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Why our once beautiful garden city is so dirty
(A concerned Barodian has sent us the accompanying photographs and note)

The news about Municipal Body issuing Wall to Wall cleanup circular (http://www.baroda.com/barodanews.php#253) is really very welcome. Here are some of my observations why our once beautiful garden city is so dirty. The city does provide garbage collection services (not always regular)
but many of us do not put the garbage into the garbage bins. Some people believe that feeding animals and birds is a blessing. The kitchen waste is thrown outside the garbage bin so that the animals and birds can feed on them. Taking advantage of this the animal owners ensure that the animals are brought to the spot every day to feed on the garbage! Also, some of us simply throw the garbage outside the bin. The area surrounding the bin is so filthy and with such stench that we do not want to approach the bin. Our garbage thrown is mostly packed in poly bags. The animals and birds tear open the bags littering the whole area. The animals and birds eat only a part of the garbage and the remaining portion scatter with the wind. The neighborhood and surrounding streets are littered with poly and paper bags. Sometimes the garbage bin collector does not come. The garbage outside and inside the bin begins to rot and gives a very bad stench. This is especially so in the rainy season. Intrinsically we are clean. However, when we see a dirtied place, we have no hesitation in dirtying it further (throwing garbage, spitting, etc.). This starts the vicious cycle of dirtying of our city. Can we consider of a system where we can give our garbage to the garbage truck directly for disposal? .... A concerned Barodian

Baroda High School Batch of 1979 Re-union
Baroda High School batch of 1979 is planning a get-together in December 2007. Please email a few details and postal address. Spread the word to as many ex-students as possible. Milind Nene <mdnene@gmail.com>

For Baroda High School 1966 Re-union
We want anyone from the class of 1966 to contact Dhruv Patel. The idea is to organise the BHS Class of 1966 reunion. Please forward the names and contact details of as many as possible. So far I have two names: Dinesh Patel and Vinod Patel. Dhruv Patel <drew_drewpat@yahoo.co.in>

Viewers' Letters

From Smita Gadkari/ Smita P. Pawar
Hi Baroda-Online, I am a Barodian presently residing in London, UK. I came across this site today and I was nostalgic and overwhelmed. I really appreciate the efforts behind this website. Every Barodian would love to see and hear about their 'Sanskar Nagri' and what better way to find and meet old pals from school and college, and of course, our very own MSU. I wish all the very best to this website and its people. Good work folks, carry on. Regards to all Barodians. Smita Gadkari/ Smita P. Pawar <vsmit123@rediffmail.com>

For Bright School alumni
I was in Bright School (12th in 1995). I have been a regular visitor of baroda.com. I cannot help but wonder what is it that is connecting us all. Is it the 'Dalal ni Petish', or is it the 'Mahalaxmi nu Sev Usal', is it the colourful, sparkling nine nights of Garba or is it that famous fun fare of Convent? Is it that famous ice cream of Dairy Den or is it the University ni Pau Bhaji? One thing is for sure, it's not
the school or college that is binding us, it is the feeling of being a BARODIAN that is keeping us together. Thank you baroda.com, for a trip down memory lane. I am now in USA. Viki Shah <Viki.Shah@stryker.com>

For Baroda High (1966) alumni
Anyone from the class of 1966 of Baroda High School should please contact me. The idea is to organise a BHS 1966 reunion. So far I have two names - Dinesh Patel and Vinod Patel. Dhruv Patel <drew_drewpat@yahoo.co.in>

For Baroda High alumni
I left Baroda High (Alkapuri) in 1993 after 11th. I cannot find a site that is active for BHS alumni. If any of you know about such a site please drop me a line. Apoorva Lakhani <harmon.bugzapper@sbcglobal.net>

For Shreyas alumni
I studied at Shreyas Vidyalaya (Manjalpur) till 1996 and have been in New Jersey, USA, since 1998, doing MS in Management Information Systems at NJIT. I really miss Baroda and all my friends and relatives. I would like to thank Baroda-Online for creating a wonderful site for all Barodians. Mona Patel <monapatel80@hotmail.com>

Prof. G.M. Oza's Appeal To MSU Botany & Zoology Alumni
Hello all alumni of MSU's Botany and Zoology Department. This is Prof. G.M. Oza. My organisation INSONA would appreciate some involvement from your end in the field of environmental conservation and preservation for the cause of human welfare. As students of life sciences if you can put in your bit it would be a noble and highly acclaimed venture. Do give it a thought and contact me. Prof. G.M. Oza <insona@123india.com>

Message For Bright School (English) Alumni
I did HSC from Bright English Medium School in 1998. We have this group (brightians4ever) on yahoo groups. Do join this group. Hoping to hear back from some. I did B.E. Electronics from MSU Techo and am currently pursuing my Masters at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA. It's great to have a place like Baroda-Online which makes us feel that we are not far away from our land. It's great to see each and every link in www.baroda.com. A good brush-up of good old memories. Baroda is the place which would always stay close to our hearts and embedded in our memories. The moment we think of Baroda, we start to miss it badly. Proudly Barodians, that's how we would identify ourselves. A good site to keep in touch with fellow Barodians. Keep up the good work Baroda Online. Ashish Vora <ashishvora@gmail.com>

A Message For MSU Techo Alumni

I graduated from MSU Techo (Mechanical, 1998) and am currently working with Wipro Technologies. It is my sincere effort to bring all MSU engineers at one common place to share their views. Since long back, I was feeling that there is no way that all MSU engineers can interact or share their experience with freshers or their batch mates. It will be much more helpful to students who are currently studying or just passed out. Please invite all your friends to use this group irrespective of branch and passing year. This is the only way we can bring all alumni of MSU Baroda to interact through one instrument. Networking of the best minds on this wonderful planet is my passion. Please contact Bharat N. Khokhani <khokhani.bharat@wipro.com>

For MSU Electronics Alumni Of All Ages And All Worlds

Calling all MSU Techo graduates from the Electrical and Electronics department! The past and current students of the Electronics Department have kicked off a 'Mentoring Program' to create a formal channel for interaction between current students and interested alumni. Everybody interested in this 'Mentee-Mentor' program is requested to contact the Head of Department, Prof. A.I. Trivedi at aitrivra@satyam.net.in or send an email to Jayesh Issrani at jayesh_issrani@hotmail.com or K. Chandrashekhar at k_chandrashekhar@hotmail.com

Study In North Dakota State College of Science

Dear Baroda-Online,

A number of years ago (1985) I was an exchange scholar from the US with the MS University of Baroda, and lived in Baroda. Sixteen years later I am a college president at North Dakota State College of Science in the United States. With my continuing love for India, and especially Baroda, I am interested in finding out the best way to contact your local high schools that might be interested in sending students upon graduation to us here in North Dakota. We are one of the few colleges in this country which has just significantly reduced the cost of our tuition for out-of-state (and foreign) students. Our tuition cost for the year would be $2673. We provide the first two years of college. Students from our institution successfully transfer on to other four-year institutions, including Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, etc. Information on our college can be found at www.ndscs.nodak.edu I am sorry for this long email, but we are a small college (2200 students) very interested in doing more with India, and especially Baroda. Thank you for responding back to me and letting me know with whom you would suggest we work with in Baroda on this project.
Dr. Sharon Y. Hart, President, North Dakota State College of Science <sharon.hart@ndscs.nodak.edu>

US Scholarship For MSU Graduates

Congratulations on your excellent set-up about Baroda. I am pleased to inform you that MSU graduates are now eligible to apply for a scholarship at Binghamton University towards a Master's degree in Computer Sciences, Engineering, Business Management or Economics. Dr. Bhagwan Gajwani Scholarship pays $10,000 a year along with a tuition fee waiver by the university. For more information, applicants should contact Office of Graduate Admissions, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY 13902, USA, or visit the BU web site www.binghamtom.edu. There are no restrictions and the scholarship is awarded strictly on the basis of merit. Good Luck. Sincerely, Bhagwan Gajwani, MD. Bhagwan Gajwani (BGajwani@dnamail.com)

Kamalnayan Inamdar Offers Scholarships
(We have received the following message from Kamalnayan Inamdar)

I came from a needy family, and I would like to help 2 students per year on behalf of my father's name. I would like to offer 2 annual scholarships to needy students willing to go to Engineering School, MS University of Baroda.

The conditions to get the scholarship are as follows:
a. The family income has to be below Rs. 25,000 per month.
b. Student must have secured at least an admission to Faculty of Technology/Engineering
    and be willing to go for degree in Metallurgical Engineering.
c. The student must have passed 2nd year of the college and be ready to go in Metallurgical
    Engineering discipline.
d. The scholarship will include: tuition and funds to purchase stationery items.

For more information, contact: Dr. Kamal Vinayak Inamdar kamalinamdar@gmail.com

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