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Tejal Doshi Panthaki studied Textile Design at the NID, Ahmedabad, and comes from a family of well-known architects, designers and artists. She shifted to Baroda in the early eighties and opened her boutique, which was perhaps the city's first and only lifestyle store for at least a decade. Then she went into hibernation and the shop closed.

Now Tejal has re-surfaced, bringing up with her one of the most fabulously designed collection of sarees, stoles, dupattas and scarves in tussar silk, pure silk and chanderi that she designs and creates at her Tejal Design Studio. "My designs are spontaneous," she says, explaining how she works directly on the fabric rather than on the drawing board  and then transferring patterns on the silkscreen frame or the wooden block. "Therefore there is a fresh qualiy about the colours I use and the designs I offer. These are not the jaded old stuff that you see even in good saree shops." Her products retail under the brand name 'Tejal'.

Tejal's designs have their roots in the traditional but their expression is extremely contemporary. Her own preference for the geometrical and the limitless permutations and combinations that she offers have resulted in a fine range of designs, all of them so attractive that it is difficult to pick up just one or two! Her innovative application of a 'self-on-self' print has resulted in an elegant range of sarees that exude a rich dignity. Her experiments
with the traditionally poplular Ganga-Jamuna design pattern (two differently coloured borders on the same saree/dupattas) has taken on a completely contemporary look.

The quality of her woven cloth, the detailing in terms of printing care and finish of borders,  and of course the attractive colours and patterns have resulted in Fab India picking up her collections for an exclusive 'Tejal Line' at their various outlets in India and abroad. Fab India is the country's premier chain of elegant designerwear based in handlooms and 

Tejal has a very well documented and ready-to-see range of more than a 100 designs in sarees (with 7-8 colour combinations in each) and more than 250 designs in stoles. Tejal is interested in making contact with a) worldwide representatives in the textile/readymade industry for western accessories like stoles and careves, and b) large/well-known Indian stores in western countries interested in organising exhibitions and sales of her textiles.
Tejal's sarees, dupattas, stoles and scarves are regularly available at Fab India stores all over India (in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Pondicherry) as well as abroad (Dubai, Rome), and at Tulsi in New Delhi. They are also available at her home at 34-B, Shrinagar Society, H Road, Akota, Baroda 390 020, India, with prior appointment on 2340065.

Tejal Design Studio

A treasure chest of brocade lifestyle items designed by Tejal Panthaki.

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