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Luxury is different things to different people. For some it is a refection of their status, for others it is elusive leisure. For some it is a touch of class, for others it is the company of a like-minded community. For some it is the presence of nature, for other it is thoughtful spaces for all. For some it is a prime location, while for many others it is something that drive happiness.

For us at Labh Elegance, it is all of this and more.

We are Unapologetically Luxurious in every detail, down to every square foot.

Leisure Amenities

Quality time with family is a distant dream for many. But for the chosen few at Labh Elegance it is a way of life. Enjoy unlimited moments of joy with your family and friends across our array of premium leisure amenities.

A state-of-the-art clubhouse is all you need to glow with good health and a swimming pool is just right to down your everyday stress. Let your kids run around free in the safety of the dedicated kids play area and watch your elders share some laughs at the senior citizen's seating area.

Simply put, leisure here is daily routine.

Labh Elegance

A Premium Residences set in an open C shaped layout. Labh Elegance is crafted to foster an open airy feel. The towers offer large 3 BHK & 4 BHK apartments which open into the delightful community spaces in the centre.

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    Manish Mehta
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    B/h. Nilambar Palm,
    Opp. Anutham Bungalow,
    24-mtr High Tension Road,
    Bhayli TP-2, Vadodara-391410
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