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Are All Problems Solvable?

Astrology In Problem Solving

What Is Astrological    Counselling?

How To Take The Counselling    Service

Astrological Counselling Fees


Welcome to Dr. Prashant Shah’s Personal Counselling Service:
It may lead you to newer possibilities and greater opportunities.

Astrological Counselling
For Solving Personal, Career Related Or Professional Problems.
Advice, Guidance, Pointers, Clues, Suggestions
(Based on Astrology & Cybernetics)
On How You Can Turn Your Life Or Career Or Business Around.
But No Predictions, No Handholding.

I am not an astrologer who predicts your future. Counselling can help you to design your future.

Having schooled in India, I graduated in Chemistry at MIT USA, and further from UCSC USA. I ran a chemical industry successfully for many years and then found my true calling in my hobbies of Management Consultancy & Personal Counselling. Using the insights gained through cybernetics and astrology, I counsel over 2000 individuals all over the world.

Shri Nyaya Sharma, a master of Shiva Tantra Yoga, initiated me into mysticism. In 1988, I set up Darshana Centre – a school of mysticism. In addition, I also do spiritual and practical counselling.

Over the years, I've written the following books:

  • The Crisis Of Modern Humanity (1976)
  • Essence Of Hindu Astrology (1987)
  • Course Book On Cybernetic Problem Solving (1998)
  • A Yogic Insight Into The Book Of Tao (1996)
  • A Course Book On Management By Cybernetic Problem Solving (1998)
  • A Booklet On How To Solve The Problems Of Life (1998)

Are All Problems Solvable?

  • In principle, all problems are solvable. But the solution may not be as you imagine.
  • When a problem is connected with your nature, you cannot diagnose it easily. You cannot understand the problem with the same level of intelligence that has caused it. You need the help of someone who can see things from outside your frame of reference.
  • Before seeking solutions, you need to understand why the problem has happened. You must become aware of the assumptions and thinking that has brought about the problem in the first place.
  • Everyone likes to believe that others are responsible for their problem. It is hard to accept that you are at least partly responsible for your problem. Even if your own contribution to the problem may be small, that is the truly solvable portion.
  • In society, you are not isolated, but a part of a system. Hence, your success is society depends more on how well you are matched, connected, and utilised, and less on your individual performance.

Astrology In Problem Solving

Normally your past deeds are integrated into your present nature and situation. Hence, what you are today is on account of how you have been. At every point of choice in life you are on a forked road. You must decide one way or the other. And what you decide has a bearing on the results. What you choose today will have a bearing on what your future will be.

It may be asked, "If we have a hand in deciding our future, how can astrology help?" It’s like this: The planets are the magnetic forces in your nature. They determine your basic strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities. You function through your nature, and hence your planets influence everything you do. Thus your horoscope reveals your inclinations and predispositions.

Further, since the planets inside you are related to the planets in the cosmos, astrology can show when the time is favourable or unfavourable for a particular course of action.

On the basis of this knowledge an astrologer can guess (PREDICT) an outcome, or can guide (ADVICE) you in making correct choices so that you can make a better future.

What Is Astrological Counselling?

Let’s Begin With A Quiz. People have many different notions about astrology. How do you view it? Please try to choose one answer to each of the following questions:

A. How does an astrologer look into the future?

  1. He sees intuitively
  2. He guesses
  3. He interprets.

B. The events of your life are:

  1. Predestined
  2. Influenced by what you do
  3. The results of what you do

C. People consult an astrologer because they want

  1. Consolation
  2. To hear praise
  3. To find a solution to their problems

D. Astrology is

  1. A science
  2. An art
  3. An art based on a science

Do your answers match ours?

For the above questions, we chose the following answers:

A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 3

Now let us look deeper into the basic issues.

What Astrological Counselling Can Do For You

Astrological Counselling is a two-way communication. On your part, you must believe that your problem is solvable, and that you are partly responsible for your problem or situation.

I can understand your problem, and by studying your horoscope I can provide fresh insight into your nature, situation and problem. Together, we can examine your options and find what is suited to you and the right thing to do.

Astrological Counselling will enable you:

  • To develop a fresh insight into your problem.
  • To identify and grade the options that you have.
  • To pick the option that is best suited to your nature.
  • To prepare a strategy for implementing what you have chosen to do.
  • To select a time that is favourable for your undertaking.

Astrological Counselling is INTUITIVE, and hence some conditions apply. They are:

  1. Counselling is done only for your REAL LIFE PROBLEM. (You cannot ask me to give readings from a horoscope.)
  2. It should be your problem: you cannot ask for guidance for someone else.
  3. Counselling is done for a matter that is SUFFICIENTLY IMPORTANT to you – important enough for you to be willing to pay for it!
  4. Payment sets the PROPER RELATIONSHIP; it allows your matter to be investigated in sufficient detail, and the exercise can be done to your satisfaction.

How To Take The Counselling Service

  1. State your problem: Explain the SPECIFIC issue for which you want advice. Explain your situation, and the steps you have already taken to remedy this problem. State your name and address, and the date, time and place of birth. If possible, also give the birth details of other persons connected with the problem. Send this information by e-mail to:
    Darshana Centre <info@baroda.com>.
  2. You may have to answer some questions put by us to allow a verification of your horoscope.
  3. I will accept your case if I think I can help. Please do not remit any fees until I accept your case and inform you whether I will be able to take it up.
  4. The counselling will begin as soon as I receive the fees.
  5. All communication will be by e-mail, unless you live in Baroda (where a personal meeting is more advisable) or we meet when I travel abroad. Telephonic communication is not advisable unless I specifically advise you to do so.
  6. All communications between us will be confidential.
  7. The advice we give is for you, and not for your horoscope.

Astrological Counselling Fees

The basic charge for the service is US$ 50 or Rs. 3500 (the charge is only Rs. 1000 if you visit me personally in Baroda, with a prior appointment). The charge includes horoscope preparation, examining your present situation and providing in-depth advice on a specific matter. The service begins after the payment is received.

Please do not remit any fees until I accept your case and inform you whether I will be able to take it up.


Dr. Prashant Shah
Darshana Centre

E-mail address for initial contact:
Darshana Centre <info@baroda.com>

E-mail address for subsequent communication:
You will be given the e-mail address after I take up your case.

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