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Anand Vidya Vihar
The Bal Shikshan Samiti Trust, Harinagar, Gotri Road, Vadodara is a pioneer in the field of education and has been running Anand Balwadi, a preschool, since 1961.

Anand Vidya Vihar is a unique venture, which was started in the year 2000. It is a progressive school, where learning is facilitated through co-curricular activities and field trips by a team of qualified and dedicated teachers.

AVV is a venture that is an extension of a dedicated intellectual and visionary, (Late) Smt. Savitaben Amin, also the founder member of Anand Balwadi. She was an educationist who worked closely with children and had a rich background in the field of education. Savitaben was trained under Madame Montessori and did her post graduation in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, USA. She was a lecturer in the Department of Child Development, M.S. University of Baroda and started Chetan Balwadi, a nursery school that provides practical experience to students of Child Development. She furthered her vision during her time spent at Shanti Niketan, as a student. She was also a founder trustee of Bal Bhavan Society, Baroda. She was a dreamer and a pragmatic person at the same time, and has been the stalwart who continues to enlighten, guide and encourage the AVV team to better themselves in every stride.

Gone are the days of long hallways bearing down on a small child making its first forays into the world of education. Pushed back into the far recesses of a collective memory, perhaps, are the bare and stark classrooms that more often than not scared the daylights out of a child. It is now proven that a child learns more through immersion, surrounded by the familiarity of a daily regimen. School should thus be an adventure.

The idea that the classroom is the only place where all learning takes place defies logic. Much of what goes on in a bare and stark classroom is forgotten for good reason.

Students learn constantly and a good school uses all the resources on and off the campus to provide a practical learning experience and environment. Whether it is a traveling school, a field trip or a plumber showing kids how to fix a leaky pipe, it is all learning.

The school strongly believes in the holistic development of children so as to make them productive, responsible and sensitive citizens.

Education here is not looked upon as mere imparting of information. There is a conscientious focus on transformation, not in terms of replicating a particular kind of individual, but development and enhancement of what is within each one of them.

In the current scenario of expanding horizons and shrinking barriers we also believe in preparing globally savvy individuals, rooted in a strong value system.

Education derives from the Latin verb educare, to train, to instruct, to put in, or from the verb educare, to draw out, to lead forth. Our mission thus revolves around extracting the best from a student, where a teacher is more of a facilitator than an instructor.

The learning classroom is all about bringing alive subjects and changing them from a static tableau to a tapestry of people interacting with one another. There is something clearly different about studying subjects as if they were alive. Such an educational process rests on ensuring that a classroom is:
  • Learner centered learning rather than teacher centered learning
  • Encouraging variety and not homogeneity, embracing multiple intelligence and diverse learning styles.
  • Providing a world of interdependence and change rather than one of memorizing facts and striving for right answers.
  • Focusing on concept clarity and kindling curiosity while fuelling imagination.
  • Enhancing and honing all round development along with integrating learning through doing.
  • Giving individual attention, hands on approach using the see/touch/feel approach.
  • Allowing children grow at their own pace without being pushed up the wall through an invigorating and challenging ambience and culture.
  • Developing independent, thinking individuals rather than parroting machines.
  • Also giving opportunities to develop etiquette, aesthetics, social consciousness and sensitivity.
Anand Vidya Vihar is backed by a team of very qualified Trustees, with a very rich educational experience and a versatility that is beyond compare. This has helped and continues to shape all the processes on a day to day basis.

Facilities / Infrastucture

There are two separate libraries, one for juniors and one for the seniors With a variety of books, magazines, periodicals, VCDs and DVDs etc to facilitate acquisition of knowledge in an invigorating environment. The libraries allow students to dabble in all subject related activities. 

The school has well equipped labs of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology,.

Seminar Room
Workshops, meetings and group discussions are conducted in the cool seminar room.

Dining Hall
Under the supervision of an experienced Catering Staff, Wholesome nutritious meals are prepared and served in a clean and hygienic environment.

The School introduces the students to the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and, at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine. It gives them an opportunity to learn Indian Classical, Western Classical, Vocal and Instrumental Music along with Dance right from the basics and gradually progressing to mastering their talents. An array of musical instruments, such as the sitar, tabla, harmonium, drums, keyboard etc. is available at the Music centre.
  •  Classical
  •  Western
Physical Education
The physical education department of the school is an integral part of the institution that has designed well chalked out age appropriate activities; For classes 1and 2 focusing on instilling basic discipline and incorporating physically less demanding games. For classes 3-5 the games are inclusive of indoor and outdoor games so that the interest of students for locally popular, physically enriching and mentally nourishing activities is built (Yoga, gymnastics, Chess, carroms and so on) and for classes 6-8 and 9-12 in the same order the games incorporated are as per CBSE norms and recognized by the S.A.I.For classes 11 and 12, Physical education is also offered:
  • Gynmasium
  • Yoga
  • Scout Guide
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Throwball 
  • Volleyball   
  • Cricket
  • Satodiya
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Athletics
  • Gardening
  • Rappelling
  • Net Climbing
  • Skating
  • Martial Art
  • Scout and Guide 
  • Artificial Rock Climbing 
  • First Aid

Anand Vidya Vihar School

A pioneer in the field of education, the school strongly believes in holistic development of children.

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