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About VCARE - Mission

VCARE believes that it can be instrumental in preventing cruelty to animals. Our dream is to provide a secure and dignified life to strays such as dogs, goats, cows, cats, buffaloes, monkeys, donkey, pigs, vultures, kites and other birds. We are working towards providing a facility to treat them when they are ill or injured, protect them till they recover and are able to fend for themselves, attempt to re-home them, and alleviate their distress. We try to achieve this through a multi-level approach, which consists of various activities including the following:
  • Providing medical assistance to injured and distressed animals especially strays
  • Education and awareness programs in schools, clubs and housing societies
  • Sterilization and inoculation against rabies for dogs: (stray & pets)
  • Providing an animal ambulance service
  • Counseling pet owners
  • Vaccination camps for cattle and other animals
  • We are in the process of setting up an animal shelter and a fully equipped hospital. This will enable us to provide effective medical care to animals and give support and assistance to their owners
Our Facilities - Aashiyana
VCARE's Aashiyana is an 8 Kennel boarding facility for pet dogs with comfortable, spacious individual kennels which open out through a trap door into a "open to sky" movement space.

Ashiyana has an attached pantry to take care of the pet's food according to the owner's instructions as well as a small clinic to administer any medical help.

The boarding pets are taken for walks and played with by our team so as to make the pain of separation from their owners a little bearable!

Our Needs
Many stray or abandoned animals require medical attention and a safe shelter when ill or young and we need to be compassionate in dealing with them. VCARE works towards alleviating their misery by providing veterinary services, a shelter and conducting educational and sensitization programs for the public at large.
  • Donation for VCARE activities
  • Paying Salary for VCARE Vet/attendants/ambulance driver
  • Expenses of medicines for the treatment of animals
  • Wages for workers
  • Fuel expenses for the Ambulance
  • Ambulance maintenance.
  • Any time given for the rescued animals at the VCARE shelter
  • Volunteering at our shelter
  • Fund raising
  • Supervision of activities like feeding of animals, hygiene etc. at the shelter
  • Sonography Machine
  • Rags, blankets and pillows for the animals
  • Bowls, chains, vessels and containers for the animals
  • Gunny sacks
  • Cages
  • Detergents, cleaning items, phenyl, acid etc.

Vadodara Centre for Animal Rescue & Emergency (VCARE)

The main aims and objectives of VCARE are prevention of acts of cruelty to animals and securing their health, safety and welfare.

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    VCARE Aashiayana
    Lakdikui Village
    Near Jaspur
    Padra Taluka
    Vadodara 391 440
    Gujarat India
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