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Chhupe Ho Kahan? A Quest For Friends & Relatives
Are you looking for some Barodian or ex-Barodian (anywhere in the world) from whom you have somehow drifted away? Send us a message for that person. He or she ? or a mutual friend ? may see your message and contact you. Forgotten relationships can be revived, if you want.

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For Bharat Parekh
I am looking for Bharat Parekh (MSU, B. Com. 1989) who used to stay in Kevda Bagh, near Polo Ground, and then went to the USA. Please contact Nikhil Shah <surya@wilnetonline.net>

For Manisha
Hi! Manisha. This is Bharat Parekh. Where are u? Please contact me. Bharat Parekh <kishan.parekh@mantraonline.com>

For Barodians from L.E. College (Morbi)
I am looking for Barodians from L.E. College (Morbi),November 1995 (Mech.) batch. Please contact me. (O) 904-985-4631 Ext. 1436. (R)904-736-6878. Tejas Babu <tbabu@sparton.com>

For Siddharth Amin
I am looking for Siddharth Amin. Rajesh Ambwani <rambwani@hotmail.com>

For Baroda High School (Alkapuri) alumni
Hey guys and girls. I was a Baroda High School (Alkapuri) student. I am in NJIT, USA, in Computer Science and working in Chubb Institute as a networking engineer. If you are from my batch, please write. I want to get in touch with all those I miss a lot. Aniket Thakur <athakor@aol.com> <anikett@aol.com> <anikett@hotmail.com>

For Priti Shah, Mansi, Megha Patel, Nrupa Shah, Tejas Bhatt, Nilesh, Sarvang, Swapnil, Nikunj and Viral
Hi! I am from Baroda and I have been in USA for about a year. I miss my Baroda so much. I am 17 years old and a senior in High School here. I used to go to Utkarsh Vidyalaya (Gotri Road) till 10th grade. I miss all my friends a lot. I really want to see them soon.. If anybody sees this and knows my friends Priti Shah (lives near Utkarsh School – she is my very best friend), Mansi, Megha Patel, Nrupa Shah, Tejas Bhatt, Nilesh, Sarvang, Swapnil, Nikunj and Viral, please write to me. I miss all of them a lot. Thanks very much to all of you for creating such a wonderful baroda-online site. Ashita Dave <ashlie23@hotmail.com>

For Baroda Medical College (1969) alumni
I qualified from Baroda Medical College in 1969 and now I am a General Practitioner in Southampton. I would like to get in touch with anybody from the class of 1969.
Narendra C. Patel <NCPatel44@aol.com>

For Alok Sharma
For Alok Sharma who graduated in 1995. Lukkhe, kahan gayab ho gaya hai. Mujhe email kar. Umeshkumar Sawnani <ugshotcafe@hotmail.com>

For Science Faculty Graduates (1995)
For all Science Faculty graduates (1995), with Chemistry major. Please contact me. Umeshkumar Sawnani <ugshotcafe@hotmail.com>

For Kunjal Pandya, Umangi Shah, Premal Umap, Amit Sohoni, Shumaila Sayed, Ritesh
For all my friends Kunjal Pandya, Umangi Shah, Premal Umap, Amit Sohoni, Shumaila Sayed, Ritesh .. hi I am Hemani.. Well I really miss u guys a lot. Miss all the fun we had in school and MSU under the tree...please please email me. Hemani <smiles4all@email.com>

For all Baroda High School (Alkapuri) Students, '96 batch
Hi friends. If you by chance, i.e., by fortune or misfortune, were my classmates, then I would be delighted if you get in touch with me. Remember that old saying "Make new friends but don't forget the old ones". So do mail me. Have a nice day. Mrinal Bhao <mrinalbhao@hotmail.com>

For Girish Dhirubhai Mehta, Hemant Dhirubhai Mehta, Amit Bhogilal Gandhi.
I am Pranav Mehta of Vadodara. I studied in Experimental school and passed SSC in 1968. I used to live in Ramjimandir Pole, near Government Press. I am looking for Girish Dhirubhai Mehta and Hemantbhai Dhirubhai Mehta, his brother. I was with Girish in the class. My other friend is Amit Bhogilal Gandhi. So Girish or Hemant please come out and tell me where you are hiding in US. Or anybody from Experimental School know them please send me a mail. Pranav Mehta <pranav.mehta@bms.com>

For all the students of Convent of Jesus & Mary
Hi..to all the people of Baroda and all the students of Convent of Jesus & Mary...from Fatima Norat (Panchbhaya)...I am an Architect graduated from MSU and currently living in the UK... So all those Conventites.... a big Hello to u all and loads of wishes for Christmas and New Year and the new Millennium...!!!! If u wanna get in touch... all the long lost friends.. then mail me.Lots of luv. Fatima Norat <fatima_norat@hotmail.com>

For Mistry Building Gang, Fatehgunj
Hi Fatehgunj, Mistry building Gang! Here is a special greeting to all of you. Have a Merry X'mas & a Prosperous New millennium. Binu Joseph <BinJos@aol.com>

For MSU Faculty of Engineering Alumni (1972-1977)
I am Kamalnayan Vinayak Inamdar. I graduated from MS University of Baroda (B.E. Metallurgical Engineering). C.R. batch of 1974 (BEII). Lost election as F.R. in 1975 (BEIII). Drama from Faculty of Engineering (won 3 prizes).Debates at University level (won 2 prizes). Essay competition at University level (won several prizes). Wrote nazme, gazals, and shaayaris. Participated in "Navnirmaan" movement. Active member of Janasangh (now BJP). Living in USA since 1978. Profession: U.S. Aerospace Engineer. Want to say hi to all the students who went to Faculty of Engineering (Kalabhavan) from 1972-1977. I miss you all and would love to get in contact from anyone. Kamalnayan Vinayak Inamdar <kamalnayan.v.inamdar@boeing.com>

For Alembic Vidyalaya Gang (1989-90)
Aap Sab Kahan Ho? This is Rajan Shukla. I want to be in touch with all my buddies who graduated in 1989-1990. I would love to hear from you guys. Now I reside in Los Angeles, California, USA. Rajan Shukla <pavansoot@hotmail.com> <pavansoot@go.com>

For Rakhi
Hi, I am looking for Rakhi, Computer Engg. from MSU two years back. Rakhi <kambr@yahoo.com>

For Shreya,Kamal, Sofia and Baroda High School (Alkapuri) 1992 Alumni
Hi, I'm Shah (Savla before marriage). I did my schooling from Baroda High School Jr. 2 (Alkapuri), 10th Std – batch 1992. Did college from Bombay and now I am in New Jersey with my husband Vishal Shah. Vishal was also studying at Baroda High School Jr. 2. I still remember all those great days at school. My love to Shreya, Kamal, Sofia who still live in Baroda. I and Vishal run a huge worldwide e-commerce business. We are excited about the e-commerce wave coming over in India. It's all high-tech here in the US. Svati Shah <svati_v@hotmail.com>

For Barodians in Dubai, UAE
I am looking for Barodians living in UAE in Dubai. K.C. Shah <k_c_shah@hotmail.com><vvks@emirates.net.ae>

For Vatsal Yajnik and Hero Badlani
I am Dr. Shahid Refai. I had several close friends during my undergraduate days at MS University of Baroda (1955-1959). One was Vatsal Yajnik who lived off Dandia Bazar. He did his postgraduate degree from Harvard (I believe) and then went back to India to work for a corporation? I won a scholarship to Cambridge University and did my Ph. D. in History in 1968. Since 1969, I have been in the USA as a faculty member and am now the President of New York Conference on Asian Studies which organises Asian conferences at several campuses every year. The next one is at my College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY, 12203, during 19-21 October, 2000. Another friend I had was Hero Badlani. I don't know what he is doing. If you know Vatsal Yajnik and Hero Badlani, please send me an e-mail. Dr.Shahid Refai <almadadrefai@netzero.net> <refais@mail.strose.edu>

For Tejas Contractor, Nishant Shah and the Vyas family
Hello there Vadodara, I'm living in Chicago, USA, and I'm 19 years old. I came to Vadodara back in May and June of this year after exactly 10 years living in the States. I had fun with my family and friends. I like to say hi to my family, the Vyas family who are mostly based in the outskirts of Vadodara mainly Umeta. And my friends From Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in my childhood, Tejas Contractor and Nishant Shah. I will come back to visit, that's a promise. Kinjal Vyas <kinjvyas@hotmail.com>

For MSU Techo Alumni (1988 Onwards)
Dear friends, I am Narendra Ravat, former GeneralSecretary (GS) of Faculty of Technology for 1991 and UGS for 1995-96. Right now I am Youth Congress President of the city of Vadodara. I will be pleased to remain in touch with all the techoites. I am in Baroda at present and will be obliged if I could be of any help. My phone no. in Baroda is +91-265-792066. Narendra Ravat <ravatnarendra@hotmail.com>

For all Baroda High School students from '89 to '95
Wassup everybody? This is Pratik Ichhaporia ur friend.I have lost contact of many of the friends who studied with me in the school so if u r from my batch contact me. At present I am in Clemson, South Carolina, USA. Pratik Ichhaporia <pichhap@clemson.edu>

For the Kida Gang – Sushant Das (SuSu), Amar (Sardar), Gajanan (Gajju), Kishor (Pappu), Pawade, Mahavir(Jadoo), Miral
For All those who enjoy living life to the fullest – for all my Fatehgunj mates – my kidas. Hi all, I remember you !! The times of Fatehgunj – The Kida Gang – Sushant Das (SuSu), Amar (Sardar), Gajanan (Gajju),Kishor (Pappu), Pawade, Mahavir (Jadoo), Miral... Hey you all remember the nature park !Luv you all .. Contact me. Shantanu Kulkarni <Shantanuk@amdocs.com>

For all my friends in Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya (Ajwa Road) and MSU BE (Mech) , 1993
Hi friends, My name is Rakesh Parikh. I grew up in Baroda ( Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya ) and did my BE Mech Engg in 1993. I live in Toronto. I am missing Baroda and all my friend from Baroda. Rakesh Parikh <rnparikh@hotmail.com>

For Bhavik,Jitesh (Micku), Chandu, Parekh, Dholi, Panda
Hi to all my friends, particularly Bhavik, Jitesh (Micku), Chandu, Parekh, Dholi, Panda and all those who are enjoying their life at Woodland Circle (Alkapuri). I miss Delux Pan at Woodland Circle. If possible write to me. Vijay Parmar <vparmar@hotmail.com>

For Mayur Chiknaa and Alpesh Desaibhai
Hello everyone out there!! I am Pranav Bhattacharya. I spent my entire life in the beautiful city of Baroda, passing through Rosary School and then Metallurgical Engg. at Kalabhavan. I came to the US about 3 years back and got an MBA degree here. I presently work as a market analyst with USA's largest credit card bank. I have tons of friends in Baroda, but it has been difficult to keep in touch with all of them. Of the closest, Mayur Chiknaa, u out there?!!! and yes, Alpesh Desaibhai kyan gayaa?!! everyone's married now!! imagine, I thought marriage was serious business! my other friends out there, do drop me a line please, I would love to get in touch! Pranav Bhattacharya <pranavb@hotmail.com>

For any Barodians in Bradford, UK
Anyone whose origins are in Baroda, was born, lived in Baroda or has anything to do with Baroda and Baroda District and is currently residing in Bradford, UK, do get in touch. I am Nayan Shah <nayan18@yahoo.com>

For all my friends and family members
My name is Sapna Mehta. I have been in Baroda for 21 years. I have done my schooling in Baroda High School, Alkapuri and College in MSU (Chemical Engg. 1997). I want to contact all my friends and families. I got married and am now in Dallas with my husband. Sapna Mehta <sapna@imagin.net>

For all Sardar Vinay Mandir students
This is Jignesh Patel of 1994 batch. I remember you all, specially Biren, Pranav, Nishant. Jignesh Patel <ambicaengg@satyam.net.in>

For Tejas Vidyalaya students
If you did your SSC in the year 1995-96, get in touch and catch up on lost times. Nayan Shah <nayan18@yahoo.com>

For Baroda High (Std. 5 – 1988 to 1989)
All of u out there who did their Yr. 5 from 1988 to 1989, get in touch, catch up on lost times. Nayan Shah <nayan18@yahoo.com>

For Sujit Patel
This is Chintan Patel, your friend who was with you upto 8th grade in Baroda High School (Alkapuri). I am in Austin, TEXAS, US, if you get this message do get in touch with me. Sujit Patel <americandesi@hotmail.com>

For Dhrutika Patel
Looking for my old friend. Her maiden name was Dhrutika Patel. She studied in Zoology Dept. She is somewhere in Mass. or CT, USA. Please write to <Nikkicp4@aol.com>

For Kinjal Bhatt and my schoolmates from Jeevan Sadhna High School
Hi! My name is Chirag Shah. I am doing my BS in Computer Science at NJIT in USA. I went to Jeevan Sadhna High School until 12th grade. I was very popular in school for being beaten up by other kids and also for affairs.... I was a class rep. My best buddy was Kinjal Bhatt. I am looking for my schoolmates. Please contact me. Chirag Shah <lukkho@aol.com> <prem0277@hotmail.com>

For Manvendra
Hello, Manvendra, how are you. This is your friend Dinesh. Please reply to my earlier letter. Dinesh <dpatel@cs.com>

For MSU Techo alumni (1996)
Hello! I am Ajay Pandya. I graduated in 1996 with Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, MSU, and have been in Canada since then. This message is for people whom I know, and who know me, but haven't been in touch with me. I will be delighted to regain contact with them! Ajay Pandya <apandya@newbridge.com>

For Baroda Medical College Alumni (Oct 1973)
Dear Barodian alumni of Baroda Medical college who passed MBBS in Oct 1973, please contact me. Dr.Bhupendra K. Shah <drbhupendrakshah@vsnl.com>

For Pankil Shah
This is Miya. Where are you? If you read this, please mail me. Miya <bi90549@binghamton.edu>

For Kavita Gupta,Gurmeet & Nirmala Govinda
Please contact me. Archana Paradkar <chintamani@satyam.net.in>

For Rekha Dimari
My name is Rita Shah. I used to live in Nizampura. I moved to Canada in 1990. I am looking for Rekha Dimari (my classmate in MSU's 88-89 batch of PG. Diploma in CD), who I believe now lives in UK. I would love to hear from you or anyone who knows her. Rita Shah <eklipse@generation.net>

For all Pratap High School alumni (1984-85)
Hi, I am Sunil Dev from Baroda. I want to be in touch with all Metallurgical students during 1988-1992 in MSU Baroda and also Pratap High School students from 1984-1985. Presently I work as Business Applications Analyst in Chicago and want to establish links with those oldies. Sunil Dev <tridev@aol.com> <sunil.dev@cornproducts.com>

For Nirav Chandrakant Patel, Alkapuri, Vadodara
Hello Nirav (CoCo...in Ashit-perry's language)! Where are u now ? This is Yagnesh Jashbhai Patel of Sokhada (u know). Last heard about you was in early 90's that you are an Optometrist/Eye Doctor. I am in New Jersey, USA. Atul Paradkar is in London. Utpal Parikh is in California, USA. Yagnesh Patel <ypatel6871@hotmail.com>

For Hasit Kantilal Patel, Karelibaug, Vadodara
Hello Hasit (CoCo...in Ashit-perry's language)! Where are u now ? This is Yagnesh Jashbhai Patel of Sokhada (u know). Last heard about you was in early 90's that you are an Optometrist/Eye Doctor. I am in New Jersey, USA. Atul Paradkar is in London. Utpal Parikh is in California, USA. Yagnesh Patel <ypatel6871@hotmail.com>

For my Fatehgunj crowd: Jaspal Singh, Bunsal Ahluwahlia, Rudi Williams, Frank, Bhatt, Jasmir Singh (of Malaysia), Tushar Pandiya
My name is Naresh Naran. I lived in Baroda from 1978 to 1982. I currently reside in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am looking to make contact with some long lost friends (Fatehgunj crowd): Jaspal Singh, Bunsal Ahluwahlia, Rudi Williams, Frank, Bhatt, Jasmir Singh (of Malaysia), Tushar Pandiya. Direct Line 613-544-1527, Direct Fax 416-990-5420. <http://www.GuardTourSystems.com>. Naresh Naran <naran@kos.net>

For Pratik Munshi
Looking for my friend Pratik Munshi. He attended MSU in the seventies. Thanks, Manohar Juloori, Houston, Texas. Manohar Juloori <mjuloori@earthlink.net>

For Shantilal Jagjivan Tailor
I am in search of Mr. Shantilal Jagjivan Tailor who shifted to London in 1993. Mr. Tailor is an NRB (Non-Resident Barodian). Contact me at <environment@gnvfc.guj.nic.in>

For Bhavya Shah
Hi, this is Darshak from California. Hope u've not forgotten me. Let's rekindle our friendship. If u happen to surf thro this, write to me. Darshak Mehta <mehta_darshak@hotmail.com>

For friends from Dabhoi
Hi, I am from the small city called Dabhoi, near Baroda, Gujarat. I am looking for friends from Dabhoi. Will you please tell me of those who are from Dabhoi and live in the USA? Mahendra Patel, Virginia, USA. <MAHENDRA_HOME@YAHOO.COM>

For Mittal
Hi, Mittal, where are u???… We used to study in same class from Standard 6th to 11th. I think u'r in Florida…… long time no news…. If you get this message, contact me. Parag Mehta <mehtaparag@usa.net>

For Baroda High School Sr. 1991 alumni
Hi, Barodians (Baroda High School Sr.) batch of 1991.How are u? I am Shripad Potnis, your old pal. I studied in Baroda High School (Bagikhana)and passed out in 1991. I passed my BE (Chem) from MSU in 1995. I am presently in US. I am doing my Comp. Sci. from Stevens NJ. If you see anyone out there and do recognise me,please contact me. I am in NJ, USA (Stevens Institute of Technology). OK bye, happy reading. Shripad Potnis <shripad_potnis@hotmail.com>

For Parul Patel
Where are you, Parul? This is Shilpa Shah from Waghodia Road. We used to work at Swiss Food Pvt Ltd. (Padra). Right now I am in Florida, USA. Shilpa Shah <sbaxi1@tampabay.rr.com>

For all who do 'jalsa'
Hi I am Apurva Parikh from Columbus, Ohio USA. This message is for all who do jalsa....Barodians is our name Jalsa is our aim... Apurva Parikh "appu" <guniyo@infinet.com>

For my friends from Bright English School and Aptech CC17
Looking out for my friends from Bright English Medium School and Aptech CC17 batch. Heman S. Dhagai <hsdhagai@hotmail.com>

For the Class of '88 (Vidya Kunj High School)
Looking for anybody from Vidya Kunj High School (I graduated in 1988). I am currently in Dallas, Texas, USA, working as a software engineer. Dhruvisha Patel <dpatel_18@hotmail.com>

For Papachen
I was in Baroda from 1967 to 1981 and living in Sampatrao Colony. I had a friend and room-mate at that time; his name is PAPACHEN. He was working with Dinesh Mills and thereafter he joined Hotel Utsav. I met him last in 1983 and he was living with his family in the compound of Navrang Cinema. His wife was working in Dinesh Mills at that time. He is from Kerala. I am Mathews Pathisseril: 360 Newtown Road, Warminster, PA 18974, USA. Tel 215-441-8031; Fax- 215- 441-8552. <Tick124@aol.com>

For Niyati/Maitri
Dear friends, we were together long back during our childhood. Remember our ship named Jal Jyothi? I am Sayuj S. Menon, son of T. Sudhakaran Menon. The only thing I remember is that both of you sisters are from Baroda. Please reply. Waiting for you. Sayuj, Plot No. 160, Sector 5, Gandhidham 370 201, Gujarat, India. Phone: +91-2836-34020. Sayuj S. Menon <sayujsm@wilnetonline.net>

For Baroda High School (BHS) class of 1989
I am Agam Vaidya. I lived in Hathi Pole at Rajmahal Rd. What's up, people? If you get this, please contact me. It's been a long time since I have heard from all of you.Agam Vaidya <agamv@india.com>

For the alumni of Vidya Kunj High School
Anita Madhok: Hi! I am from Vidya Kunj High School.Did my MCA in June '96. Would like to get in touch with my school mates...I worked for Vibrant Systems in Baroda and later moved to US since last two months. Anita Madhok/Singh <anita_jpsingh@hotmail.com>

For Geetha Vaidyanathan
My name is Kamini Patel, previously known as Kamini Sharma from Fiji. I was at MSU during 1982-85 (B.Sc - Botany, Zoology, Chemistry). I was staying at P.G. Hall. I am now settled in UK, married to Nimish Patel (from Vidyakunj/MSU)and have two children. I am looking for my friends, particularly Geetha Vaidyanathan(studying in the Engineering Faculty). If someone has any information on her, please write to me: Kamini Patel <n@nimishpatel.freeserve.co.uk>

For Shreya Patel
Hi, I am trying to find an old friend of mine –Shreya Patel. She used to live in Karelibaug. We were together in Convent of Jesus and Mary (Batch of '90). I know she migrated to the US, but I do not have her contact. If anyone has any idea where she is or have her contact number, please send me an email. Thanks a ton. Shivani Shirke <shirke@gis.net>

For Harish C.Shah
I am looking for Harish C Shah's e-mail address. He is in Baroda now and is living on old Padra Road, Opposite Vidyut Nagar. Kamal Shah <kshah81@hotmail.com>

For Kinjal,Ashish, Kashyap, Bhavesh, Mihir, Ankoor Gandhi, Chirag, Pritesh, Jatin, Rakesh, Kanu,Paggu, Martinbhai, Vajubhai, Ashish Sengupta, Hardik, Dagli, etc.
Hi All! This is for Kinjal (Shahmrug Khan!!), Ashish, Kashyap, Bhavesh (Pathak!!), Mihir (Bhurio!!), Ankoor Gandhi, Chirag (Tyson!!), Pritesh (Patiyo!!), Jatin (Kalio!!), Rakesh (Raka (Garage!) !!), Kanu, Paggu, Martinbhai, Vajubhai, Ashish Sengupta, Hardik, Dagli, and all the other ones...who know me. This is CHIRAG. Yes, It's Chirag Shah. Your friend who studied in B&B Polytechnic at VVNagar. Where are you guys? Come on...get in touch with me. I hope someone of you reads this message and gets in touch with me ASAP. I miss you all. Chirag Shah <lukkho@aol.com>

For alumni of 1994 batch (12th pass), Baroda High School, Jr.2, Alkapuri
Hello everyone. This one of yours friend from United Kingdom. It's me. Brijesh Modasia. Remember me. I was famous in the school by the name of Bavdi. Please contact me to refresh our fine old school days. Looking forward to meet you in near future somewhere if possible. Brijesh Modasia <modasia@hotmail.com>

For Yogeshwari
Where are you my friend ? If you get this message,don't forget to contact me through an e-mail on <samirbarot@hotmail.com>. I am waiting for your reply and you. Samir Barot <samirbarot@hotmail.com>

For my classmates of Baroda Medical College (Class of 1989-90) and also my seniors of previous two classses.
I'am Bhavin Parikh looking for my old friends. I grew up in Baroda and did my MBBS in 1990 and currently doing residency at Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas. Please contact me right away <parikh1999@yahoo.com>. Phone: 806-788-0590

For my friends of Jeevan Sadhna School (Class of 1984 – Gujarati Medium)
I'am Bhavin Parikh looking for my old friends. I grew up in Baroda and did my MBBS in 1990 and currently doing residency at Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas. Please contact me right away <parikh1999@yahoo.com>. Phone: 806-788-0590

For alumni of Baroda High School Jr.2, Alkapuri, 1994 batch
Hi! it's me! Brijesh Modasia a.k.a. Bavdi.I passed my std 12th from Baroda High School Jr.2. Alkapuri in the year 1994. I used to live in Baroda. Looking for the old friends of my batch and whomsoever who know me. Currently I am in UK and doing my Master's degree in systems Engineering and am about to finish in September'99. Brijesh Modasia <modasia@hotmail.com>

For Manzil Desai,Uday Choksi, Dr. Anil Patel & Dr. Mamta Patel, Dr.Nishit Pandya, Dr. Gopal Shah
I am Akshay S. Dave, M.D. Age: 38 years. Family Physician at Voorhees, NJ, USA. Married to Chetna A. Dave, M.D. who's a Nephrologist. We have two beautiful girls, Trishna who's 6 years old and Yesha who's 2 years old. I used to live at Adhyapak Kutir, Pratap Gunj in Baroda until 1990 and then I moved to Race Course Circle for 2 years when I came to USA. My wife lived in Bajwada before she came to USA in 1987. We would like to establish contacts with our old friends. My list would be very very long but to name a few... Manzil Desai, Uday Choksi, Dr. Anil Patel & Dr. Mamta Patel, Dr.Nishit Pandya, Dr. Gopal Shah, Many other physicians who used to work with me at Narhari Hospital from 1986 till 1992. Akshay S. Dave <astrich@pol.net>

For Bishwanath Chaudary of Baroda Balloon Factory
I am looking for you and your contact address... or even phone number. Need to talk to you and bhabhijee. Can Anyone help? Thank you. Anjali Chugh <achugh@bowvalleyc.ab.ca>

For my friends of Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and MSU (Faculty of Technology)
Hello Friends, My Name is Kuntesh Panchal. I am born and brought up in Baroda. Presently in UK. I Did my schooling in Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and Graduation in Industrial Engg. from MSU. I would like to get in touch with my Friends of Baroda High School (Alkapuri) and MSU (Faculty of Technology). Please Feel Free to contact me. Kuntesh Panchal <mvp@globalnet.co.uk>

For alumni of Experimental High School (1966 to 1968)
Hi, barodians ! i am usha panchal/luhar . it's so nice to hear from people of baroda. i am in usa since 1975, working in finance dept of corporate office of ace hardware copr. i would love to hear from any one graduated from experimental highschool from 66 to 68. hope to here from some one soon. Usha Panchal/Luhar <panc75@yahoo.com>

For Sunil Patel,Yatin Patel, Pranav Luhar and other Mahatma Gandhi Vidhyalaya friends
Greetings to you all. This is your friend Bhavesh Patel wanting to get in touch with you all. I am currently in Houston, Texas (USA) working for Compaq Computer Corporation. If you remember me, please drop me a mail. I hope to hear from you. Thanks! Bhavesh Patel <Bhavesh.Patel@COMPAQ.com>

For all my friends from Convent of Jesus & Mary batch of '92
This message is for all my friends from Convent of Jesus & Mary batch of 92. This is Pritida G.Vinod trying to get all of us together again. So write to me at <pritida_V@hotmail.com>

For Vidyakunj & Lulla Classes Friends
Hi ! Everybody, Vidyakunj friends, Lulla Classes friends, Dharmesh Batko is waiting for your mail. Dharmesh Batko here, Studying Masters of Computing (Hons.) at Department of Computing and IT, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Rydalmere, NSW, Australia. Phone :061 2 96876989 (Res). WEB: http://www.cit.nepean.uws.edu.au/~dpatel.
Dharmesh Patel <dpatel@cit.nepean.uws.edu.au>

For BHS (Alkapuri) Alumni
Hi! Everybody. This is Ratan. I did my high school in Baroda High School, Alkapuri, and graduated in 1998. I am presently doing my BS in computer science in New York. I want to get in touch with my fellow Barodians. So,contact me guys!!! Ratan <Bimal1@hotmail.com>

For MSU BE (Mech)'83 Alumni
I am a Engg. (B.E. Mech) from M.S. University, Baroda in 1983 and am looking for my batch mates and friends. Shabbir M. Barodawala, Zenith Tins Ltd., Chhani, Baroda 391740, Gujarat, India.<shabbir@vsnl.com>

For all the guyz and gals of Navrachna High School (1989 to 1999)
If u too remember ur school and buddies, and wanna get in touch with them, then contact me on <keyurbarot@hotmail.com>. Looking forward for ur co-operation. Remember, it's for anyone right from Mrs. Jain---to Rekha Mishra--to Mrs. Patel--to ---Manju Gupta--keep in touch .......Keyur Barot (Batch 1999). <keyurbarot@hotmail.com>

For alumni of University Experimental School (1979-1981)
I am looking for my classmates in University Experimental School in 1979-1981 batch. Our principal was Mahendra Chokshi. I am presenetly in Canada. Paritosh (Perry) Mankad <pmankad@hotmail.com>

For Bimal Desai
Hi! I'm Nayana Chaudhari from Baroda.and l want to know about my neighbour Bimal Desai. Nayana Chaudhari <HChaud7916@cs.com>

For Megha Parikh
Hi, this is Premal Mehta. I am looking for my old friend Megha Parikh. Last thing I know about her is, she married with someone in Ahmedabad. I just want to say hi to her and like to send her some greetings. Premal Mehta <PMEHTA4000@cs.com>

For all friends of Husaini J. Udawala
You can contact Barodian at <9776554@email.msn.com>. Still missing Baroda, a lovely home town. Living in New York since 1980. Engaged with machinist profession. All my family, such as my wife Nahida,son Fidaali and Daughter Benazir missing Baroda very much. After all we are all Ex-Barodian. Husaini J. Udawala <9776554@email.msn.com>

For all friends from Narsijinipole, Ramjimandir Street
This is Sanjay Chauhan (Manjaro). I am in Texas, USA. Sanjay Chauhan <grumpyin@hotmail.com>

For Rahul
Hi Rahul. If u read this, just give me a call ... Dad has agreed .... love always, urs forever, Nipa.

For Vidyakunj School Classmates (1985-86)
Dear Nirav Patel (Mamo), Sujit Bhayani (Jadio), Samir Patel (Gits), Vikas Mehra (Vicky), Prakash Patel (P.D), Niraj Patel (Norjee), Ajay Srivastava (Ajajee), Vivek Patel (Bhaiji), Rakesh Patel (Rako), Vipul Gore (Gorebapa):Please get in touch with me. I am currently residing in Reno, Nevada, USA. Thanks, Nilesh Patel (Nilyo). Contact E-Mail: Nilesh Patel <NPatel4906@aol.com>

For Nikunj Koolar and Sumeet Tandon from Rosary ('97)
I am Archan Patel from Moscow i would like to be in contact with anyone of my friends if anybody know them can please inform them about me my address is ark_ianic@hotmail.com. nikunj stays in dhyber society near polo ground and is in 2nd year comp engg in msu. summeeet is in vidyanagar. so anyone if they can contact them tell them about me i will be highly obliged. Archana Patel <ark_ianic@hotmail.com>

For Yogita
I am looking for my friend in india named yogita who is in baroda and i am in america. I haven't heard or read of her for 6 months so if u know her plese let me know. Thanks,
Avani Desai (Desai121@aol.com)

For anybody from Sardar Vallabhbhai Viddyalay (Ajwa Road) who passed SSC in 1977 and HSC in 1979
Please get in touch with Ashish Shah and Sunita Shah (formely Sunita Desai). We used to live in Vivekanand Society, Ajwa Road. We currently reside in the US. Contact us at (manan@india.com). Ashish Shah and Sunita Shah

For Nileshkumar Waghela
Tame kem cho. Hu dubai thi laku chu. Tame aa sandesh wacho to mane contact karo. Maro e-mail che mineshdxb@hotmail.com. Mane tamaru e-mail nathi khaber. Jaldi thi mane contact karo. Abhar. Minesh Patel, Dubai.

For all my old friends from Baroda High School (Alkapuri), 1989 batch of 12th
Hello, My name is Amish Patel (Pintoo) and i am basically from Baroda (Ellorapark). The main reason that i am writing this is to get in touch with all my Old Friends from Baroda High School (Alkapuri - 1989 batch of 12th). Please do contact me at amish1971@hotmail.com. I will surely get in touch with all of you. Amish Patel.

For all friends of Shahim Khan
Hye my name is Shahim Khan. I was in Baroda studying For the whole of last year and at the present I am in Kuwait. Any friends of mine Please write to at my e-mail address shahimkhan@hotmail.com.

For Vishal, Alok,Himanshu and Deepak
What's up my friends? I have been looking all over for you. Where are you guys? Long time no letter. If you visit this page please contact me as soon as possible. I miss your company. Montu Shah <monts78@hotmail.com>

For Sanjay Patel,Sanjeev Mehta, Bela Tipnis, Noami Patel, or any of the gang who was in MSU in 1983-86 in B.Com.
Hi! My name is Rajat Pandya and I am currently in Greenville, SC. If any of the follwing freinds do surf the net and get this message, please reply. I am trying to get in touch with my friends i.e. Sanjay Patel, Sanjeev Mehta, Bela Tipnis, Noami Patel , or any of the gang who was in MSU in 1983-86 in B.Com. Please reply to my E-mail address (MI5Raj007@aol.com)or my number is 864-292-3008.

For my friends in Navarachna high school upto '97, specially Nirali Joshi and Puloma Mukherjee
Hi, I am rahul and am searching for my friends in Navarachna high school upto '97. I am looking specially for my friends Nirali Joshi and Puloma Mukherjee who studied in '97 batch. Puloma lives in Nizampura and Nirali lives in Karelibaug. If any of them could give their addresses and/or E-Mail addresses , I would be very grateful. <inkhi@worldmailer.com>

For the class of '94 from Baroda High School
Looking for anybody from BHS, Jr. 2 (I graduated in '94). Write me at patel_rahul@juno.com. I am currently in Anaheim, CA(near Los Angeles) studying for a degree in computer science. Keep in touch. Rahul Patel.

For Dhiren Pandya
I am looking for Dhiren Pandya. He lived in baroda and I believe he still does. If you can find him please let me know! Thank you, Parvez Vohra. <MEV10@aol.com>

For the Cosmo gang, Sundeep Diwan, Anudeep, Bharat Singh, T.P. Singh
Hi, I am a Jordanian, I was studying in MSU. I have done my B.A and M.A from MSU. Cosmo gang, Sundeep Diwan, Anudeep, Bharat Singh, T.P. Singh and all please contact me <saharhis@yahoo.com>. Thanks, Ali Alkhalidi.

For Hetal Pandya,Kunjal Parikh, Pranav Srivastav, Harshal Amit, Sridhar and all of the Baroda High School friends
Hi Everybody, I am Mehul Patel, an ex-barodian. I went to Baroda High School (Bagikhana) and did my S.S.C in 1994. Now, I am doing Computer Engineering (Third Year) at the University of Toronto, Canada. I miss all my friends (Hetal Pandya, Kunjal parikh, Pranav Srivastav, Harshal Amit, Sridhar, and all of the Baroda High school friends) and the sad part is I have lost their contacts. If any of you see this please contact me at <mehulpatel2@hotmail.com>.

Anyone out there from Dabhoi, Gujarat, India?
My name is Mamta Harris and my maiden name is Parikh. I was born in Baroda. My father brought us to the States in 77' and I have visited India often during my childhood years. My grandparents live in a small town near Baroda known as Dabhoi. We lived in Dabhoi most of our childhood after my mother's death. It has been 10 years since I have visited Dabhoi. I am very curious if Dabhoi has a web site, or if anyone there is on line.<Harris.M@monet.k12.ca.us>

For Mayuri Upadhaya and Vijay Mane
Hi friends. I am Tejas Patel. I have friends in MSU and thier names are Mayuri Upadhaya and Vijay Mane so if any of you meet either of them just give my e-mail address tejas@goplay.com or my friend's e-mail adress nikunjp@yahoo.com. thank you.

For all the long-lost friends of Rosary School of the batch upto '93.
I am looking for all the long lost friends of Rosary school of the batch upto '93. Right now, I am doing M.S. Comp Science in Villanova Univ.in Philadelphia. If anyone sees this message, kindly contact me. Anand Shah. <ashah@renoir.csc.vill.edu>

For my friends who studied in Vallabh Ashram, Killa Pardi
I am lookin for my friends who studied in vallabh ashram, killa pardi. So please give my e-mail address to anyone from vallabh ashram. I am nikunj patel, I am studyin in washington dc.E-Mail:<nikunjp@yahoo.com> or <nicky222@aol.com>. Phone: 301-776-0043. Thank you.

For my childhood friends from Little Flowers School
Hi! I am Ankur Bant. I lived in Baroda until 1989. I am livng in US right now. While in Baroda, I attended Little Flowers School, by Krishan Theater, until 6th grade. I am trying to search my childhood friends again. If you think you know me, please email me at <cytokines@hotmail.com>.

For Sajay Pater, Bela Tipis, Naomi Patel, Sanjeev Mehta, or anybody in the class of 83-85 in B.Com at MSU.
Looking for Sajay Pater, Bela Tipis, Naomi Patel,Sanjeev Mehta, or anybody in the class of 83-85 in B.Comm at MSU. Would love to hear from you. My E-Mail is MI5Raj007@Aol.com. I am in Greenville, SC. USA. Rajat Pandya.

For Kedar Shirke, Ashish Shah, Dhaval Parikh, Salot Nirav, Shaha Chintan, Patel Bhavesh, Patel Ankur, and rest of Little Flowers School Baroda.
This is your friend Bant Ankur from USA, who was with you until 6th grade (1989). If any of you still remember me, pelase email me at <cytokines@hotmail.com>. I would like to keep in touch with you. Please, be sure to email me.

For Bhavini l.Thaker
Hi Friends: I am Mihir M. Patel from Bombay. Wanna know about my friend Bhavini l. Thaker who shiffted to Baroda this year from Bombay. She is studying in Fy. Bcom. She stays in Alkapuri. Anyone having any information about her,E-Mail me at <mihir_patel@usa.net> or <mihirmpatel@hotmail.com>. Or mail me at: 676, Marrys Gift, 16 Cross Rd, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052. I will be thankful to you. Mihir M. Patel

For "NUKKAD": Kuldip, Neeta, Dipali, Madhu, Lotta, Gurjeet, Biren, Charanjeet
Anyone out there from " NUKKAAD " ? Kuldip, Neeta, Dipali, Madhu, Lotta, Gurjeet, Biren, Charanjeet and all! Yep the gang from The (ONLY) Commerce Faculty from 1984 -86.
Divyesh Desai <dvdesai@hotmail.com>

For Convent (82-83) and Home Science (83-86) Classmates
I am looking for batch mates of convent of jesus and mary of 1982-1983 and also of homescience (child development)., of 1983-1986. I am at present settled in bombay.
Falguni Bansal <mountint@bom3.vsnl.net.in>

For Brinda,Rakesh, Rajesh Srivastava (Bhavans School), Kunjal (married to Samir), Sonal Seth, Charu,Yashodhara Ambegavkar, Monisha Guglani.
I am at present settled in bombay. Falguni Bansal <mountint@bom3.vsnl.net.in>

For Hardeep Saine and Ashwin Patel
I am looking for my two long-lost friend. They are in USA.I would very much grateful if you can find them: Hardeep Saine and Ashwin Patel (Doctor by Proffesion). Both are from Baroda. Thanks. Amrit Patel <AngadVali@aol.com>

For Nilesh Shah
Where are you hiding? This is yogesh Patel from Dubai.We used to work together in Interlink and MicroWorld. Kindly contact me at <yogesh67@emirates.net.ae> or <yogesh@graphicint.com>.

For Kunjal
Dear Kunjal, looking out for you. falguni <mountint@bom3.vsnl.net.in>

For Navneet Gupta & Narinder Singh
Hey guys this is Madhavkumar. They used to live in ONGC colony Baroda during 1980-87. I am not sure if they are still there or not. Anyway if anyone knows about them please email me at miyer@hotmail.com. They were my classmates in Shreyas Vidyalaya. Thanks, Madhav

All the Baroda High School gang with me there upto 1993
Looking for all the Baroda High School gang with me during my stay there upto 1993 (there's when i appeared for the 12th). Best regards,Mitesh P. Choksi <choksi@soft-tech.co.tz>

For The Class of '90 (Vidya Kunj High School): Avanish Mehta, Vishal Mehra, Pankaj Bindra, Niraj Bindra,Vinod Motwani, Pritesh Agrawal, Nirali Patel, Jagruti Patel, Nilpa Shah, Tushar Uttamchandani, Pranav Patel, Nainoor Thakore, Ashish Desai, Mehul Dave and many more.
To whomever it may concern, I am looking for the class of '90 that graduated from Vidya Kunj High School. Anyone who knows anyone of these people or more, just try to drop a line to Chirag Patel. My email address is <cp0000@dallas.net>. Thank You, Chirag Patel.

For Meghana Shah
Born on June 6, 1976. I believe she went to Rosary High School in Baroda. Her father, Shantilal Shah, practices in one of the hospitals as a gynaecologist. Anil Soman <anil_soman@hotmail.com>

For Kanayalal Shah, Dhanjay, Shreyans, Deepak K. Shah (from Surat).
I am trying to find my classmates who graduated from MSU - Technology, Civil Eng. (Dr. Thattey's Class) in 1976. Specifically Kanayalal shah, Dhanjay, Shreyans, Deepak K. Shah (from Surat). Prakash Shah <prakash.shah@gene.ge.com>

For Ajay Tandon
I am looking for an old friend of mine called Ajay Tandon. His father was incharge of the Dhariwal Woolen Mills in Punjab after which the whole family moved back to Baroda. He has a sister who is married and in Delhi. If Ajay himself or someone who knows him sees this message then please contact me, Amal Rampal either on my e-mail adds. amalrampal@hotmail.com or lapeg@globalnet.co.uk or contact me via my tel. in UK, the no. being + 44 121 445 1068. Thank you. Amal Rampal.

For Ajay Nayak
I have one very close friend living in Baroda, Ellora Park area. His name is Ajay Nayak (6, Surya lok Society, Arunachal soc. Road, Ellora Park area, P O Race Course; Baroda: 390007). He is student at MSUniversity and doing some Computer courses at NIIT... So, can you send me his Email address at NIIT (or general email address of NIIT Baroda center...) If you can and if you do, I'll really appreciate your kindness. By the way I m also a computer student at New Jersey Institute of Technology... and my email addresses are: <Nkg4284@aol.com> and <niralgandhi@hotmail.com>

For Bimal Desai
Dear sir, I try to get one of my friends his name Bimal desai and he lives in kirtikunj society, karelibag , baroda he use to works in aptech. I need his email id. so could please tell him write me a email. Hitesh Chaudhari (112,Gregory Ave, Apt.# C-7, NJ 07055, USA). <HChaud8642@aol.com>


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