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Name any Baroda socialite or celebrity and nine times on ten, it's Kity Bhayani who is taking care of her beauty needs. She is also the preferred beautician for local fashion photographers doing model shootsName any Baroda socialite or celebrity and nine times on ten, it's Kity Bhayani who is taking care of her beauty needs - whether they are members of the erstwhile Baroda royal family, businesswomen, corporate wives, doctors or high-flying professionals, designers and artists. She is also the preferred beautician for local fashion photographers doing model shoots.

Kity's two-storied bungalow salon has enough rooms to afford strict privacy and it is done up in an understated way that is so much her own signature. Perhaps that's what endears her to her clients. Plus the fact that she is trained in ayurveda and naturopathy and makes all the products she uses in her salon herself and is very particular about the natural, organic and herbal ingredients. Since apricots are not available in Baroda, for instance, they are ordered from Delhi, to be crushed and pureed into her facial creams. For a special facial that she has put together for mature skins that would correct dehydration and pigmentation, she imports avocado oil which is its chief ingredient!

"I believe that real beauty comes from within," she smiles. "Balanced diet and correct food habits, exercise and meditation go a long way in making a person feel good and look beautiful. We just do the cleansing, toning and moisturising!" Kity studied beauty treatments with the late Sushilla Vaswani and Mohsena Suleimani and has done several international hair and skin treatment courses with exams in India. Kity trains her staff extremely well and they do their job competently and in almost pin-drop silence. She has 'specialist' technicians for hair treatments, scientifically worked massage procedures, special facials for teenaged to mature skin types, expert bridal make-up (which is her speciality and for which she has bookings weeks in advance!), and excellent pedicure and manicure. In keeping with the demand of her young and trendy clients, she has herself got training in Nail Art and temporary Tattoos.

 Kity does not advise chemical treatments and she rarely offers them in her salon. All the products she uses are actually edible, comprising herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and natural oils and extracts. For instance, the Apricot-kesar-sandal-almond facial sounds good enough to eat! "Women must realise that they need to look after themselves too," she says. "They spend all their lives looking after other people, their needs and desires. So when they come to us, we make sure that they feel special, they relax and are fussed over and that they go home looking and feeling better!"

Beauty Products are handmade and personally created by Kity Bhayani Clinic

Kity’s Beauty Clinic is known for its in-house use of beauty treatment products that are vegetable and fruit based, organically grown and harvested, and specially created for different types of skins and skin challenges. Some of the raw materials used include strawberries, papaya, avocado, saffron, sandalwood paste, kiwi, seaweed, aloe vera, almond, apricot, coconut, rose water and so on.

They are known to work naturally on several skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots, acne marks, dark circles under eyes, and so on. Some products are for hair problems as well.

These Beauty Products are all handmade and personally created by Kity Bhayani with her years of specialized training, knowledge and practical experience in successfully running one of the best Beauty Treatment Clinics in Vadodara city.

Essentially used for cleansing, toning and tightening facial skin, Kity’s Beauty Products bring out the skin’s natural beauty and qualities. When used regularly, they get rid of old surface skin cells that create blocked pores, remove dirt and dust particles that settle on the skin, clean up old make up traces and most importantly, get rid of bacteria that tends to settle in and multiply feeding off the skin grime and causing pimples and other unsightly marks on facial skin.

For the first time, these products are now available in easy-to-use packs and bottles that ladies can use in the privacy of their homes and as their busy schedules permit.

Kity’s Beauty Products include Scrubs, Packs, Lotions, Moisturisers, Creams, Oils, and Gels.
They are available in weights of 10, 15, 25, 50 ml and grams.



 Body Scrub (Plain, Coconut, Rice and Almond), Oily Skin Scrub, Dry/Normal Skin Scrub, Strawberry Scrub, Kiwi Scrub, Oil-free Scrub, Kesar-Sandalwood Scrub

Packs: Acne/Pimple Pack, Non-Setting Pack (Seaweed Pack, Dehydration Pack), Sandalwood-Rose Pack, Dry/Normal Skin Pack, Strawberry Pack

Creams: Acne Treatment Cream, Coconut Cream, Face Massage Cream, Kesar-Sandalwood Cream, Strawberry Cream, Fresh Fruit Pulp Cream

Oils: Body Massage Oil (Aroma, Almond, Kesar, Kesar-Sandalwood), Vitamin E Oil, Kesar Oil, Kesar-Sandalwood Oil, Avacado Oil, Kesar-Sandalwood-Apricot-Almond Oil, Nail Cuticle Strengthening Oil, Hair Oil, Dehydration Oil, Kalonji Oil

Gels: Aloe Vera Gel, Hair Gel, Rose Water

Lotion: Aloe Vera

Moisturisers: Coconut, Almond, Kesar-Sandalwood

Please call Kity for a consultation between 3 and 5 pm on any day between Monday and Friday on 0265-2784441/2782584. She will help you decide what treatment to order. All products can be easily courier delivered in Vadodara for the time being.

By Sandhya Bordawekar

Kitys Beauty Clinic

  • Treatments
    Galvanic Treatment (Ionisation) for Pigmentation and Tightening of Facial Skin; Acne and Pimple Treatment,Vacuum Suction for deep pore cleansing and draining of facial fluids; Peel Treatment for oily skins, open pores and post-acne marks; Aromatic Body Massage, Body Scrub and Exfoliation.
  • Address
    3, Vama Villa, Behind Modi Clinic, Nizampura, Vadodara 390 002
  • Timings
    9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday. By appointment only.
  • Contact Person
    Kity Bhayani
  • For Appointments
    265-2784441, 265-2782584
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