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Welcome to K.G. Patel Children Hospital, a resort for the ailing  and the handicapped children, particularly the less fortunate ones who have less or no means to fight their illness in the money-intensive medical care presently available. Here they pay less or do not pay at all for the excellent services.

Medical Care Centre Trust, which runs this public charitable hospital, was formed by few like minded citizens of Vadodara. They wanted to build and run a general hospital for the poor. They acquired a piece of land from the government free of cost.

In 1979, the International Year of the Child, they decided to make a gift, permanent and perennial in nature, to the present and the future children of western India.

The idea got overwhelming support from society. Schoolchildren from 14 schools of Vadodara collected over Rs. 700,000 for the project. Kind philanthropists extended their helping hands. As a result the CHILDREN HOSTPITAL was opened in 1984.

Soon the institution became the centre of excellence in child health care for any ailment or disease, deformity or handicap, with a facility of 100 beds for indoor patients.

Total No. of Children Treated during last 5 years 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
66,185 80,626 78,180 69,619 65,348

The hospital provides even medicines to those poor patients who have no money to buy them.

The comprehensive medical care at the hospital is the result of the following:

  • 100 bed Children's Hospital includes Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • 35 bed Women's Hospital for reproductive health and diseases includes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Family Welfare Centre
  • Workshop for Aids & Appliances for the disabled
  • Centre for Developmentally Retarded Children
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Tatkalik Sarvar Kendra
  • Blood Bank Regional Blood Transfusion Center
  • Eye Hospital & Eye Bank
  • 40 Anganwadis under I.C.D.S. Programme
  • Speciality Clinics: Cardiology/Epilepsy/Nephrology/Squint & Amblyopia/Audio Clinic/Hematology
  • Mammography
  • Cleft lip and palate restoration under Smile Train Project
  • Mother's Milk Bank
Other Activities of MCCT:
  • Kashiben Gordhandas Patel Children Hospital
  • Surajben Gordhanbhai Patel Woman's Hospital
  • Varun Mahajan Apang Sishu Kendra
  • Shri Jalaram Blood Bank
  • Jalaram Tatkalik Sarvar Kendra
  • Lions Club International Foundation Pediatric I.C.U.
  • Muljibhai V. Patel Neonatal I.C.U.
  • Gordhanbhai Hathibhai Patel School Of Nursing
  • Jajodia Research Institute
  • Elmex Eye Bank & Shri Bhalchand M. Mehta Corneal Transplant Centre
  • 'Karishma', A Special School For Mentally Handicapped Children
  • Deepak Academy of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Shantaben And Chandubhai R. Patel Imaging Centre
  • Sharadchandra Vithalbhai Zaverbhai Epilepsy Clinic
  • Rasikbhai Dahyabhai Sheth Hematology Clinic
  • R.C. Shah Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
  • Smt Nitidaben And Shri Bhaskarbhai Vin Nephrology Clinic
  • Kapilaben Ramanbhai Patel Mammography Unit
The Institute has been honoured by the Government with various awards for excellence in services

Board of Trustees - MCCT:

1 Shri Surendra Joshi President
2 Smt. Nila Shah Vice President
3 Dr. Jagdish N. Patel Hon. Secretary
4 Shri Pushkar Pandya Hon. Treasurer
5 Dr. Hitesh Desai Hon. Jt. Secretary
6 Shri Nitin J. Shah Member
7 Shri Mahendrakumar Patel Member
8 Smt. Aruna Lakhani Member
9 Shri Sumanbhai R. Mody Member
10 Shri Nimesh Patel Member
11 Dr. Suresh Amin Member
12 Dr. Daksha Shah Member
13 Shri Sheetal Mehta Member
14 Shri Jaydeep N. Desai Member
15 Shri James J. Macwan Member

How You Can Contribute

We are always in need of funds for we collect less than what we spend for the patients and also for modernisation and replacement

Our Immediate Needs:
  ITEM   Rs.
1 Pulse Oxymeter 32,500
2 Infusion Pump 35,000
3 Multipara Monitor 2,00,000
4 Ventilator  10,00,000

Kindly join us in our effort to help the needy and poor.

Donations are exempt under the Income Tax Law.

Public Charitable Trust Registration No. F-125
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Registration 041960081

Donation can be sent by A/c Payee Cheque/Draft payable to:

Vadodara 390 018
Phone: +91-265-2463906, +91-265-2462404
Fax: +91-265-2461272


1. Medical Research Centre
2. Training Centre for Medical Graduates for Post Graduate Diploma of National Board of Examination, New Delhi, in Paediatric Medicine
3. Training Centre for Medical Graduates for Post Graduate Diploma of National Board of Examination, New Delhi, in Super Speciality of Paediatric Surgery
4. Training Centre for Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Technology
5. Training Centre for Special Educators for Mentally Challenged Children
6. B.Ed Special Education: Distance Education Programme recognised by Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University and Rehabilitation Council of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
7. Foundation Course: On education of Children with disabilities recognised by Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University and Rehabilitation Council of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
8. Special School for Mentally Challenged Children
9. Well Baby Clinic  

Medical Care Centre Trust

Established in 1972 to provide healthcare services to the weaker sections of society, especially children.

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