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A Few Words About The School:
The school has nursery to XII grades (science/commerce stream). Our students have achieved success and made a good career in medical, engineering and commerce fields and have become good doctors, engineers and CAs. The school having the strength of 3000 students in June-2015 has been conquering the highest summits of success in different fields year after year.

We have received a warm welcome form the society under the name of SSV school.

About Us

SSV began in 2002 with 300 students. Today this school have nearly 3,600 students the staff of 150 and two spacious buildings. A substantial growth!

The journey that we started tentatively is now progressing well.Our dream was to provide students in eastern Vadodara a holistic schooling experience to empower them with a rich repertoire of world-class education,ethical values, self-development skills, a healthy respect for our ecology and environment and a drive to better world citizens.

We believe, as thinkers and philosophers before us have, that best education is the one that is had in the course of living meaningful life. It is this belief that defines that defines our educational vision that of enabling our children to participate in a holistic process of education that is as diverse and whole as life itself!

We would also like to take this opportunity in thanking you for the keen interest that you have shown in Shree Swami Vivekanand School.

Why SSV School?
  • Not more than 40 Students in a class.
  • It is a Branded School.
  • To teach French from std.V.
  • Children will communicate in English.
  • An Eminent advisory Board.
  • Group of caution facilitators.
  • Attractive Denim Uniform For English Medium And Gujarati Medium.

The School is affiliated with the Asia's largest preschool chain. Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child at Kidzee

  • Colorful classrooms, colorful Unifom For KIDZEE & Gujarati Medium K.G.
  • Teaching from notes prepared by experienced teachers
  • Festival Celebration and make the students aware about Indian traditions
  • Lessons of cleanliness
  • Field Trip for practical knowledge (visit at Dairy, Bank, Railway station, Post office, Airport etc.)
  • Activities like Sports day and cultural functions and competitions
  • Extra classes for weak students
  • We find ideal student and honour him/her
  • Weekly and half monthly Assignment work
Primary Section

The students of the primary section are gradually exposed to formal education. Emphasis is given not only on acquisition of new knowledge but also on concept formation and application of knowledge in practical life situation. Stress is laid on learning by doing. Children are given personal attention.They are exposed to pictorial information, books and audio-visual programs which excite their interest in learning. Students are not unduly burdened with homework and are evaluated through continuous and comprehensive system. To sustain the interest of the students in learning latest scientific are practiced in classroom teaching. Induced self-discipline of the body and mind is practiced with conscious and deliberate efforts.


Test system
  •  Surprise Test
  •  Unit Test
Batch System
  • Star Batch- For bright student
  • Target Batch-For average students
  • Extra Batch- for weak students
Ideal Student
We are the pioneer of honoring such student. We find the ideal student on the basis of educational results, participation in every type of school activities-competitions, discipline, helping values etc.

House System

To create competitions among students
1. Padkar House
2. Purusharth House
3. Tejasvi House
4. Yashashvi House

Social Activities
  • Run for women’s safety awareness program for the rising issue of women’s safety
  • Mahadan Yagna
Our Staff and Students had collected donation of 15 lacs and donated to the needy people. (Helping Values)
  • Cultural Activities

STD XI to XII Science in affiliation with Mr. Umesh Maheshwari & Team.
It is reputed team of Vadodara (Karelibaug).Mr. Umesh Maheshwari & Team is specialized in training the student for GSEB Examination. This team is amongst the best in this field.
We take special care of Board Examination as well as we excel in preparing students for competitive examinations like JEE and AIPMT/GUJCET.

  • Focus on Gujarat Board & all Entrance exams
  • Personal attention
  • Regular test system
  • Computerized study materials
  • Guaranteed 100 % results
  • SMS System - Presence, Marks etc.
  • Doubt solving Lectures
  • A.C Classrooms
  • Well Equipped laboratories
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Seminar for Career Orientation
  • Regular parents’ meeting
Std. XI to XII Commerce in affiliation with Vijay Upadhyay & Vrajesh Joshi's Shree Sidhi Tution Classes. since 1999 renowed in karelibaug ares for its exxcellent Std.XII com. & CPT

  • Regular test system
  • Computerized study materials
  • Doubt solving Lectures
  • SMS System - Presence, Marks etc.
  • Well Equipped laboratories
  • A.C. Classrooms
  • Seminar for Career Orientation
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Personal attention
  • Regular parents’ meeting
The environment of campus is such that each student feels emancipated rather than constricted into the confines of a classroom. Excellence is thus something that comes naturally to our students. Where everyone-parent,educator,student,nutritionist,health expert or counselor, are invited to participate in creating a wonderful community.

The curriculum combines the approach of interdisciplinary study and learning-by-doing method with the theory of multiple intelligence. This Multiple intelligence theory furthers the recognition of our participatory philosophy. It reminds us that person contributes uniquely.That we must allow for more than one correct answer, for more ways to learn other than the pure verbal-linguistic or logic-mathematical. In accordance with the application of MI theory, our teacher try to encourage a variety of ways for learning - kinesthetic, musical, visual-spatial, interpersonal and intra personal. Then they use these different ways to create an acceptance of difference.

The school aims at developing the spirit of enqiury and a scientific temper from an early stage. Young student learn through experimentation and demonstration in modern and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs. In order to widen the horizon of the students and to fan their creativity the school has a number of clubs like the Space Club, Astronomy Club, Eco Club and Interact Club.

Computer Lab
Integration of technology into the school curriculum is the need of the hour as it helps students to define maximum advantage from the explosion of knowledge in the current global scenario.Thus in the process to make each student computer savvy, Computer Science has been introduced from junior classes to make each child computer literate. The project of bringing technology into classrooms is going to be beneficial to students.

Smart Class Room
Educomp Smart-class is a first of its kind, teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved the teaching method in private schools. Powered by India's largest Digital Content library of curriculum-mapped, multimedia rich, 3D content; smart class is today a market leader in this domain. The number of Educomp smart-class enabled schools grows at 10 schools a day. In the last ten years over 80 million sessions have been held in schools.

School Library
The school has a well stocked library with a good collection of books ranging from encyclopedias to fiction and text books. The library is enriched with a collection of CDs used by student for reference work, 'Book Week' which is an integral part of the timetable, encourages learning beyond text books.

WI-FI Zone & CCTV Cameras
The Building is within the wifi zone giving ample opportunities for the students to be active learners & teacher to be active facilitators. CCTV Cameras are placed all over the campus for the students & Staff security.

Health Center
The Health center is managed by a trained staff. The center is equipped with facilities to deal with day-to-day health problem of the students. Regular medical check-ups are organized by the center to ensure the health and well being of the students.

Hobby Center
Development of integrated personality of child reamins incomplete without cultivating appreciation of fine arts. A balanced growth of body and mind is ensured.Children are trained to shoulder reponsibilities, make decisions and help in organizing programs. They are trained in public speaking, games, Sports and various extra curricula activities in SSV Hobby Center.

Football Academy

Hobby Center
Necessity of sports: Sports have their great utility.
  • Sports are the sources of recreation. They provide relief and a sense relaxation in a life of monotony of routine marked by miseries, hardships and hurdles.
  • They instill or infuse a sportive spirit to take up the heavy burden of life in a lighter vein and not to think of life either as a tragedy or a comedy but as the ordinary business of living.
  • It is very essential to maintain health and physical fitness.
  • It encourages the growth of team-spirit.
  • Sports and games bring about various methods of diversions.
SSV School avails FOOTBALL as a sport for students.


SSV School

Nursery to XII (Science/Commerce stream). 3,600 students, staff of 150.

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