyapak Kutir from 1970 to 1985, and then Juna Padra Road. I studied at Experimental School (1957-1968) and the prestigious Kalabhavan (Mechanical Engineering, graduate of 1975). I worked in Sarabhai (1975-1980) and then moved to USA (Atlanta, GeorgiaI studied at Shreyas Samarpan from 1980 to 1986 when I moved to UK. I lived around Dandia Bazar ... Piramita Road. I am currently looking for Shobhaben (now married in US), who was the younger girl of the Maharashtrian family next to Prabhat Building, where I lived. Chetan Rao <chetrao@hotmail.com>

For Priya Patodia and Kavita Bishnoi
Hi! I had spent the best 5 years of my life in Baroda (1990-1995). The memories are still fresh and cherished. I loved the city and I do miss it. I did my Masters in Clothing & Textiles, Home Science. I am wanting to get in touch with a good friend, Priya Patodia. I am also looking for Kavita Bishnoi, who I think is based in Austin. I have settled in San Jose, California, USA, since 1997. Kunjan Desai <saggitarian_98@yahoo.com>

For Rosary, Alembic Vidyalaya and MSU (Textile) alumni
Hello! I'm Shailin Vaishnav. I used to live in Fatehgunj, Baroda. I went to Rosary School from 1970 to 1983, Alembic Vidyalaya from 1984 to 1985, and MSU (Textile Technology) from 1986 to 1990. I have been staying in California, USA, since 1990. If you are a Barodian or used to be one, feel free to contact me. Shailin Vaishnav <shailin@hotmail.com>

For Rosary and Vidya Kunj alumni
I went to Rosary High School, passed 10th grade in 1978 and then went to Vidya Kunj. I am in New Jersey since 1982. I would like to hear from old friends. Send an email.
Naishad Pandya <npandya@pfs.com>

For Fertilisernagar School alumni
Hi, I am Meeta Patel. I was in Fertilisernagar School (from KG to 12) until 1990 and then did B.Com. from MSU in 1992. I am looking for anybody from FNS Class of 1990 (Commerce, Gujarati medium). Meeta Patel <hemantmpatel@home.com>

For Chirayu Oza, Hitesh Gupta, Kapil Silival, Shivangi Jani and Sachi Patel
Hey! My name is Niki Patel. I studied at Zenith High School, Pratapnagar. I've been in USA for 3 years. I am looking for my school friends: Chirayu Oza, Hitesh Gupta, Kapil Silival, Shivangi Jani, Sachi Patel and lots of others. If any of you happen to be on this site, please contact me. Niki Patel <nikkipatel@hotmail.com>

For BHS (Bagikhana) and MSU Techo alumni
Hi. I am a Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and Faculty of Technology & Engineering alumnus. I am looking for my school friends of whom I have lost track after leaving the school after HSC (1988). Please help me find them.
Bhargav B. Shah <bhargavshah@hotmail.com>

For Barodians interested in Australia
Hi. I am studying in Griffith University, Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia. I am doing Masters in Information Technology. I am looking for Barodians who want to chat with me about my city. I remember my city very much and would be glad to help anyone who wants to know or gather information about Australia. Keyur Shah <keyur91@hotmail.com>

For Utkarsh Vidyalaya and MSU Fine Arts alumni
Hi. Currently I am staying at Dubai and working as an Interior Designer. I did my schooling from Utkarsh Vidyalaya and did Fine Arts from MS University in 1994 with Masters in 1996. I would like to re-establish contact with my friends. All my old friends are most welcome to contact me. Bharati Raiyani <bxdoshi@hotmail.com>

For Sanskar School alumni
Hi. I lived in Baroda at Fatehgunj (HH Mehta Building) but we bought a house in Nizampura about 3 years ago. Presently I live in USA (Edison, NJ). I went to Sanskar School until 9th Std. and then continued my schooling in America. I am a consultant at IBM right now. If any of my old friends recognise me please contact me. Hemang Patel <hemang_9@yahoo.com>

For MSU Techo, MBA and Baroda High alumni
Hi All, I did Electronics Engineering (MSU TECHO, 1992 batch) and MBA (MSU, 1995-97 batch). I was in ICWA batches for 1995-97 (at MC High School) and also was at Baroda High School (Bagikhana) till 1988. Currently I am in Detroit, USA, working as web application developer in an Internet company. I did my Masters from Wayne State University, Detroit, in 1999. I used to live in Karelibaug (VIP Road) and Navabazar (Brahman Falia). I am looking for Barodians to keep in touch. Ph: 313-832-2724. Nilesh H. Shukla <nileshshukla@hotmail.com>

For 1994 Fine Arts Faculty (Applied Arts) alumni
Hi friends. This is Joy and Alpesh. We are looking for friends who passed out from Fine Arts from Baroda in 1994. If u are there and know who was along with us in our college do write to us. Joy & Alpesh <divyajeet@hotmail.com>

For Arpit Shah and Bhavans and BHS (Bagikhana) alumni
Hi, my name is Hiren and I am looking for all my friends from Bhavans and Baroda High School (Bagikhana). I left Bhavans in 1994 after tenth grade and left BHS after 12th standard in 1996. Anybody from either of the two batches please write to me. I am looking for one of my best friends, Arpit Shah from BHS. Hiren Patel <lovhiren@hotmail.com>

For Utkarsh Vidyalaya alumni
Hi everybody, this is Amisha Patel. I was in Utkarsh till 1995 and upto 10th standard. Right now, I am in Chicago. I am looking for my old friends from Baroda. If you see this message, contact me. Amisha Patel <pinkflower19@hotmail.com>

For Rajni
Hi. I'm Anita Mehta (now Vyas). I passed out from Convent of Jesus and Mary in 1994. I am looking for a Rajni Mishra who used to live in Urmi Apts., Fatehgunj. She is now married and probably somewhere in Bangkok. Please get in touch with me if you know anything of where she is now. Anita Vyas <anni_2310@hotmail.com>

For GREM School alumni and Techo (Mech. Engg. batch of 1993)
Hi, this is Malay Vyas. I've been out of Baroda for almost an year now. I would be happy to hear from any of my school mates or engineering class mates. Miss you all. Malay Vyas <m_vyas@indo.net.id>

For CJM and MSU Techo (Electrical, 1992) alumni
Hi from Bipasha. I graduated from MSU's Faculty of Technology & Engineering (BE Electrical, 1992). I did my schooling at Convent of Jesus & Mary (1988 batch). I was with ABB for a couple of years (1992-94) and then came to USA in 1994 for MS in Michigan State University (1997). I have been with GE thereafter. I miss BARODA. Bipasha Ghosh <BipashaG@steldyn.com>

For Don Bosco and Techo (Electronics, 1993) alumni
&Hello! I completed my HSC from Don Bosco, Baroda, in 1987, B.Sc. (Physics Honours) from MSU in 1990 and B.E. (Electronics) in 1993 from the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, MSU. I am in London, UK (Profession: Software Engineer). This message is for people whom I know, and who know me, but haven't been in touch with me. I will be delighted to regain contact with them! Yogesh Tuteja <yogesh_tuteja@yahoo.com>

For 1992 class of Sabari Vidyalaya and 1994 class of Bright English Medium School
I am looking for long-lost friends from Sabari Vidyalaya and Bright English Medium School. This is Rahul Patel welcoming my partners in crime (just kidding). At present I am residing in United States and am planning to visit my hometown 'Baroda' sometime within this year. So I thought if I can get hold of any of my friends may be we can have a good time together for a while.....and bring back old memories....IF U R THE ONE ....GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. Rahul Patel <RahulPatel@chemist.com> <RahulBP@aol.com>

For Shaishav School and BHS alumni
This is Kunal Parikh from Sydney, Australia. I was in Shaishav School (SSC batch 1996-97) and Baroda High School (HSC batch 1998-99). If you wish to contact me please e-mail me. Stay in touch. Kunal Parikh <kunal_parikh@yahoo.com>

For Shreyas Vidyalaya alumni
Hi. I studied at Shreyas Vidyalaya until May 1985. I have been living in USA for the past 15 years. I am a graduate of Staten Island College in Staten Island, New York, and I am currently working for Motorola as a Software Engineer. I know it's been a while, but it would be great to hear from old friends, classmates and colleagues from Baroda. I lived in Karelibaug (behind Utkarsh Petrol Pump) before I came to the US. I visited India recently and it was great to be back in Baroda. You can contact me via email. Sachin Patel <sachin.patel@motorola.com>

For Shetal Rathod and other Baroda High School alumni
I am looking for Shetal Rathod who studied in Baroda High School. I am originally from Ellora Park, Baroda. I was in Baroda High School (1998 batch for 12th).I am now a Computer Science student at Cal Poly Pomona and I have been living in California, USA, for about 2 years. I know I have lots of friends in USA but I am not able to contact them. If you find me at this site please e-mail me. Anjul Kharod <askharod@aol.com> <NKharod@aol.com>

For Deep Ratna, Pramit, Jai Kapadia, Mayank, Ankur, Deepak and Baroda High School alumni
Hi!! This is Jaideep. I was staying in Baroda for some years. Currently I am studying in USA. I studied at Baroda High School during the period 1987-1989. I was in touch with some of my friends but lost touch after that. Well, I am referring to Deep Ratna, Pramit, Jai Kapadia, Mayank, Ankur, Deepak, etc... the list just goes on and on. I am looking forward to at least speak to my old friends on phone if I cannot meet them personally. Reunion of friends after ten years , that would be great. If you guys are out there please e-mail me. I have already spoken to Pramit and Ritesh. Jaideep Shivani <jshivani@ecs.syr.edu>

For Navrachana and Basil School alumni
Hi. I am a Vadodara-vasi too, but now in Sydney for the study of Bachelor's in Information Technology. I really miss my friends and the laris at Race Course Circle. I even miss my evening den, the Raj Lakshmi Complex near the Shiv Mahal Palace. I studied in Navrachana School and then in Basil for the rest. I am really unlucky that I missed my education at the MS University. Akshay <akshay100_in@yahoo.com>

For Kendriya Vidyalaya and Techo alumni
Hi guys. I was in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Harni, Baroda, up to Std. 12 and after that I was at Faculty of Technology, MS University of Baroda, where I completed my BE (Computer Engineering). At present I am at the University of Bridgeport at Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. I remember Baroda very very much – those jalsas at Chakli Circle, Fatehgunj, Camp's Corner, Alkapuri, the great R.C. Dutt Road, etc. However, any cool guys from Baroda can contact me at my E-mail address. Amit R. Singh <amitsingh85@hotmail.com>

For GEB School alumni
I did my schooling from GEB School, Baroda, and B.Sc. (1997) from VP Science College, Vidyanagar. I am now in Germany working as a network engineer. Tripal Jadeja <tripal@hotmail.com>

For Paresh Pandya, Yogesh Panwala, Mr. Marathe, Gadkaribhai, Mr. Lad, Mr. Sapre, Haridasbhai and Maharani Chimanabai alumni
Hi. I am from Baroda. I am from Maharani Chimanabai High School (Marathi). Presently I am working in a pharmaceutical company at Ankleshwar as a Systems Executive. I really miss Baroda. I keep on visiting Baroda from Bharuch. I still remember those days of school and college. If Paresh Pandya and Yogesh Panwala hear me, please e-mail me. I remain connected to the Internet. I still remember my teachers Mr. Marathe, Gadkaribhai, Mr. Lad, Mr. Sapre and Haridasbhai. Subhash B. Shelke <sbshelke@hotmail.com>

For Rajesh Patel, Dr. Devendra C. Patel, Dhaval Shah, Harshad C. Patel, Daxaben H. Patel
Hello guys. I am a Barodian residing at Wanakbori TPS (Thermal Power Station) and working in GEB (Gujarat Electricity Board). I am an ex-student of MS University. I am searching for friends like Rajesh Patel and Dr. Devendra C. Patel (a topper of the last batch of old SSC). I am also looking for GEB contacts (Dhaval Shah, Harshad C. Patel and Daxaben H. Patel) who are Barodians and are now in the USA. Guys, remember once a Barodian is a Barodian for ever. Viththal J. Parikh <parikh99@satyam.net.in>

For Basil School alumni
Hi, all Barodians. I completed my 12th from Basil School; earlier, I was in Navrachana School. I am in now in Sydney, Australia, and I am studying Information Technology. I really miss the 'Laris' (specially 'CHINA TOWN' at the Race Course Circle) and the Convent School where I used to hang around. I miss all my friends in Baroda. You can drop a line for me on my e-mail address. Akshay Desai <akshay33@hotmail.com>

For Navarachana alumni
I did my schooling from Navarachna. I am somewhere in the USA trying to make something out of my life.. Bokan Bot to Fatehgunj gang...Miss u all...U can mail me. Apurva Chokshi <coolapu@usa.net>

For Baroda High School alumni
Hi.......I passed my childhood in Navabazar, Baroda..... did my schooling in Baroda High School, Bagikhana (referred to as 'Tabela' in those days .. missing those golden days of school). My youth was spent in Hyderabad (3 years, where I did my graduation from 1987-1990) and in Ahmedabad (3 years, where I completed my Master's from 1990-1993 ). I worked with A.F. Ferguson & Co. in Baroda from 1993-1998. Currently, I am settled with my family in California, USA, and waiting eagerly for the day when I would be back and settled again in 'MY' Baroda. Anyone around? Please drop in a line .......... down the memory lane .......... Rupen Parikh <rupen.parikh@tekedge.com>

For MSU (Fine Arts) and Convent School alumni
Hi! I graduated from MSU Fine Arts with Graphic Design major in 1989. Since then I have been in the US. After some schooling, I have been working as a Production Director in an advertising agency. I graduated from Convent in 1985. I used to live in Alkapuri prior to moving to Makarpura. I miss Baroda and the friends whom I have lost track off. If you wish to be in touch please write to me. Deepti Patel <dpatel@johnson-rauhoff.com>

For Baroda Medical College graduates and classmates (MBBS, 1986 batch)
Anybody from my batch or from the college can contact me. I am presently residing in USA and practising Internal and Hyperbaric Medicine. My phone no is 1-830-591-1518.
Dr. Jayesh Shah <jayeshneha@hotmail.com>

For Shreyas Samarpan classmates (12th in 1986)
I am presently residing in USA and practising Internal and Hyperbaric Medicine. If anybody of our classmates remembers me, write to me right away. My phone no is 1-830-591-1518.
Dr. Jayesh Shah <jayeshneha@hotmail.com>

For Prerak Patel and Nehal Bhatt
Hi. I am in Houston, Texas, USA. I used to study in Navyug High School (Sama) in Grade 10 in 1997 and lived in Karelibaug (Balaji Nagar, VS Hostel). I miss my friends. If any of my friends still remember me please mail me. I will like to talk to all my old friends (such as Prerak Patel and Nehal Bhatt), specially my friends in USA, but I do not know their addresses. I will like to make more friends in Baroda and USA. Nitul Patel <nitulpatel@hotmail.com>

For MSW (MSU, 1991-93 Batch) alumni
This is for MSW (Faculty of Social Work, MSU, 1991-1993 Batch) alumni and my seniors and juniors. Hi everybody, thanks for reading my message. Is there anybody of the above batch watching? I am your not so popular, last benched, late comer, classmate of MSW. Believe me, I miss u all. I am eager to share your Professional Success. Where are you all? Very busy (????) fulfilling professional and family responsibilities? Don't u miss your good old days??? The way we people used to chat at Cycle Stand. Can't u just take some time to talk to me??? Please mail me. "Hope Kabhi na Kabhi, Kahin na Kahin to Mulakat hogi." Thanks. Greema Pandey <greemapandey@hotmail.com>

For Shreyas High and Jeevan Sadhana alumni
Hello. I left Vadodara in 1996 and I still miss it. I miss all my friends and people who I went to school with. I went to Shreyas High School (Manjalpur) and then I went to Jeevan Sadhana for two years. I passed 10th in 1994 and then I went to MSU Polytechnic for about a year and a half. I used to live in Vadfalia, Tower, and then we moved to Karelibaug. If you think you know me, let me know at. I will be happy to hear from you. Kinjal Shah <kinju@hotmail.com>

For Tejas Vidyalaya alumni
Hey, my name is Rushi Luhar, I live in Holland. I was in Tejas Vidyalaya in 1998 before I left. Your site is really really cool. Keep up the good work! Rushi Luhar <krishna@casema.net> <rushi_luhar@usa.net>

For Shreyas Vidyalaya alumni
I used to live in Manjalpur, right opposite Lal Baug. I studied in Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur) and graduated from D.D.I.T. (B.E. Chemical) in 1998. I am now in Chicago, USA, doing my master's in Computer Science and working as an Internet developer. It's a pleasure to be on this site. I would like to make new friends. With love and luck to all u "Barodians". Please contact me. Ph: (312) 949-1792 (R), (708) 488-9900 (O). Virang Patel <virang_patel@hotmail.com>

For Bhavesh, Chirag, Yuvraj, Manoj Chauhan, Fazruddin Ali, Pradeep Thakor, Ketan Patel and Barodians in Toronto
Hi! My name is Tushar Patel and I am now in Toronto, Canada. I opened the Baroda-Online web site and I realised that "Apna Baroda Bhi Kam Nahi". My parents (Rasik Patel and Kapila Patel) are living in the Manjalpur area of Baroda. I really miss my parents and all my friends: Bhavesh (my true and lovely friend), Chirag (my very chalak friend), Yuvraj (my bhola friend), Manoj Chauhan, Fazruddin Ali, Pradeep Thakor, Ketan Patel (Dabhoi). I miss my home, my Devi Krupa and my Manjalpur and my college. I really love my brother Ajit and sister-in-law Chetna who were recently married. I miss my sisters Varsha (Moti), Darshna, Heena and little nephews Teju and Kartik. Above all, I love this web site and My BARODA.
Tushar Patel <RPatel1970@aol.com>

For Jeevan Sadhana and Baroda High alumni
I am Rajesh Rao pursuing graduate diploma in Business Computing at University of Western Sydney, Nepean, here at Sydney. Any friends from 1991-92 batch at Jeevan Sadhana School and 1989-90 SSC batch of Baroda High School (Alkapuri), please get in touch with me. Rajesh Rao <rajeshrao@yahoo.com>

For Baroda High School alumni
Hi. I came to USA in March 1999. I work here and I got to college for my Master's. I studied in Baroda High School (Alkapuri). I miss Baroda. I can say that there is no good place in the world compared to Baroda. I miss it. I miss my parents and my sister and my friends. I live in New Jersey (Passaic). If anyone knows me give me a call or email me. My cell no. is 973-819-6516. Ankit G. Majmudar <hshah1222@aol.com>

For Shweta, Pranjal, Pratibha, Trupti Ray, Avani Patel, Sunita Muley, Neelima Shah, Kirti Gupta, Varsha Randive, Siddharth Kaul (Raja) and other BHS and MSU alumni
I am a Barodian, studied in Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and completed my 12th in 1984. Later I studied in MSU from 1984-87 (B.Sc.) and !987-89 (MSW). It will be exciting to get in touch with my dear friends who studied with me during these years, especially Shweta, Pranjal, Pratibha, Trupti Ray, Avani Patel, Sunita Muley, Neelima Shah, Kirti Gupta, Varsha Randive, Siddharth Kaul (Raja) and any other friends. Archana Randive (Walanj) <ubrandive@usa.net> <ARCHANA@ipcl.sprintrpg.net.in>

For Don Bosco alumni
Hello Everybody!! Here's Hamim R. Mohamedi wishing all the Barodians a great time!! I did my schooling from the and only Don Bosco High School (Baroda) and graduated (Science, Physics Major) from the one and only MSU. I also finished my Software Engineering From Aptech. Right now I am in the Arabian Gulf (Kuwait) working as a Software Engineer in Oracle. I miss India and Baroda a lot. This is to say to all my friends to keep mailing me. Luv and Luc to all of U.
Hamim R. Mohamedi <hamim_htg@usa.net>

For Utkarsh Vidyalaya and MSU alumni
Hi! I graduated from Utkarsh Vidyalaya (Gotri Road) in 1990 and then from MSU (B. Com.) in 1993. I then did Diploma in System Management and graduated in 1995. I am presently working as a software Engineer in Atlanta, USA. Do write to me if you are my schoolmates. Bhavna Patel <bhavnapp@hotmail.com>

For Rajshree, Rachna, Anjali, Arti and Sarika
Hi friends. I am from Home Science (E.C., 1996-99). Now I am in New Jersey with my family. I have a big family. I have six sisters and one brother. We are from Lal Bahadur School, Harni Road. We are living in Sahjanand Society, Harni Road, Baroda. I miss my friends in Baroda – Rajshree, Rachna, Anjali, Arti and Sarika. Keep in touch. Dipti Panchal (Dhabu) <pankti2@aol.com>

For Rajni Chadda
I am looking for Rajni Chadda who studied in ONGC High School Her father Hurben Singh Chadda still lives behind Rupam Theatre. If anyone knows Rajni, please give her the message that "Dilip (Latabhabhi's brother), who lives in the cold windy city of Chicago, USA, wants to talk to you. Please contact me ASAP. Love, D.S.P." D.S. Parekh <dsparekh@email.msn.com>

For Refinery School alumni
I have spent 22 years in Baroda. I have done my schooling from Refinery School and B.E. (Computer Engineering) from Pune University. I am now in Los Angeles, California.
Pranav P. Patel <pranav_patel@hotmail.com>

For Don Bosco School alumni
Hi Barodians. I am at last in the USA. I am in Houston and my no. is 281-568-1905. Friends do call me. Most of my Don Bosco School friends are here in the US and I would love to be in contact with them. Hemal Bhuptani <hemal@canada.com>

For Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya alumni
Hi, I am now in Los Angeles, USA. I was studying at Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya (Mandvi) and did my B. Sc. in Physics (MSU 1981-84). I really miss those school and college days which were carefree and fun-filled. I would love to get in touch with any Barodians who know me. Jignesh Chokshi <jchokshi@yahoo.com>

For Shweta, Shivani, Rajiv and Bhavin Shah in USA
I am studying in MSU (Third Year Electronics). I was in Navrachana School for last 11 years and passed my 10th Standard from there. I am now 21 years old. I invite all my old friends to mail me. I am looking for my friends Shweta, Shivani, Rajiv and Bhavin Shah in USA. New friends are also always welcome. Kurang Mehta <kurangmehta@hotmail.com>

For Devin Bhavsar, Hemant Patel, Hem Lakhati, Stalin Dave, Mayur Patel
This is Suraj Jadhwani. I am from Jetpur, Saurashtra, but studied at Sanskar Vidya Vihar (Fatehgunj) and did my B. Com. from MS University of Baroda. I used to stay in T.K. Gajjar Hall. I left Baroda in 1996 and I am now working for a duty-free store named 'Gold Mine' in Jamaica as a Sales Manager. I would like to find all my friends (Devin Bhavsar, Hemant Patel, Hem Lakhati, Stalin Dave, Mayur Patel) who are not all in touch with me right now.
Suraj D. Jadhwani <jadhwani@yahoo.com> <shaunjadhwani@hotmail.com>


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